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printed antenna 868

Abstract: A6159 AN782 868-MH Z A NTENNA M A T R I X (WES0030-01-AMS868-01) MEASUREMENT R E P O R TS I NTRODUCTION This document summarizes the measured results of the antennas applied in the Silicon Labs 868-MHz , antenna impedance is 50  A picture of the WES0030-01-AMS868-01 868-MHz Antenna Matrix is shown in Figure 1. For the 868-MHz band 9 different pcb antenna solutions are proposed: ï' Target ï , . External Matching Network at 868-MHz for the Small Helical Antenna The antenna is shown in Figure 34
Silicon Laboratories
printed antenna 868 A6159 WES0038-01 bifa antenna 868 printed antenna design WES0031-01-APL868M-01 WES0032-01-ACM868D-01 WES0033-01-AWH868S-01 WES0034-01-AWH868M-01 WES0035-01-APF868P-01 WES0036-01-APL868P-01

868Mhz FSK

Abstract: LN-G102 Ambiant Temperature Range Package MC33593FTA 868MHz / 500kHz -40°C to +85°C LQFP24 This , 868MHz, 902-928MHz Bands OOK and FSK Demodulation Low Current Consumption: 7mA Typ. in Run Mode , MOSI SCLK CLOCK GENERATOR Typical crystal frequency is 13.5775MHz for 868MHz band. Figure 11 , allowed 1 868MHz - MOD sets the data Modulation type: 0 = On/Off Keying (OOK) modulation, 1 = , Typ. Max. General Parameters 868MHz band, Strobe Ratio=7, PG=0, see note 1 - 1.05
MC33593 868Mhz FSK LN-G102 AEC-Q100-002 MC33593/D 868MH 902-928MH

"RF Transceiver" zmd44102

Abstract: ZMD America ZMD44102SKB Starter Kit Bundle Features Test Functionality Physical Layer · Range Performance · Barrier Penetration Performance (attenuation) · Transmitter Evaluation · Channel Characteristics · Register Access · CW Evaluation · PN Evaluation IEEE 802.15.4 PHY Evaluation of ZMD44102 RF Characterization of 868MHz to 928MHz USB Interface Intuitive User Interface Configuration Tool Network Demonstration Creation of Wireless Applications ZMD's TSicTM Integrated
ZMD America ZMD AG 928MH ZMD44102SK D-01109

phase sequence detector

Abstract: MAX2900 can be made. The MAX2900-MAX2904 are single-chip 200mW transmitters designed for use in the 868MHz
Dallas Semiconductor
MAX2902 MAX2900 MAX2901 MAX2903 MAX2904 phase sequence detector 915MH

TDA 1157

Abstract: Schematics 5250 Wireless Components ASK/FSK 868MHz Wireless Transceiver TDA 5250 D2 Version 1.6 Specification July 2002 confidential preliminary confidential Revision History Current Version: Preliminary Specification V1.6 as of 09.07.02 describing design step D2 Previous Version: V1.5 Page (in previous Version) Page (in current Version) Subjects (major changes since last revision) 3-6, 3-23 3-6, 3-23 , diodes. The center frequency of the transmit VCO is 868MHz, the center frequency of the receive VCO is
Infineon Technologies
TDA5250 TDA 1157 Schematics 5250 IC TDA 2002 tda 2200 EvalBoard tda 1200 FM 0603-C PTSSOP38 ILQ74 SFH6186 08958MH

proximity detector sensor

Abstract: 6.7 mhz oscillator case overall frequency spread to be expected in case of operation at 868MHz with a 13.56875MHz Tokyo
Infineon Technologies
LL2012-J TDA5100 HCS360 proximity detector sensor 6.7 mhz oscillator ALPs modulator alps encoder pd 13.56Mhz class e power amplifier LL1608-J HU2031-1


Abstract: LNA 869MHz Frequency Availability RT4 / RT5: XXX = 315, 418, 433MHz RTQ4: XXX = 868MHz RT14: XXX = 433MHz
SX1211 TQFN-32 LNA 869MHz SM1211 SX1211I084TRT fm ic vco 100mhz to 1ghz

RT4 433.92

Abstract: RF 433 RT4 proximity. 868MHz band is generally less prone to this effect than lower frequencies, but problems can , both very compact but tricky to set up, and can be impractical at 868MHz because of their very small
RF Solutions
AM-RT14-XXX RT4 433.92 RF 433 RT4 DSA0024691 DS013 Rt4 433 transmitter 433.92 MHZ RF transmitter MODULE AM-RT14-XXX-SO DS013-7

869MHz band social alarm frequencies

Abstract: ANTENNA RF Consumption 868MHz, 10dBm 21mA 433MHz, 10dBm 17mA 315MHz, 0dBm 10mA Programmable Low Battery Voltage , . 13 868MHz Operation . 22 , /10dBm 868MHz, 0dBm/10dBm/14dBm 915MHz, 0dBm/10dBm/14dBm VCO Current Consumption Crystal Oscillator , Gain ­ 315MHz - 433MHz 22 24 MHz/V typ MHz/V typ VCO Divide by 2 Active - 868MHz 80 , - 868MHz -81 dBc/Hz typ PFD = 10MHz, 10kHz Offset, IVCO = 3mA - 915MHz -80 dBc/Hz
869MHz band social alarm frequencies ANTENNA RF BIM3B-869-64 circuit diagram of fm transmitter fm transmitter 300m range RF pcb antenna 868 869MH M3B-869-64 M3B-869

433MHZ amplifier 1w

Abstract: 433,92mhz f11 Low cost 868MHz ASK transmitter and receiver intended for general public applications The ARF19 transmitters and receivers enable an economic one-way AM digital link over several hundreds metres. They are used as an asynchronous serial channel with a possible binary transmission rate of 1200 / 2400 bps. They function on the 868MHz band in compliance with the European Standard EN 300-220 / ETS 300683 and are available as integratable daughter boards. The applications cover fleeting low transmission rate
Analog Devices
ADF7012 433MHZ amplifier 1w 433,92mhz f11 Crystal, 3.6864MHz DB4 antenna uhf 16L3 433MH 315MH MO-153AD RU-24 ADF7012BRU

400 MHz ASK Transmitter

Abstract: 868Mhz saw -40°C to +85°C PIN-PACKAGE 16 QSOP 900MHz ISM-Band Radios 868MHz European ISM Band Functional
Adeunis RF
TXARF19 RXARF19 ARF6233A ARF6233B ARF6233C ARF6233D 400 MHz ASK Transmitter 868Mhz saw ASK receiver superheterodyne ARF62 ask modulation F38920

RF mixer 920 Mhz

Abstract: amplifier mixer circuit and Baud 433-MHz, 868-MHz, and 915-MHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) Bands 2.2-V to , -MHz, 868-MHz, and 915-MHz ISM bands. The single-chip operates down to 2.2 V and is designed for low power , Standby current MIN 11 14 868-MHz band 9 12 915-MHz band 35 315-MHz band 30 , 29 20-dB attenuation 433-MHz band 28 0-dB attenuation 868-MHz band 32 10-dB attenuation 868-MHz band 27 20-dB attenuation 868-MHz band 26 0-dB attenuation 915
Maxim Integrated Products
MAX2685 RF mixer 920 Mhz amplifier mixer circuit ZO 607 MA MAX2685EEE 900MH 800MH 1000MH


Abstract: TRF4903 433-MHz, 868-MHz, and 915-MHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) Bands 2.2-V to 3.6 , in the North American and European 315-MHz, 433-MHz, 868-MHz, and 915-MHz ISM bands. The single-chip , current MIN TYP MAX STDBY low 868-MHz band 10 12 10 12 20 26 433-MHz band 19 25 868-MHz band 18 23 18 23 20 26 433-MHz band 19 25 868-MHz , ) PARAMETER TYP MAX 315-MHz band TEST CONDITIONS 12 15 433-MHz band 11 14 868-MHz
Texas Instruments
TRF4903 MSP430 TRF6903 MSP430 voltage programming SWRS023 315-MH 433-MH 915-MH


Abstract: TRF6901 mode. 147MHz to 174MHz VHF 400MHz to 500MHz UHF 868MHz to 920MHz UHF DESCRIPTION The X7200
Texas Instruments
TRF6901 SWRS022B


Abstract: x7200 rf modem , 433.92 or 868MHz. Manufactured using laser trimmed Thick Film ceramic Hybrid the modules exhibits , FM TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER HYBRID MODULES. · · · · · · · · FM-RTFQ SERIES FM-RRFQ SERIES FM Radio Transmitter & Receivers Available As 315 or 433 or 868MHz Transmit Range Up To 250m Miniature Packages Data Rate upto 9.6Kbps RTFQ1 No Adjustable Components Very Stable Operating , ) 315 ,433MHZ versions 868MHz versions 3dB Bandwidth Data Rate Turn on Time Turn on Time Level of
RF Solutions
X7200-2 X7200HP MPT1329 mpt1411 x7200 rf modem uhf Modem Radio Modem MPT1411 RS232 RS485


Abstract: circuit diagram of rc transmitter and receiver Selectable frequency bands: 315-434MHz and 868MHz OOK and FSK modulation Adjustable output power range , =0, -40°CTA125°C - 4.4 6.0 mA 868MHz band, DATA=0, -40°CTA125°C - 4.6 6.2 mA 1.8 , 1.9 868MHz band, OOK and FSK modulation, continuous wave, -40°CTA125°C - 11.8 15.1 mA , network - 5 - dBm 2.3 868MHz band, with 50 matching network - 1 - dBm 2.4 315 & 434MHz bands, -40°CTA125°C -3 0 3 dBm 2.8 868MHz band, -40°CTA125°C
RF Solutions
FM TRANSMITTER CIRCUIT DIAGRAM circuit diagram of rc transmitter and receiver circuit diagram of rf transmitter and receiver in wireless transmitter receiver circuit diagram 433 mhz rf RECEIVER, pcb layout block diagram fm transmitter DS069-7


Abstract: 13.56Mhz rf amplifier ) POR XTAL XE1203 433MHz / 868MHz / 915MHz Low-power, integrated UHF transceiver GENERAL , multi-channel FSK transceiver. It is intended for applications in the 868MHz European band and the North , frequency ranges (433 MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz) and uses 2-level FSK modulation. In a typical application
MC33493 TSSOP14 13.56Mhz AMPLIFIER 13.56Mhz rf amplifier pcb antenna 13.56Mhz NX8045GA MC68HC908RK2 NX1255GA MC33493/D 315-434MH


Abstract: ITT 10.7 MHz crystal filter example, assume an operating frequency of 868MHz. The calculated inductor value is 22.4nH. A 22nH , RF2514 0 VHF/UHF TRANSMITTER Typical Applications · 868MHz/915MHz ISM Band Systems · AM/ASK/OOK Transmitter · Local Oscillator Source · Wireless Security Systems · Remote Keyless , Schematic 868MHz P1 1 GND, DGND P1-2 2 PD P1-3 3 VCC C1 3 - 10 pF VCC X1 , . 11-50 C10 10 nF R6 10 Rev A5 040115 RF2514 Evaluation Board Layout (868MHz) Board Size
D0308 ITT 10.7 MHz crystal filter konnex VQFN48 XE1203I063 433MHZ amplifier schematic D0308-214

ic comparator 8 pin for class d

Abstract: RF2514 General Description The TH71081 ASK transmitter IC is designed for applications in the European 868MHz
RF Micro Devices
ic comparator 8 pin for class d circuit diagram of rf keyless home lock security variable inductor values for 100MHz oscillator signal path designer
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