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Abstract: 12-12V 312-V HR I06L20001 I06L20001 INVERTER ORIGINAL REFER. EQUIVAL. FIF2066-50A FIF2066-50A Dimensiones / size : 188mm x 60mm 12 12V 11 12V Conector Control / Control Connector 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 12V GND GND GND GND GND on-off GND LCD panel manuf. LCD Panel cod. AUOPTRONICS A201SN02 Marca / Brand Model Observaciones / Remarks 2 Br. 1 GND ... Original

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auoptronics FIF2066-50A A201SN02 I06L20001 I06L20001 abstract
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Abstract: DmF63339 Specifications and Applications Information 05/17/05 Six Tube DC to AC Inverter Preliminary Package Configuration 2.83[71,8] MAX 2.146 [54,51] .31[7,9] 1.437 [36,49] 1 Powered by a regulated 12 Volt DC source, the DmF63339 is designed to power the AU Optronics A201SN02 6 tube backlight, with onboard PWM. 1 1 4.488 [114,00] Product Features Small Package Size, less than 9mm in height. 9.52 [241,8] MAX High Dimming Ratio (Greater than 1000:1) 8.976 [228 ... Original

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SM02B-BHSS-1-TB dmf633 DMF6 A201SN02 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: TLX-1741-C3M AU Optronics AU Optronics AU Optronics A070VW01 A070VW01 A102VW01 A102VW01 A102VW01 A102VW01. A201SN01 A201SN01 A201SN02 ... Original

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LM32P073 SHARP LQ10D367 lm32007p TX43D21VC0CAA LM190E05 LTA190W1-L01 LM64P101 TX31D*VC1CAA LTM170E8-L01 kcb104vg2ba DMF651 LTM190M2-L31 NL6448BC33-59 LP141XA datasheet abstract
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Abstract: A070FW01 A070FW01. A070FW03 A070FW03 A070VW01 A070VW01 A102VW01 A102VW01 A102VW01 A102VW01. A201SN01 A201SN01 A201SN02 B084SN01 B084SN01 B084SN02 B084SN02 B084SN03 B084SN03 ... Original

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LM32P073 SHARP KG057QV A201SN02 A070FW03 V2 NL6448BC33-59 A070FW03 LTM170E8-L01 tlx-1741-c3m M190EG02 TX23D11VM2BAA LM32P073 LTM190E4-L02 kcb104vg2ca-a43 LMG9520RPCC-A datasheet abstract
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