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Abstract: P22-23 –¡ 78E51, 78E52 78E52 1 of 4 09/04/97 15:46:23 AD45/61 AD45/61 file:///ÄD45.HTM Device package: 44pin PLCC Note ... OCR Scan

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78e52 87C252 87c51fc AD45 AT89C51 AT89C51 PLCC 44 pin AT89LV52 AT89C52 AT89C55 AT89S8252 AT89LV51 ATMEL 87C51 AD61 78E51 8751 AD45/61 atmel 8751 AD45/61 AT89C51 PLCC pin details AD45/61 INTEL 8751 AD45/61 87C42 AD45/61 AD45/61 AD45/61 TEXT
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Abstract: PinMaster-48 , 68HC705 68HC705 family, 68HC711 68HC711 family, 68HC908 68HC908 family, 89C51 89C51 family, 78E51 family, 87C750 87C750 family, Z86E' family ... MQP Electronics

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CY7C63000 programming 89C51 intel 8080 68HC705 program 8086 programming manual 78E51 68hc908 20 pin MQP promdriver AT 89C51 PLCC 44 pin programmer for 89c51 pm48 EN100 89c51 flash programming 40 pin programmer 68hc705 PLCC 44 intel package dimensions 68hc711 intel 89c51 TMS77C82 ATmega 89c51 TEXT
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Abstract: : W 78E51-16/24/40 - PLCC 44: W 78E51P-16/24/40 - QFP 44: W 78E51F-16/24/40 - TQFP 44: W 78E51M-16/24 , the W 78E51. It may be turned on after the programmer finish the programming and verify sequence. Once , INTO INT1 _14_ TO J5_ T1 P1.0 P1.1 P1.2 P1.3 P1.4 P1.5 P1.6 P1.7 W 78E51 21 A 8 / I G ND 1 OC ? ... OCR Scan

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Programmer for W78E51 78C51 W78E51 W78C51 80C51 TEXT
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Abstract: Code protection mechanism · Packages: - DIP 40: W 78E51B-24/40 - PLCC 44: W78E51 W78E51 BP-24/40 BP-24/40 - PQFP 44: W 78E51BF-24/40 Publication Release D ate: D ecember 1998 Revision A l Preliminary W78E51B W78E51B E le c tro n , GENERAL DESCRIPTION The W 78E51B is an 8-bit microcontroller which can accommodate a wider trequency , standard 8051. The W 78E51B contains an 4K bytes MTP ROM (Multiple-Time Programmable ROM); a 128 bytes RAM , W 78E51B allows the program memory to be programmed and read electronically. Once the code is ... OCR Scan

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78E51B W78E51B TEXT
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