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Part Manufacturer Description Last Check Distributor Ordering
AFBR-5705PZ Avago Technologies TX/RX Optical Fiber 1250Mbps 20-Pin - Trays (Alt: AFBR-5705PZ) from $26.3608 (Aug 2016) Avnet Buy
AFBR-5705PZ Broadcom Fiber Optic Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers Transceiver (Oct 2016) Mouser Electronics Buy
AFBR-5705PZ Foxconn MM GBE SFP W/O DMI BAIL LATCH ROHS - Bulk (Alt: AFBR-5705PZ) from $26.3608 (Oct 2016) Avnet Buy
AFBR-5705PZ Foxconn TXRX OPTICAL SFP DMI BAIL LATCH from £23.7292 (Aug 2016) Digi-Key Buy
AFBR-5705PZ-BN2 Foxconn BLADE NETWORK SFP (Alt: AFBR-5705PZ-BN2) (Oct 2016) Avnet Buy

AFBR-5705PZ Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type Ordering
AFBR-5705PZ Avago Technologies 1.063/1.25 GBd MMF Transceiver with DMI for FC and GbE, SFP, Bail de-latch, Temp (-10 to +85C), RoHS Compliant

22 pages,
328.68 Kb

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Abstract: -5701PZ -5701PZ AFBR-5701ALZ AFBR-5701ALZ AFBR-5701APZ AFBR-5701APZ AFBR-5705LZ AFBR-5705LZ AFBR-5705PZ AFBR-5705ALZ AFBR-5705ALZ AFBR-5705APZ AFBR-5705APZ DMI No No No No , 92 68 51 5A 92 68 93 94 F0 93 01 94 ASCII Address Hex AFBR-5705PZ , related to SFF Committee documentation visit www.sffcommittee.org. AFBR-5705LZ AFBR-5705LZ AFBR-5705PZ AFBR ... Avago Technologies

22 pages,
328.69 Kb

1000base LX transmitter AFBR-5701LZ AFBR-5701PZ AFBR-5705ALZ AFBR-5705LZ AFBR-5705Z AFCT-5701Z EN 6100-4-2 IEEE802-3 fiber channel controller ETHERNET reseptacle AFBR-5705APZ PIN photodiode sensitivity 850nm AFBR-5701Z AFBR-5705Z AFBR-5701APZ AFBR-5701Z AFBR-5705Z AFBR-5701ALZ AFBR-5701Z AFBR-5705Z 5705A AFBR-5701Z AFBR-5705Z uc IR for Tx, RX AFBR-5701Z AFBR-5705Z 94v-0 ethernet AFBR-5701Z AFBR-5705Z AFBR-5705PZ AFBR-5701Z AFBR-5705Z AFBR-5701Z AFBR-5701Z AFBR-5705Z TEXT
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Abstract: -5705LZ -5705LZ (With diagnostics, standard de-latch) (Dual Spec 1.25 GbE/1.06 FC) - AFBR-5705PZ (With ... Avago Technologies

20 pages,
2559.76 Kb

AFBR-5710PZ HFBR 2528 AVAGO MAKE SFP fiber optic pinout AFBR-5803AZ HFBR-2532 AFBR-5805ATZ HFCT-5765TP HFBr reliability HFBR-782BH HFCT-5710LP 1300nm HFBR-2522 AFCT-5771PZ HFCT-5208AEMZ HFBR-2531Z AFCT-5944ALZ HFBR-1532Z AVAGO AFCT AFCT-5179AZ -AFCT-5771PZ AFCT-5715APZ TEXT
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Abstract: , standard delatch) (Dual Spec 1.25 GbE/1.06 FC) AFBR-5705PZ (With diagnostics, bail de-latch) (Dual Spec ... Avago Technologies

16 pages,
1512.53 Kb

AFBR-5805ATZ AFBR-5805Z AFBR-5803 HFBR-2532 vcsel 1300nm HFBR-5963AL PARALLEL OPTIC HFBR-0500 HFBR-7934EHZ HFBR-4597 AFBR-5803Z lp 4506 HFBR-4531 adapter hfbr-1532z -AFCT-5771PZ HFBR-5803 reliability data Sheet HFBR-2506AM AFCT-5771PZ SFP fiber optic pinout TEXT
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Avago Cross Reference Results

Avago Part Cross Reference Type Manufacturer
AFBR-5705PZ Buy FTRJ-819-7D Buy Drop-in Finisar
AFBR-5705PZ Buy FTRJ-8519-7D Buy Drop-in Finisar