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Abstract: TLE5009 M NovalithICTM Product Overview Product Type BTN 7930B 7930B BTN 7930P 7930P BTN 7930S BTN 7960B 7960B BTN 7960P 7960P ... Original

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2kw pfc welding 2ED020I12-F2 gear DC motor maxon LQ 425 led segment 1ED020112-F2 TLE7184 btm7752 TLE5205 cross 48V 500w 3 phase BLDC motor controller 1ED020112f TLE7183QU ISO26262 TLE4209A datasheet abstract
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Abstract: Ultimate Power­Perfect Control Vehicle Safety, Body and Power Applications [] For a comprehensive and reliable portfolio of products for automotive and other applications, look no further than the product range from Infineon. We have used our 35 years of experience of developing and producing products to meet the demands of the automotive market, and our innovative technologies to design and produce a large number of power products that meet all requir ... Original

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IPD30N06S2L-13 4141D 742R pin IPD90N06S4-04 ITS 724G tle 7718 IPG20N06S3L-35 BTS50080-1TMA TLE7240SL BTS6143D smd code 724g tle 8209 TLE 4209A datasheet abstract
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Abstract: ASSPs -10 Melody ICs/Music Generator Development Melody ICs development Melody ICs are customized by programming the ROM data with the customer's melody. Note, however, that the 7910, 7930, S VM 7940, S VM 7950, S VM 7970, SVM7990 SVM7990, SVM7850 SVM7850, SVM7800 SVM7800, SVM7820 SVM7820 and SVM7900 SVM7900 series are standard prod ucts for which customization is not available. 稢 u s to m IC ordering information Minimum order Medium Simulation tape Delivery schedule Test samples (5 units of ceramic packages) Volume product ... OCR Scan

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IC 7940 "magnetic tape" MUSIC GENERATOR Melody 7910 Melody 7930 ic melody generator datasheet abstract
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Abstract: ® Includes MAX 9000A MAX 9000 Programmable Logic Device Family June 2003, ver. 6.5 Features. Data Sheet High-performance CMOS EEPROM-based programmable logic devices (PLDs) built on third-generation Multiple Array MatriX (MAX®) architecture 5.0-V in-system programmability (ISP) through built-in IEEE Std. 1149.1 Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) interface Built-in JTAG boundary-scan test (BST) circuitry compliant with IEEE Std. 1149.1-1990 ... Original

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programming hardware manufacturers EPM9560 EPM9320 Transition EPM9320 AF14 datasheet abstract
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