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Abstract: ADM6993X is the environmentally friendly "green" package version. The ADM6993/X supports priority , Data Sheet, Rev 1.11, Nov. 2005 ADM6993/X ADM6993/X HDLC to Fast Ethernet Converter , reasonable to assume that the health of the user or other persons may be endangered. ADM6993/X ADM6993/X , Subjects (major changes since last revision) 2003-07-02 Rev. 1.0: First release of ADM6993 2003-10-13 , : / 3 / 2005-03-10 ADM6993/X Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents . . . . ... Original

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7490 N 7490 pin configuration body marking MCL mcc 95 16 101b mii to hdlc PIN assignments of UTP cables TS1000 REC10 SOCRATES QuadFALC Version 3.1 data sheet 7490 fca1 idec mcl RC-3 ADM6993/X ADM6993/X ADM6993/X abstract
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Abstract: using a small, low-cost micro controller. On the media side, the ADM6993's 0 and 1 ports support , Product Brief ADM6993 Fiber-to-Fast Ethernet Converters The ADM6993 consists of Fiber to , ADM6993 supports 16 entries of packet classification and marking or filtering for TCP/UDP port numbering , traffic Port status for remote agent monitoring Smart counters for port statistics reporting ADM6993 , Voltage Product Brief ADM6993 Block Diagram Snooping Control Port0 Tx/Fx PHY Loop Back ... Original

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Tx/Fx TS1000 TS-1000 ethernet switch 100M 4 port fibre to ethernet converter Tx/Fx Media Converter ADM6992 ADM6993 10/100M ADM6993 abstract
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Abstract: functionality of the ADM6993F. The BMSR also provides status on: · · · Whether auto negotiation is complete (bit , indicates the auto negotiation abilities to be advertised by the ADM6993F. All available abilities are , of the ADM6993F. The logic states of these pins are latched into the advertisement register (register , command, then the learning process will be disabled automatically by ADM6993F. 3.4.3 Address , DA is PAUSE Command (01-80-C2-00-00-01 01-80-C2-00-00-01), then this packet will be dropped by ADM6993F. ADM6993F can ... Original

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ADM6993F ADM6993 TS1000 ADM6993F abstract
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Abstract: Data Sheet, Rev. 1.21, Nov. 2005 ADM6993F/FX Fiber to Fast Ethernet Converter (TS1000 TS1000 CPE , Ethernet Converter (TS1000 TS1000 CPE Complied) ADM6993F/FX Revision History: 2005-11-28, Rev. 1.21 Previous , ADM6993F 2003-07-02 Rev. 1.1: Added Section 4.2 2003-10-06 Rev. 1.2: Updated Section 2.2.5, 4.2.5, 4.2.12 & , FrameMaker® of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Template: / 3 / 2005-01-17 ADM6993F/FX , , 2005-11-28 ADM6993F/FX Data Sheet Table of Contents 4.2.1 5 5.1 5.2 6 EEPROM Register Format . . . . . . ... Original

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ADM6993 ADM6993F/FX TS1000 ADM6993F/FX abstract
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Abstract: Port Switch) ADM6993( 3 Port Switch with HDLC) ADM6993F( FTTH TS-1000 TS-1000 Switch) Ninja Family Ninja-K ... Original

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ADM6993F fxs 100 10 AN983 adm6999 Equivalents ADM6992-K ADM8511 ADMtek AN983B infineon adm7008 ADM6992 RJ45 1000M PHY ADM5120 ADM6926 ADMTEK ADSL2 Modem circuit diagram datasheet abstract
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