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ic 7815

Abstract: amplifier 400 wats the 7815R/3CPX100A5. These new improved tubes also contain the features of the original types
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ic 7815 amplifier 400 wats note application 7815 vacuum tube amplifier 7815AL 7815RAL 7815/3CPN10A5 7815R/3CPX100A5 AL/7815RAL

ic 7815

Abstract: ML7815 ML-7815R/AL planar triodes, interchangeable mechanically and electrically with the types ML-7815 and ML-7815R respectively, are intended especially for application in airline avionics equipment, where , strength. The ML-7815/AL and ML-7815R/AL employ a Phormat type cathode, which consists of an indirectly , -7815/AL is supplied without a radiator for conduction-convection cooling. The ML-7815R/AL is supplied with , ) . Conduction & Convection With radiator (ML-7815R/AL
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ML-7815R ML7815 Raytheon Company MA 7815 ML7815 tube ML7815r ML-7815R/AL ST-2522

MA 7815

Abstract: 7815R Extended Grid-Anode Insulator 3 GHz DESCRIPTION The ML-7815/3CPN10A5 and ML-7815R are ruggedized , ML-7815R is supplied with a radiator for forced-air cooling. Except for plate-dissipation ratings , ) . . Conduction & Convection With radiator (ML-7815R , ) .51 g With radiator (ML-7815R) .63 g ML-7815 / 3CPN10A5 ML-7815R PAGE 2 MAXIMUM RATINGS AND TYPICAL OPERATING CONDITIONS
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7815 7815 to-3 st 7815 7815 AA machlett ML-7815/ ST-2329


Abstract: general electric 7815R is a high-mu, ceramic-and-metal, planar triode designed for use as a grid-pulsed or plate-pulsed , 7815R D and R Sheet dated 7-64 7815R Page 2 10-66 MAXIMUM RATINGS AND TYPICAL OPERATION (Continued , with forced-air cooling. 7815R Page 3 10-66 dimensions for PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS outline (inches , plate shank temperature on this surface. 7815R Page 4 10-66 AVERAGE CONSTANT-CURRENT CHARACTERISTICS PLATE VOLTAGE IN VOLTS K-55611-TD268-2 SEPTEMBER 15, 1966 7815R Page 6 10-66 TUBE DEPARTMENT
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general electric

M 8906

Abstract: 7815R are dimensionally equivalent to the ML-7211, ML-7698, ML-7815, ML-7815R, ML-7815/ AL and ML-7815R/AL. The ML-8906, ML-8907 and ML-8906/AL have a larger cathode surface than the ML-7815, ML-7815R, ML-7815/AL and ML-7815R/AL. The tubes can be used to replace the ML-7211 and ML-7698 with a reduction in
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M 8906 ic la 7698 ic 7698 8906 ic 8906 voltage regulator la 7698 27347/R3 ST-2744