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Abstract: ADM6993X is the environmentally friendly "green" package version. The ADM6993/X supports priority , Data Sheet, Rev 1.11, Nov. 2005 ADM6993/X ADM6993/X HDLC to Fast Ethernet Converter , reasonable to assume that the health of the user or other persons may be endangered. ADM6993/X ADM6993/X , Subjects (major changes since last revision) 2003-07-02 Rev. 1.0: First release of ADM6993 2003-10-13 , : / 3 / 2005-03-10 ADM6993/X Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents . . . . ... Original

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7490 N mii to hdlc PIN assignments of UTP cables REC10 body marking MCL SOCRATES TS1000 7490 pin configuration mcc 95 16 101b data sheet 7490 fca1 idec mcl RC-3 sA 673 transistor ADM6993/X ADM6993/X ADM6993/X abstract
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Abstract: using a small, low-cost micro controller. On the media side, the ADM6993's 0 and 1 ports support , Product Brief ADM6993 Fiber-to-Fast Ethernet Converters The ADM6993 consists of Fiber to , ADM6993 supports 16 entries of packet classification and marking or filtering for TCP/UDP port numbering , traffic Port status for remote agent monitoring Smart counters for port statistics reporting ADM6993 , Voltage Product Brief ADM6993 Block Diagram Snooping Control Port0 Tx/Fx PHY Loop Back ... Original

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Tx/Fx TS1000 TS-1000 ethernet switch 100M 4 port fibre to ethernet converter Tx/Fx Media Converter ADM6992 ADM6993 10/100M ADM6993 abstract
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Abstract: functionality of the ADM6993F. The BMSR also provides status on: · · · Whether auto negotiation is complete (bit , indicates the auto negotiation abilities to be advertised by the ADM6993F. All available abilities are , of the ADM6993F. The logic states of these pins are latched into the advertisement register (register , command, then the learning process will be disabled automatically by ADM6993F. 3.4.3 Address , DA is PAUSE Command (01-80-C2-00-00-01 01-80-C2-00-00-01), then this packet will be dropped by ADM6993F. ADM6993F can ... Original

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ADM6993 ADM6993F TS1000 ADM6993F abstract
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Abstract: Data Sheet, Rev. 1.21, Nov. 2005 ADM6993F/FX Fiber to Fast Ethernet Converter (TS1000 TS1000 CPE , Ethernet Converter (TS1000 TS1000 CPE Complied) ADM6993F/FX Revision History: 2005-11-28, Rev. 1.21 Previous , ADM6993F 2003-07-02 Rev. 1.1: Added Section 4.2 2003-10-06 Rev. 1.2: Updated Section 2.2.5, 4.2.5, 4.2.12 & , FrameMaker® of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Template: / 3 / 2005-01-17 ADM6993F/FX , , 2005-11-28 ADM6993F/FX Data Sheet Table of Contents 4.2.1 5 5.1 5.2 6 EEPROM Register Format . . . . . . ... Original

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ADM6993F/FX TS1000 ADM6993F/FX abstract
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Abstract: Port Switch) ADM6993( 3 Port Switch with HDLC) ADM6993F( FTTH TS-1000 TS-1000 Switch) Ninja Family Ninja-K ... Original

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fxs 100 10 ADM6992-K adm6999 Equivalents infineon adm7008 AN983 ADM6993F ADMtek AN983B ADM8511 RJ45 1000M PHY ADM5120 ADM6992 ADM6926 ADMTEK ADSL2 Modem circuit diagram datasheet abstract
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