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SM320C80GFM40 Texas Instruments 64-BIT, 80MHz, OTHER DSP, CPGA305 pdf Buy
SM320C80HFHM40 Texas Instruments 64-BIT, 80MHz, OTHER DSP, CQFP320 pdf Buy
TMS320C80GF60 Texas Instruments 64-BIT, 120MHz, OTHER DSP, CPGA305, CERAMIC, PGA-305 pdf Buy

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64BAA074 Mitutoyo STEEL BALL INDENTER 1/16" D ;ROHS COMPLIANT: NA from $107.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
64BAA134 Mitutoyo TEST BLOCK 50-55 HRB ;ROHS COMPLIANT: NA from $75.00 (Feb 2017) Newark element14 Buy
64BCT125AD Rochester Electronics LLC Act Quad Bus Buffer Gates w/3 State (Feb 2017) Rochester Electronics Buy
64BCT125AN Rochester Electronics LLC Act Quad Bus Buffer Gates w/3 State (Jan 2017) Rochester Electronics Buy
64BCT126ADR Texas Instruments - 2,341 (Jan 2017) Gerber Electronics Buy


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Abstract: .5-50 Revision 1.00 v Table of Contents Intel® SBT2 Server Board 5.1.25 64-Bit PCI , .5-50 Table 5 -23. 64-Bit PCI Connector Pinout , MHz, 32-bit, 5 Volt, expansion slots Two PCI 66 MHz, 64-bit, 3.3 Volt expansion slots One PCI 33 Mhz, 64-bit, 3.3 Volt expansion slot (all 64-bit slots run at 33 Mhz if used) Dual Universal Serial Bus , /LVD) SCSI connector Ultra Wide (SCSI-B/SE) SCSI connector 64-Bit/66-MHz PCI slots (2) 64-Bit/33 ... Original

71 pages,
491.32 Kb

1284 atc adaptec scsi manual ATI Rage ati rage iic connectors FRB FRB CONNECTOR ICES-003 usb to rj45 extenders PRO100 PC97317 marking som 6pin MARK 5A SOT-3 intel SBT2 CNB30LE 74 7899 ESM 713 NB6635 IB6566 TEXT
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Abstract: 24c02l PCI add-in card slots F Two non hot plug 64-bit, 100 MHz PCI-X add-in card slots G Four hot plug 64-bit, 100 MHz PCI-X add-in card slots H Filler panel for power bay 3 I Power , a mixture of 32-bit, 33MHz (two), and 64-bit, 100/66 MHz (six) slots. The baseboard includes an ... Intel

118 pages,
1623.55 Kb

foxconn CE certificate IEC320-C14 VHDCI 68pin chipkill SCSI 68PIN AIC-7902 HPIB CONTROLLER IC 68 pin pcb SCSI connector 68-pin scsi ultra320 reading data C660 SCSI 68P, female SC5000 Server Front Panel VHDCI 68 pin pinout wire colors C6600 C6600-701 LPT 25 pin TEXT
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Abstract: D1175 /Erase Enable LBGA80 LBGA80 (ZA) 10 x 8 ball array Security ­ 64-bit Unique Device Identifier (UID , M58BWxxF features a 64-bit Unique Device Identifier (UID) which is programmed by ST on the production line ... Standard MicroSystems

131 pages,
901.14 Kb

LAN9118 LAN9115-MT LAN9115-MD LAN9115 CRC-16 MLT 22 452 TEXT
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Abstract: Unique 64-Bit Identification Number Bus-Interface Architecture Allowing Multiple bq2024's Attached to , -bit family code (09h). A 64-bit status register controls write protection and page redirection. The bq2024 , . Customizing the bq2024 The 64-bit ID identifies each bq2024. The 48-bit serial number is unique and , CRC byte. Only the device that matches the 64-bit ROM sequence is selected and available to perform , access the memory/status functions without issuing the 64-bit ROM code sequence. The SKIP ROM command is ... Spansion

86 pages,
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S29NS512P S29NS256P S29NS128P S29NS-P 44BA TEXT
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Abstract: Operation C64x+ Instruction Set Features ­ Byte-Addressable (8-/16-/32-/64-bit Data) ­ 8-bit Overflow , Direct-Memory-Access (EDMA) Controller (64 Independent Channels) 3-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Four 64-Bit , circuit (I2C) bus interface; a multichannel audio serial port (McASP) with ten serializers; four 64-bit , DM647/DM648 DM647/DM648 device. Timers (4 64-bit or 8 32-bit) DM647/DM648 DM647/DM648 PCI66 PCI66 or UHPI EDMA 3.0 CC , channels) 1 1 Timers 4 64-bit General Purpose (each configurable as 1 64-bit or 2 32 ... STMicroelectronics

81 pages,
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M58BW32F PQFP80 M58BW32FT F9800h-F9FFFh M58BW16FT M58BW16F 8839H Q002 M58BW32FB 6C000h-6FFFFh TEXT
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Abstract: points. Each DS28EA00 DS28EA00 has its unique 64-bit registration number that is factoryprogrammed into the chip , Communication Each Device has a Unique 64-Bit FactoryLasered Registration Number ROM Multidrop Capability , DS28EA00 DS28EA00. The device has three main data components: 1) 64-bit Registration Number, 2) 64-bit scratchpad , (ON\) IO 1-Wire ROM Function Control RCO 64-Bit Registration # PIOA PIOB Device Function Control (EN\) (DONE\) 8-Bit CRC Generator Alarm and Config Registers 64-Bit ... Texas Instruments

19 pages,
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bq2024LPR bq2024DBZR bq2024 bq2022A 15KV TEXT
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Abstract: SCR 3228 description This 64-bit memory is a low-power Schottky memory array organized as 16 words by 4 bits. It can ... Texas Instruments

166 pages,
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DM647 4M14 PBGA 324 19x19 344c digital audio SCR 6004 TMS 3450 FUNCTIONING C6000 TMS320DM648 dsp application 87a4 BED01 hr 8768 BED09 BED02 POWER INDICATE AUTO OFF TIMER CIRCUIT TMS320DM647/TMS320DM648 SPRS372 DM648 TMS320DM647/TMS320DM648 SPRS372 DM648 layout TMS320DM647/TMS320DM648 SPRS372 TMS320DM647/TMS320DM648 TMS320DM647/TMS320DM648 SPRS372 SPRS372 TEXT
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No abstract text available
/download/36331940-595893ZC/ird.cd.contents.zip ()
NXP 23/10/2012 35869.34 Kb ZIP ird.cd.contents.zip
(ECC) DIMMs Unbuffered or Registered "PC/100 PC/100" 100 MHz, 64-bit (without ECC) DIMMs 3.3v memory only
/datasheets/files/intel/products one/design/servers/c440gx/c440_faq.htm
Intel 30/04/1999 65.84 Kb HTM c440_faq.htm
No abstract text available
/download/35476560-256393ZC/pc_99_1.zip ()
Intel 06/08/1998 1173.74 Kb ZIP pc_99_1.zip
supports the long long type in the C/C+ compilers. The long long type is represented as a 64-bit integer.
/datasheets/files/intel/products one/design/i960/patches/index.htm
Intel 30/04/1999 19.42 Kb HTM index.htm
WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2-Enterprise, AES-CCMP 128-bit, WEP 128-bit και 64-bit και 64-bit, 802.1x: EAP-SIM, LEAP, PEAP, TKIP, EAP-FAST, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, MD5 'σφάλεια , AES-CCMP 128-bit, WEP 128-bit και 64-bit. 802.1x: EAP-SIM, LEAP, PEAP, TKIP, EAP-FAST, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS , EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, AES (128-bit), WEP 128-bit και 64-bit. 'σφάλεια προϊόντος UL, C-UL, CB
Digital Logic 03/10/2005 28.02 Kb HTM specs.htm
/Single-ended SCSI AHA-2950U2B AHA-2950U2B 64-bit PCI-to-Ultra2 Wide LVD SCSI AHA-3950U2B AHA-3950U2B 64-bit PCI-to-MultiChannel Ultra2 Wide LVD SCSI AIC-7890 AIC-7890 Single-chip PCI-to-Ultra2 Wide SCSI AIC-7891 AIC-7891 Single-chip 64-bit PCI-to-Ultra2 SCSI AIC-7896 AIC-7896 Single-chip PCI-to-MultiChannel Ultra2 SCSI AIC-7897 AIC-7897 Single-chip 64-bit PCI-to-MultiChannel
Digital Logic 26/01/1999 30.2 Kb TXT readme.txt
) exported by the device can be protected by a unique 8 byte (64-bit) key. On power up, the device
Digital Logic 02/12/2001 12.08 Kb TXT drv_man.txt
the volumes exported by the device can be protected by a unique 8 byte (64-bit) key. On power
Digital Logic 01/08/2001 23.92 Kb TXT readme.txt
No abstract text available
/download/44134754-223477ZC/pc_99_1-v1.zip ()
Intel 06/08/1998 1173.74 Kb ZIP pc_99_1-v1.zip
Any QNX-supported network driver will also support X 64-bit graphics accelerator cards deliver
Intel 10/02/1998 5.2 Kb HTM 4c7d21ae.htm