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RI-STU-251B-01 Texas Instruments RI-STU-251B-01 Series 2000 Reader S251B ri Buy
RI-I17-114A-01 Texas Instruments Tag-it(TM) HF-I Standard Transponder Inlays CD 0-RFIDN ri BuyFREE Buy
RI-TRP-W4FF-01 Texas Instruments IC SPECIALTY TELECOM CIRCUIT, Telecom IC:Other ri Buy


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Abstract: Misregistration (A4470-01 A4470-01) Mounting Pad Solder Ball A5825-01 1998 Packaging Databook 14-17 ... Original

26 pages,
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fine BGA thermal profile JEDEC bga 63 tray bga 196 land pattern BGA PROFILING leaded corner relief carrier tape "BGA Rework Practices", a5764 Intel reflow soldering profile BGA pcb warpage in ipc standard datasheet abstract
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Abstract: A5825-01 14-24 2000 Packaging Databook Ball Grid Array (BGA) Packaging Most common placement ... Original

32 pages,
684.75 Kb

pcb warpage in ipc standard a5764 A7459-01 BGA 256 PACKAGE thermal resistance BGA PROFILING cte table epoxy substrate fine BGA thermal profile land pattern BGA 196 Lead Free reflow soldering profile BGA A4470-01 Intel BGA JEDEC bga 63 tray datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Solder Ball A5825-01 1999 Packaging Databook 14-21 Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA) Packaging ... Original

28 pages,
523.09 Kb

land pattern BGA 0,50 BGA 23 x 23 array Lead Free reflow soldering profile BGA motherboard repair Chip level outline of the heat slug for JEDEC A584 QFP PACKAGE thermal resistance die down BGA Solder Ball 1mm BGA and QFP Package BGA OUTLINE DRAWING bga Shipping Trays datasheet abstract
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