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5962-9680401QDA Texas Instruments Hex Inverters 14-CFP -55 to 125 pdf Buy
5962-9680401Q2A Texas Instruments Hex Inverters 20-LCCC -55 to 125 pdf Buy
5962-9680401QCA Texas Instruments Hex Inverters 14-CDIP -55 to 125 pdf Buy

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680400025 DF Electric Transformer: safety; 400VA; 230VAC; 12V; IP20; Mounting: DIN; 5.5kg 1 from $54.33 (Sep 2016) TME Electronic Components Buy
680400026 DF Electric Transformer: safety; 400VA; 230VAC; 24V; IP20; Mounting: DIN; 5.5kg 3 from $53.44 (Aug 2016) TME Electronic Components Buy
680400029 DF Electric Transformer: safety; 400VA; 230VAC; 230V; IP20; Mounting: DIN; 5.5kg 7 from $53.55 (Aug 2016) TME Electronic Components Buy
680402-3 TE Connectivity HDM 5SMPR062F110F G - Bulk (Alt: 680402-3) from $3,644.0559 (Aug 2016) Avnet Buy
680405-2 TE Connectivity HDM 9SMPR100F180F K - Bulk (Alt: 680405-2) from $2,762.9370 (Aug 2016) Avnet Buy
680406-1 AMP HDM 5EMPO140F210F T&G from $2,765.7000 (Sep 2016) Digi-Key Buy
680406-1 TE Connectivity HDM 5EMPO140F210F T&G - Bulk (Alt: 680406-1) from $2,762.9370 (Aug 2016) Avnet Buy
680406-2 TE Connectivity HDM 5EMPO140F210F K - Bulk (Alt: 680406-2) from $3,644.0559 (Aug 2016) Avnet Buy
680407-1 AMP HDM 9SMPO110F T (Aug 2016) Heilind Electronics Buy
680407-1 AMP HDM 9SMPO110F T (Sep 2016) Interstate Connecting Components Buy
680407-1 TE Connectivity HDM 9SMPO110F T - Bulk (Alt: 680407-1) from $5,783.9160 (Sep 2016) Avnet Buy
680407-2 AMP HDM 9SMPR110F K (Aug 2016) Heilind Electronics Buy
680407-2 TE Connectivity HDM 9SMPR110F K - Bulk (Alt: 680407-2) from $5,783.9160 (Aug 2016) Avnet Buy
680407-3 AMP HDM 9SMPR110F G (Aug 2016) Heilind Electronics Buy
68040820 PRO CAR + Co KG Automotive socket 21 mm Design: Auto build-in socket Gender: Female Size: ø 21 mm 200 from €8.66 (Aug 2016) Distrelec Buy
68040860 PRO CAR + Co KG Automotive socket 21 mm snap-in Design: Auto build-in socket Gender: Female Size: ø 21 mm 180 from €5.99 (Aug 2016) Distrelec Buy


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Abstract: MC10H642 MC10H642, MC100H642 MC100H642 68030/040 PECL to TTL Clock Driver Description The MC10H/100H642 MC10H/100H642 generates the necessary clocks for the 68030, 68040 and similar microprocessors. It is guaranteed to meet the clock specifications required by the 68030 and 68040 in terms of part-to-part skew, within-part skew and also duty cycle skew. The user has a choice of using either TTL or PECL (ECL referenced to +5.0 V) for the input clock. TTL clocks are typically used in present MPU systems. However, as clock ... Motorola

897 pages,
3338.86 Kb

DSP96002 APPLICATIONS DSP96002 dlms application circuits of ic 74121 7483 logic circuit adder and subtracter Nippon capacitors newton raphson power flow model mvb bus schematics motorola bts hm1 MC880 MC68040 MC68000 time delay circuit for ic 74123 32-BIT TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: specification covers the clock requirements of the Motorola 68040 as well as 68030 (single input). Other ... ON Semiconductor

10 pages,
193.95 Kb

MC10H642 MC100H642 MC10H/100H642 TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: (CLOCK TRACE) Rs = Zo - 7 68040 P-Clock Input Rp Rp = 1.5 Zo Figure 1. MC68040 MC68040 P­Clock ... Q-Tech

2 pages,
144.57 Kb

MC68040 M55310 TEXT
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Abstract: ic tea 2028 LED 19176 vlan switch ic tea 2025 specialized in digital speech processing and digital systems. He previously worked on the 68040 ... Motorola

550 pages,
2108.81 Kb

ZENER motorola 1117 DIODE MOTOROLA B1C MCF5272 MPC860T star delta circuit diagrams csr bc6 MCF5272UM/D TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: that the MC88915 MC88915 meets the 25 MHz 68040 P­Clock input specification (at 50 MHz). For these two specs , each possible configuration. ZO (CLOCK TRACE) 68040 P­Clock Input Rp Rs = Zo ­ 7 Rp = ... Motorola

21 pages,
228.32 Kb

MC88LV915T MC88915TFN70 MC88915TFN55 MC88915TFN160 MC88915TFN133 MC88915TFN100 MC88915T MC88915 Motorola D8N TEXT
datasheet frame
Abstract: for 68040 systems which require a 2X processor clock input, and it meets the tight duty cycle spec of the 20 and 25MHz 68040. The Q/2 output runs at 1/2 the `Q' frequency. This output is fed back , / Power­Up Feature · 2X_Q Output Meets All Requirements of the 20 and 25MHz 68040 Microprocessor PCLK , and 25MHz 68040 P­Clock input specification (at 40MHz and 50MHz). For these two specs to be , 2X_Q OUTPUT Zo (CLOCK TRACE) Rs RP Rs = Zo ­ 7 68040 P­CLOC K INPUT RP = 1.5Zo ... Motorola

550 pages,
2064.68 Kb

PQFP 80 14 0.65 MPC860T MCF5272 MCF5272UM/D TEXT
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Abstract: low-cost DRAM bus interface. For FE sample order-SPAKEC040FEXX 1 0 1 24 10 96 120 68040-compatible ... Motorola

9 pages,
35.29 Kb

RIEDEL programmable pipeline microcode memory MCF5102 M68000 683XX TEXT
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Spice Models 29/07/2012 1503.51 Kb ZIP spice_s-param_bfr380l3.zip
with Motorola's 68040/60 108 Download Receive via Email - AN-956 AN-956 National
National 13/08/1999 62.26 Kb HTM nsc00690.htm
AN-865 AN-865: Interfacing the DP8432V DP8432V and the 68040 (225 Kbytes; 5-Aug-95) AN-866 AN-866
National 16/09/1998 9.41 Kb HTM nsc02737-v4.htm
: Interfacing the DP8432V DP8432V and the 68040 (225 Kbytes; 05-Aug-95) AN-866 AN-866 : Interfacing the DP8432V DP8432V and 68040 (131 Kbytes; 05-Aug-95) AN-902 AN-902 : Twisted Pair FDDI Magnetics Overview and Recommendations
National 03/04/1998 103.44 Kb HTM wcd00849.htm
DP8441 DP8441 and the 68040 (131 Kbytes; 5-Aug-95
National 03/04/1998 7.2 Kb HTM wcd014ed.htm
No abstract text available
Analog Devices 17/06/2011 48.68 Kb IBS adm3491arz_2.ibs
No abstract text available
/download/83639055-483172ZC/qsd.zip ()
Motorola 13/09/1996 113.53 Kb ZIP qsd.zip
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/datasheets/files/eao/eao 2.0/eaodxf/piz12251.dxz
EAO 28/02/2000 66.17 Kb DXZ piz12251.dxz
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/download/97644293-65714ZC/cp6912-0001.zip ()
Beckhoff 10/11/2009 416.85 Kb ZIP cp6912-0001.zip
to the static ram from "the PCI9060 PCI9060 and the 68040. Control signals from "both the PCI9060 PCI9060 and the 68040 are monitored by "the SRCTL state machine. When a static ram cycle "is detected, address bits 2 Product: PCI 9060/68040 Demo Board Part Number: xxx-xxxx-xxxx Revision 1.0 07-12-95 enables WE0-3. "WE0 corresponds to byte lane 0 (D0-7). "Burst cycles generated by the 68040 can start enables are determined by the two "SIZ bits and address bits 0 and 1. When the "68040 writes a byte
Scantec 19/07/1995 18.93 Kb ABL srctl.abl