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RS222R05A1 C&K Components SWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 12V visit Digikey
7205TZQE22 C&K Components SWITCH TOGGLE DPDT 5A 120V visit Digikey
F1602 C&K Components SWITCH CAP visit Digikey
KSJ0V211 80SH LFT C&K Components SWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO visit Digikey
7208J1V2ME2 C&K Components SWITCH ROCKER DPDT 5A 120V visit Digikey
K12C12.5N C&K Components SWITCH PUSH SPST-NO 0.1A 30V visit Digikey


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Abstract: 2.4 8 10. 5 â A max J.K H 20 20 20 50 uH I IL nax J, K -
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7478CO 74LS114 74S114 7478 jk
Abstract: , package outline, and clock generating circuit only. ä|«-P 04 H « po3 222 wwu M -t-J Jk *. vl , " P 0 5 222 uuu V I -J -J â'¢t* * Jk VI v i VI -| v| vj m ss os 00 * XXX XXX XXX -
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P33/C P32/C P30/I M37477M4-XXXSP/FP M37477M8-XXXSP/FP M37477E8SP/FP
Abstract: ) P1,~ E P2 3/IN 3 - E P2 2/IN 2 - [jo P 2 1/IN , - * | Ï Ï P2 0/IN 0 - m 00 05 Jk I I I XXX -
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CI 7478 25A222 26A222 27A222 28A222 SDA-7478
Abstract: configured for J-K or Toggle operation. These dedicated registers will typically satisfy the register -
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7478 j k M37477E8-XXXSP/FP M37478M4-XXXSP/FP M37478M8-XXXSP/FP M37478E8SP/FP
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