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CS4344-DZZR Cirrus Logic Converters - Digital to Analog (DAC) IC 10-pin 24Bit 192kHz Stereo DAC visit Digikey


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Abstract: , RS232C cable, adaptor 9/25, 160 pin female-connector, DOS monitor software with debug functions , female-connector, MSDOS monitor software with debug functions and inline assembler, manual (English), oscillator Siemens
EVA16A SAB80C166/167 TC166 EVA166 siemens microcontroller monitor cable diagram TA-166 Ertec EVA167 evaluation board SAB80C16 EVA163 SABC163 220VAC ASS16X EVA165
Abstract: Customer Drawing REV DATE DESCRIPTION 01 05.12.05 ECN NO. NAME NEW RELEASE Seam an 4 2 9 8 SERIES 0.4 BTB(H1.5) FEMALE-CONNECTOR MATERIAL: 1.HOUSING: HIGH TEMPERATURE THERMOPLASTIC. U L 9 4 V -0 . 2.TERMINAL:COPPER ALL0Y,T=0.12 PLATING: S E E O RDER INFORMATION NICKEL UNDER PLATED OVER ALL A ± 0 .0 5 B ± 0 .0 5 C ± 0 .0 5 O RDER INFORMATION: lQ~40l G4298â'" 10 * * B T TERMINAL 01: 02: 03: 04: PLATING: 3uâ' Au 5uâ' Au 15uâ' Au 30uâ' Au PIN N0 -
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Abstract: har-flexicon female-connector TB Number 1431XX13101000 Doc -K ey / ECM-Nr. 100230267/UGD/038/B -
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Abstract: Agilent 11923A Connectors Product Overview Flexible micro-circuit packaging The Agilent Technologies 11923A 1.0 mm female-connector launch threads into a package or fixture housing to transition a microwave circuit from microstrip to coaxial connector. The 11923A connector launch is intended for use with 8510XF and other test systems up to 110 GHz. The 11923A 1.0 mm female connector has an air dielectric interface and center conductor that is supported by a low-loss plastic bead on one end, and a Agilent Technologies
Abstract: facilitate automated pick-andplace. Pick-up cap remains in place during reflow. Femaleconnector s - supplied Advanced Interconnections
400P Crystal
Abstract: FemaleConnector (reversed) Vertical Female Connector (closed ended) PCBPCBFemale Connector(closed ended , (standard) mounting male (closedended) PCB Vertical FemaleConnector (closedended) Vertical Female Camden Electronics
PA66 GF 25 relay 3 Pin Screw Terminal Block Connector 2 pin male connector 2mm pitch C110 CTB93HE pa66 fr connector CTB92HE 864437F FM28614 BSFM286149002 BSFM28614900
Abstract: -pin femaleconnector is used for an IBM PC or a compatible device, and a 25-pin male connector for connecting the Integrated Device Technology
PCI5V32 diode 910 b34 LocalTalk MAPS A42 ps2 connector R3000 OSC10M
Abstract: (femaleconnector/ female connector) PSM-KA-9SUB 9/BB/2 METER 27 99 47 4 1 SUB-D connector, 9 ABB Automation
750511-MUM abb spad 330 toshiba t3100 service manual spad 330 IBM E54 PCB CIRCUIT 8C27 abb ar1 0E7/10 FIN-65101
Abstract: view of male and face view v of female.connector.; _ h 0/112 (2 8) Jyp O-Ring S e a OMRON
CS1W-CIF31 C200H-LK201-v1 OMRON Operation Manual OMRON zen plc PROGRAMMING MANUAL C200H-IP007 CV500-CIF01 CQM1-CIF02 wiring CS1W-CN118 cable connection diagram W417-E1-03 75-344-7109/F NL-2132 2356-81-300/F 847-843-7900/F
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