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6A SMD IDC connectors are only 2.55mm high

AVX has released surface-mount insulation-displacement wire-to-board connectors that are a mere 2.55mm high. Rated at 300V and 6A (22AWG wire – 24AWG is 5A, 26 is 4A) and known as the 9176-800 Series, operation is across -40°C to +125°C. 28AWG versions are in development. The metal part is fatigue resistant phosphor bronze and the wire can ...

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Eval kit for blood pressure wearables

Renesas has launched a blood pressure monitor evaluation kit including a circuit board, pressure sensor, arm cuff, pump, electronically-controlled valve, LCD panel and software. The PCB is based around a dedicated RL78 core-based chip (RL78/H1D) that includes the analogue functions needed for blood pressure measurement. Reference software is included, as is graphical user interface (GUI) ...

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1,200W Class-D audio amplifier has 130dB SNR and built-in mains PSU

Designed with a whisper-quiet noise floor – <30μV (130dB SNR), 1200AS is a family of high power Class-D audio amplifiers from ICEpower of Copenhagen. Intended for PA speakers, line arrays and professional single or dual sub-woofers, they are based on the firm’s own ICEedge chip-set and include a universal mains switch mode power supply with ...

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2.5A 5kV isolated gate driver is just 2.3mm high, with 8mm creepage

Toshiba’s TLP5832 gate driver photo-coupler delivers 2.5A peak output current from an SO8L package only 2.3mm high – approximately 50% lower than the firm’s current SDIP6 and DIP8 packages. “In spite of its small size, the IC offers an isolation voltage [BVS] of 5,000Vrms and guarantees creepage and clearance distances of minimum 8.0mm, making it suitable for applications ...

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Molex announces Squba

Molex has announced the  Squba 1.80mm-Pitch Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connector System, designed to fit in small spaces and provide protection against liquid, dust and dirt. The connectors carry up to a 6.0A current and provide an IP67 NEMA rating on the seals. Seals are retained with caps to provide manufacturers of sensors, lighting, vending machines and ...

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Internal magnet means Hall sensor IC detects plain steel

A sensor IC that includes differential Hall elements and an internal rare-earth magnet

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Picture Gallery: PA’s Raspberry Pi Competition 2018, in picture form

The theme for this year’s PA Consulting’s Raspberry Pi Competition 2018 was Sustainability. More than 100 schools were challenged to build projects around the credit card-sized computer that could help to ‘save the planet’. And these entries were whittled down to the nine finalists judged at the IET, at Savoy Place, last week. The imaginative ...

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ST’s 3x3mm low-voltage motor driver

ST’s STSPIN233 is a  low-voltage motor driver suitable for both single-shunt and three-shunt brushless-motor driving integrating a 200mΩ 1.3Arms power stage in a  3mm x 3mm package. The chip’s  standby current is less than 80nA. It can be put into standby mode under logic control, making it suitable for extending operation from batteries in equipment ...

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Telonic Instruments announces Kikusui’s benchtop power supplies

The UK release of the Kikusui PWR-01 series of programmable benchtop DC power supplies

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Tiny PC spectrum analyser for serial busses

Ikalogic has introduced four-channel USB logic analysers, primarily for debugging serial data busses. Protocol decoding for 30 busses including I2C, SPI, RS232, CAN or 1-Wire are available. Called ScanaQuad, the devices are 50x50mm in size and operate with the firm’s ScanaStudio software running on a host Windows PC, Linux PC or Mac. “The software lets you ...

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