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LT1111CJ8-12 Linear Technology SWITCHING REG +12V OUT visit Linear Technology - Now Part of Analog Devices
LTC1263IS8#TR Linear Technology IC CONV DC/DC FLASHMEM 12V 8SOIC visit Linear Technology - Now Part of Analog Devices
LTC1044ACS8#PBF Linear Technology LTC1044A - 12V CMOS Voltage Converter; Package: SO; Pins: 8; Temperature Range: 0°C to 70°C visit Linear Technology - Now Part of Analog Devices Buy
LTC1044AIS8#TRPBF Linear Technology LTC1044A - 12V CMOS Voltage Converter; Package: SO; Pins: 8; Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C visit Linear Technology - Now Part of Analog Devices Buy
LTC1044ACS8 Linear Technology LTC1044A - 12V CMOS Voltage Converter; Package: SO; Pins: 8; Temperature Range: 0°C to 70°C visit Linear Technology - Now Part of Analog Devices Buy
LTC1177IS-12 Linear Technology IC MOSFET DVR ISOLATD 12V 28SOIC visit Linear Technology - Now Part of Analog Devices

60W 12V

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ceramic capacitor 0.01uf

Abstract: AVO8 AflkwßÄ W a n A M P com pany RF MOSFET Power Transistor, 60W, 12V 2 - 1 7 5 MHz Features · · · · · · N -C hannel K nhancem ent M ode Device DMOS S tru ctu re Low er C apacitances for B ro a d b , Power Transistor, 60W, 12V DU1260T V2.00 Typical Broadband Performance Curves DRAIN EFFICIENCY vs FREQUENCY Vdd= 12V loo=600 mA Pn(IT=60W GAIN vs FREQUENCY 50 F R E Q U E N C Y (W ) 150 , Power Transistor, 60W, 12V DU1260T V2.00 Typical Device Impedance Frequency (MHz) 30 100 175
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ceramic capacitor 0.01uf AVO8 arco 462 TRIMMER capacitor 4304 mosfet capacitor 50uf 60W 12V


Abstract: FSP055-50LM -1K00 55W 5V 11A Full Range 101.6*50.8*30 FSP060-1K20 60W 12V 5A Full Range , -1S35-05 60W 5V 12.0A Full Range 127.0x76.2x27.0 FSP060-1S35-12 60W 12V 5.0A Full , Dimension(mm) FSP060-10NBAB-12 12V 5.0A Full Range 129.0 x 98.0 x 38.0 60W 15V 4.0A , Open Frame Open Frame 25W 40W 60W 100W 150W 180W 200W 250W 300W 400W 5V 12V 15V 18V 19V 24V 28V 36V 48V Available or in develpment FSPxxx-10NAAB Planning
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FSP055-50LM 1k40 fsp060-1s FSP025-10NAAB-05 FSP030-10NAAB-12 FSP042- FSP030-10NAAB-24 FSP042-1K00


Abstract: 60W 12V L I G H T Y E A R S A H E A D LED-60W DC 12V/24V , /61047 Safety EN 61347-2-2 SELV Available Versions 901060012P-LED 60W DC 12V (European version) 901060012PU-LED 60W DC 12V (USA version) 901060024P-LED 60W DC 24V (European version) 901060024PU-LED 60W , " Weight 20 ounces Tc Max 90°C Ta Max for 60W 12V 38°C Ta Max for 60W 24V 50°C Output wire ­ 18AWG , LED-60W DC 12V/24V Mounting Instructions Safety Instructions: 1. Always disconnect power before
E164062 IEC61000-4-3 IEC61000-4-4 IEC61000-4-6 IEC61000-4-11 LED-60W 1-60VA 50/60H IEC61000-4-2

halotronic ht 150

Abstract: osram halotronic 70 Sekundärspänning 12V (20W) 11,6V (60W) 12V (20W) 11,6V (105W) 12V (20W) 11,6V (150W) 11,8V (50W) 11,6V , 45 kHz 32 kHz 35 kHz 35 kHz Max. lampeffekt 60W 105W 150W 210W
halotronic ht 150 osram halotronic 70 halotronic halotronic ht 105 osram halotronic ht 70 osram halotronic 70/230/12L 105/230/12L 150/230/12L 210/230/12L


Abstract: 60W 12V 14.6×11×9.5 2 19×14×23 1 80 60W/12V 14.6×11×9.5 2 19×14×23 1 105 80W , 220V±10 50Hz ±2% 15ms 0.7 100VA/12V HBC /24V/36V , 35×32.5×24 1 350 200VA12V /24V/36V/48V 300VA/12V /24V /36V/48V 350VA/12V /24V /36V/48V 500VA/12V /24V /36V/48V 800VA/12V /24V /36V/48V 1000VA/12V /24V /36V/48V 1500VA/12V /24V /36V/48V , (cm) (cm) 500VA/12V 60×25×51 35/29 65×40×56 45AH12V×1 1 1350 500VA/24V
3000VA 100AH 1000VA ASCOM+smps+48v 5000VA 100VA/12V 300VA/12V 350VA/12V 500VA/12V
Abstract: This document was generated on 09/09/2013 PLEASE CHECK WWW.MOLEX.COM FOR LATEST PART INFORMATION Part Number: Status: Description: 130105-0048 Active Watertite® Wet Location 60W 12V Flood Light with Screw Release Guard, 14/2 SOOW, Overall Length 15.24m (50.0' ) Documents: RoHS Certificate of Compliance (PDF) Product Literature (PDF) Agency Certification CSA LR85374 Series , PAR36 60W 600 No 12V AC/DC Material Info Old Part Number China RoHS 1638-12 This Molex


Abstract: 60W 12V VER : A_2 update : 94.08.08 AC-DC Power Module AQC60 SERIES 60 Watts KEY FEATURES Switching Power Module for PCB Mountable Universal Input: 90-264 VAC Single Output 5 VDC to 24 VDC Output 3000 VAC Input to Output Isolation 2-Years Product Warranty ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Model No. AQC60-5S 50W Max Output Wattage (W) Voltage AQC60-15S 60W AQC60-24S 60W 12V 15V 24V 5,000 4,000 2,500 90-264 VAC or 120-370 VDC Frequency (Hz) Input AQC60-12S 60W
ARCH Electronics

cortex a9

Abstract: Versatile Express Deliverables n Motherboard in enclosure Motherboard Express µATX for Cortex-A9 n 12V 60W n Power , . Supply - 60W 12V brick and ATX plug-in module - Upgrade to ATX PSU if required for PCIe n Versatile
V2M-P1-0303A cortex a9 Versatile Express ARM Motherboard Express arm cortex a9 motherboard PB-11MPC 128MB 165MH


Abstract: SPU65-108 SPU65-200 +3.3V 0.5A 7A 7% +12V 0.1A 2.75A 5% SPU65-201 +5V 0.5A 7A 5% +12V 0.3A 3A 5% 60W SPU65-202 +5V 0.5A 7A 5% +15V 0.1A 3A 5% 60W , (OPTIONAL) 60W -12V 2A 65W 63.1W -12V 0A 0.15A 5% 65W Note: 1. Dimensions are , -215 +5V +5V 2A 5% 60W 0.1A 3A 5% 38.1W 0.5A 7A 5% -24V 0.2A 2A 5% SPU65-300 +3.3V 0.3A 7A 7% +12V 0.1A 3A 5% SPU65-301 +5V 0.5A 6A 5
SPU65 IEC-320-C14 SPU65-108 SPU65-105 94V-0 SR-01A SPU65-102 CISPR-22 264VAC SPU65-203 SPU65-204
Abstract: 24V Model 60W 12V Model 24V Model Case material Altitude Dimensions LxWxD mm (inch) Weight , ) Voltage rise time Vi nom, Io nom (full resistive load) Reverse voltage 12V Model 24V Model DC ON indicator threshold at start up (Green LED) (Vi nom, Io nom) 12V Model 24V Model 150ms 150ms 18VDC , IN DC IN Rated input current Vi: 115/230VAC Io nom 30W Model 60W Model Power dissipation Vi: 230VAC, Io nom 30W Model 60W Model 100 - 240VAC 90 - 264VAC 120 - 375VDC 680mA / 430mA 1230mA Carlo Gavazzi
AWG24-12 TS35/7 TS/35/15


Abstract: DPS52 Power Voltage Load P/P (PARD)3 DPS52 30W 5V 6A 6.5A ±2% 50mV DPS53 60W 12V 5A 5.4A ±2% 120mV DPS54 60W 15V 4A 4.3A ±2% 150mV DPS55 60W 24V 2.5A 2.7A ±2% 240mV DPS58 60W 48V , Overvoltage protection Overload protection Cable/connector 60W (DPS52, 30W) 10ms. typical at full load @
Emerson Network Power
DPS50 IEC320 CSA-C22 report PSE Denan 06-03051012 EN61000-3-2 EN60950-1 115VAC

t2a 250

Abstract: 60W 12V @40°C, GB 30W l2Vmodel 668000 Hours 24V model 688000 Hours 60W 12V model 568000 Hours 24V model , DBR30/60W SERIES AC - DC DIN RAIL MOUNTABLE BATTERY CHARGER INDUSTRIAL CONTROL EQUIPMENT FEATURES â , 680 / 430 mA 60W model 1230/780 mA Rated input current Vi : 90 VAC, lo nom 30W model 800 mA 60W model 1500 mA Line frequency Vi nom, lo nom 47 63 Hz Inrush current Vi : 115/ 230 VAC , lonom 30/60 A Power dissipation Vi : 230 VAC, lo nom 30W model 5.5 W 60W model 10.9 W Leakage current
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t2a 250 DBR30/60W 90-264VAC DBR60 DBR30-I2 DBR30-24 DBR60-I2


Abstract: AS-60-12 SPECIFICATION MODEL S -60-5 AS60-5 5V 12A 60W Note.2 120mVp-p Note.3 S -60-12 AS60-12 12V 5A 60W 120mVp-p 1.0% 0.5% 0.5% S -60-15 AS60-15 15V 4A 60W 150mVp-p 1.0% 0.5% 0.5% S -60-24 AS60-24 24V 2. 5A 60W 150mVp-p 1.0% 0.5% 0.5% 2.0% 0.5% 1.0% FREQUENCY RANGE INPUT EFFICIENCY(Typ.) 73% 76% 77% 79 , r ire ss AQ Q-6 60 0 ss ie SPECIFICATION MODEL AQ-60B Q-60B 5V 5. 5A 60W 12V 2A -5V 0. 5A -12V 0.5A AQ-60C Q-60C 5V 5. 5A 60W 15V 1. 5A -5V 0. 5A -15V 0. 5A AQ-60D Q-60D 5V 4A 62W
AD60b AS-60-12 S-60-SPEC2005-09-13 UL60950 Q-60-SPEC2004-06-30

AC adapter 19V

Abstract: FSP040-RHAN2 ) FSP060-DAAN2 60W 24V 2.5A C14 DOE VI 110*62*31 FSP060-DIBAN2 60W 12V 5A C14 , Adapter MP products Adapter 5W 10W 15W 25W VI VI 5V 30W 40W 50W 60W , 9V 12V VI 19V VI VI 24V VI VI 48V VI VI VI VI VI VI VI , products 5W 10W 15W 25W 30W 40W 50W 60W 75W 90W 120W 150W 180W 220W 5V 9V VI 12V VI VI VI VI 19V VI 24V VI VI VI 48V VI VI VI
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AC adapter 19V FSP040-RHAN2 FSP030-RHAN2 AC adapter 19V 4.74A FSP015-1Q01 FSP035-1Q01 FSP015-DPAN2 FSP060-RTAAN2 FSP100-RTAAN2 FSP010-FPDN


Abstract: 60W 12V -100-5 LPV-100-12 LPV-100-15 LPV-100-24 LPV-100-36 m ip67 C LPV-100-48 5V 12A 0 -1 2 A 60W 12V
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10OW LPV-100 LPV-100-5 127-370VDC LPV-100-SPEC


Abstract: CH7511 cm USB cable with four ports, 30.5 cm Adapter AC100-240V, 84W, +12V/ 7A FSP Adapter AC100-240V, 60W, +12V/ 5A FSP Packing List Part Number AIMB-223 SBC SATA HDD cable Serial port cable CPU cooler I/O , -232, COM3 support 5V/12V by jumper selection) None 4 1 None 8-bit System reset Programmable 1 ~ 255 sec/min Single Voltage 12V DC input by 1x External DC phone Jack or 1x Internal 2x2-pin Power Connector; AT/ATX
RTL8111DL CH7511 W83627DHG-P AIMB-223G2-S2A1E bios jumper W83627DHG


Abstract: manual monitor adapter 12v 5A , 30.5 cm Adapter AC100-240V 60 W +12V/5A FSP Adapter AC100-240V 60W +12V/5A(Delta) KBMS cable 1*6P-2.5 , of RS-232/422/485) 1 (2.5 mm) 1 4 (USB 2.0 compliant) 4 (RS-232), only COM6 supply 5V/12V None 3 3 1 None 8-bit GPIO System reset Programmable 1 ~ 255 sec/min DC 12V Input (Tolerance ±10%) Operating
alc892 manual monitor adapter 12v 5A AIMB-213N-S6A1E 1960046526N001 ami bios intel atom n455 AIMB-213 N455/D525 DC12V 200/400-MH
Abstract: MVAD065 Series www.murata-ps.com PRELIMINARY 65W High Density AC/DC Power Supply ORDERING GUIDE Model Number Natural Convection Cooling Main Output (V1) 60W 12V 24V 48V MVAD065-12 MVAD065-24 MVAD065-48 65W INPUT CHARACTERISTICS Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units Input Voltage Operating Range Single phase DC 90 120 47 70 70 120/230 264 300 , '  Complies with 5000m altitude Main Output Voltage (V1) Load Current Load Capacitance 12V 24V muRata Power Solutions

transistor smd 5DW 73

Abstract: sipex 3232 Output1 V1 I1 Model Watts FSP060-1K00M1 55W 5V FSP060-1K20M1 60W 12V Output2 , 220W 400W 5V 9V 12V 15V 18V 19V 20V 24V 28V 30V 32V 36V 48V Available or in , 15W 9V 1.67A V Interchangeable 78.3*51.8*34.5 FSP015-RCMM 15W 12V 1.25A , 78.3*51.8*34.5 FSP015-RCDM-NP 15W 12V 1.25A V US 78.3*51.8*34.5 FSP015-RFDM-NP , *51.8*34.5 FSP015-RCEM 15W 12V 1.25V V EU 78.3*51.8*34.5 FSP015-RFEM 15W
transistor smd 5DW 73 sipex 3232 BU-61588P3 SD-14621DX SD14621 sdc 7500 MIL-PRF-38534 QML-38534-29 QML-38534-28 16-BIT WMS256K16-35FGQ WMS256K16-35DLQ
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