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Abstract: ADNB-3532 ADNB-3532 and ADNB 3552 PCB Design and Assembly Process Considerations Application Note 5320 Introduction ADNS-3532 and ADNS-3552 ADNS-3552 Sensor PCB Avago Technologies has introduced a new sensor, the ADNB-3532 ADNB-3532 and ADNB-3552 ADNB-3552 low-power sensor with integrated Red Light Emitting Diode (LED). The bundle consists of an integrated chip-on-board (COB) LED mouse sensor ADNS-3530 ADNS-3530 and a small form factor (SFF) lens ADNS-3150-001 ADNS-3150-001. The ADNS-3530 ADNS-3530 and ADNS-3550 ADNS-3550 sensors are designed for surface mounting on a PCB. ... Original

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mouse ir sensor ADNB-3552 ADNS-3150-001 ADNS-3530 ADNS-3550 ADNS-3552 ADNS3550 ADNB-3532 FR803 Ir sensor application IR SENSOR mouse FR2 material ADNS-3532 moisture sensor ADNB-3532 abstract
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Abstract: output power · 100% RF tested MISO Avago Tech ADNS-3532 Optical Mouse Sensor Z-wheel buttons ... Original

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wireless ps2 mouse ADNS-3532 CY7C63231A digital mouse light emmiting diode datasheet MSP430 data sheet voltage programming rf receiver circuit image nRF2401A application note ADNK-3533-TN24 mouse microcontroller interface wireless optical mouse controller QFN24 ADNK-3533-TN24 abstract
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Abstract: current, typical 10mA peak @ -5dBm output power · 100% RF tested MISO Avago Tech ADNS-3532 Optical ... Original

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ADNS-3150-001 ADNS-3530 basic optical mouse qfn16 socket ps2 female Connector pcb layout NRF2401AG WM430 computer mouse drawing wireless ps2 mouse computer mouse circuit diagram nRF2401A mouse optical receiver circuit diagram wireless mouse circuit diagram ADNK-3533-TN24 ADNK-3533-TN24 abstract
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