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AAY33 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
AAY33 BKC International JEDEC DO-7 PACKAGE Scan
AAY33 BKC International 12 V, 500 mA, gold bonded germanium diode Scan
AAY33 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
AAY33 N/A Semiconductor Devices, Diode, and SCR Datasheet Catalog Scan
AAY33 N/A Shortform Electronic Component Datasheets Scan
AAY33 N/A Diode, Transistor, Thyristor Datasheets and more Scan


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OA47 germanium

Abstract: AA118 50 AAY33 12 0.42 10 10 1 12 AAY42 50 0.6 50 10 1 40 AAZ13 8 0.6 10 3 - AAZ15 100 0.45 10 100 1
OCR Scan
AA117 AA118 AA130 AA144 AA218 1N695 OA47 germanium diode aa118 OA90 AA121 AA143


Abstract: germanium diode B K C INTERNATIONAL Ã3E D J llTTiflB 00DQD3t. L> ^^¿»¿-¿H Type No. AAY33 GOLD BONDED GERMANIUM DIODE 6 Lake Street PO Box 1436 Lawrence, MA 01841 Telephone (617) 681-0392 TeleFax (617) 681-9135 Telex 928377 BKCInternational Electronics Inc. FEATURES Low forward voltage dropâ'"low power consumption Thirty years of proven reliabilityâ'"one million hours mean time between failures (MTBF) Very low noise level Metallurgical^ bonded ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (at 25 °C, unless otherwise specified)_ _
OCR Scan
germanium diode 00DQD3 MIL-S-19500

1N34A do-35

Abstract: 1N34A reverse recovery B I C C INTERNATIONAL 30E D H7nfl3 00003Q0 6 'T-01-0"7 Q erm anium d i o d e s B B B 3 Gold Bonded Germanium Diodes in DO-7 Package Forward Voltage Drop (Vp) Reverse Current (I r ) Reverse Recovery Time (t,) Peak Inverso Vottao« (PIV) at Ip a tV R Type AA117 AA118 AA121 M 123 M 130 AA143 AA144 AAY30 AAY32 AAY33 AAY42 AAZ13 AAZ15 AAZ17 AA218 OA47 OA90 OA180 1N34A 1N55B 1N60 1N87 1N98A 1N100A 1N270 1N276 1N277 1N278 1N527 1N695 1N695A 1N949 1N995 1N996 1N3466
OCR Scan
1N3467 1N3469 1N34A do-35 1N34A reverse recovery OA47 AA143 oa90 1N60 LL 34 1N3666 1N3773 DO-34 DO-35

Germanium diode

Abstract: AAZ15 germanium diode and vibration. B K C INTERNATIONAL G3E D J 117E]tiô3 00DDD3b L. f~ Type No. AAY33 GOLD BONDED
OCR Scan
AA210 AAZ18 AAZ15 germanium diode AAZ17 diode Germanium Diode aa143 DIODE AA143 germanium diode GOLD gold bonded germanium diode GDDGD33

epson lcd

Abstract: ECM-A1010 Sïiy syi; SYl 4 SYl 6 SYl 5 5Ï20 SY2I SY23 A L_ 5Y28 5T29 SY30 SY3I :5Y32 ÃÃY33 sir.*Â
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ECM-A1010 epson lcd LCD EPSON ECM SKQC sy-10 sensor de current SY25 I-A1010


Abstract: AAY37 B0-B3 Bits in DR6 For Non-Enabled Breakpoints May be Incorrectly Set AAY33 X No Fix Core C6
AAY45 AAY37 intel CORE i3 instruction set AAY20 AAY44 AAY36

BA100 diode

Abstract: BA102 AAY12 AAY13 'AAY14 AAY15 AAY18 AAY21 *« v « _AAY27 AAY28 AAY30 AAY32 AAY33 ^AY40 AAY41 AAY43 AAY47 AA
OCR Scan
BA100 diode BA102 B2M1-5 1N2528 PH1021 DIODE AA116 A4/10 A5/62 A5/105 A1000 AA100 AA110

FD6666 diode

Abstract: diode BY100 AAY11 AAY12 AAY13 AAY14 AAY15 AAY18 AAY21 AAY22 AAY27 AAY28 AAY30 AAY32 AAY33 AAY40 AAY41 AAY43 AAY47
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AA119 FD6666 diode diode BY100 1N4Q07 BY164 diode aa119 1N82 AA111 AA112 AA113 AA114 AA115 AA116

hep 154 silicon diode

Abstract: zy 406 transistor AAY28 AAY30 | , T AAY32 AAY33 AAY34 " AAY39 AAY39A AAY43 AAY46 AAY49 AAY5 1 AAY5
OCR Scan
hep 154 silicon diode zy 406 transistor hep R1751 motorola HEP 801 triac zd 607 hep 154 diode ZU62B ZU110 ZU110A ZV12B ZV27B ZV33B


Abstract: ac176 -17 TR-05 R210 AT398 ir-AIASO"'.' ' y:.:A W )T . : : AT402 yyATA03: ;AAY27 ; 4 AAY30 ' AAY33
OCR Scan
APY12 ac176 AEY26 BAV77 bux transient voltage suppressor BAV12 NS348 NS349 NS256 NS357 BS3934 SO-26


Abstract: 18DB6A AAY11 AAY12 AAY13 AAY14 AAY15 AAY18 AAY21 AAY22 AAY27 AAY28 AAY30 AAY32 AAY33 AAY40 AAY41 AAY43 AAY47
OCR Scan
Tr431 18DB6A 1N1525 B1274 transistor cs1256hg BSF17 25T12 Z1012 Z1014 Z1018 AA138 AA140