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5962-3826707MXAC7200 Intersil Corporation 5962-3826707MXAC7200 ri Buy
5962-9086907MXAC7060 Intersil Corporation 5962-9086907MXAC7060 ri Buy
5962-8863401XAC6833 Intersil Corporation 5962-8863401XAC6833 ri Buy

5962-9206202MYC Datasheet

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5962-9206202MYC Cypress Semiconductor CPLD, CY7C340 Family, ECMOS Process, 3750 Gates, 192 Macro Cells, 192 Reg., 64 User I/Os, 5V Supply, 30 Speed Grade, 84PGA

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Abstract: 5962-8947601LA 5962-9473301mxc 5962-8686401la 5962-9206202MYC 5962-9206201MYC 5962-9206201MYC 5962-9316802MXC 5962-9316802MXC 5962-9316801MXC 5962-9316801MXC 5962-9324702MXC 5962-9324702MXC 5962-9324701 MXC 5962-9324702MYA 5962-9324702MYA ... OCR Scan

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TPOI 5962-9206202MYC 5962-9314402MZC 5962-8946801XC Altera EP1800i MIL-STD-883-compliant 5962-8946901 5962-8946804 5962-9314402MXA 5962-8854901xa 5962-8686401 EP1800I 5962-8946901YC datasheet abstract
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Abstract: microcircuit drawing PIN 1/ 5962-9206201MXA 5962-9206201MXA 5962-9206201MYC 5962-9206201MYC 5962-9206201MZA 5962-9206201MZA 5962-9206202MXA 5962-9206202MXA 5962-9206202MYC ... Original

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EPM5192GM883B 5962-9206203MXA 5962-9206202MYC qml-38535 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 5962-8947601LA 5962-9206202MYC 5962-885490 EPM5128-1 22V10E transistor b2020 PLMJ1213 APU adapter PL-ASAP 5962-8686401LA 8686401LA 5962-8854901xa 5962-9061102XA Introduction Contents March 1995 Introduction The PLD Advantages of Altera Altera Device Families .6 Solutions for High-Volu ... Original

701 pages,
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EPM7128 360 2002b altera 5032 EPX780 lift controller in vhdl ALTERA PART MARKING EPM7160 ep22v10 Date Code Formats Altera EPF10K datasheet abstract
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Abstract: NOT MEASUREMENT SENSITIVE MIL-HDBK-103AJ MIL-HDBK-103AJ 19 SEPTEMBER 2011 SUPERSEDING MIL-HDBK-103AH MIL-HDBK-103AH 28 MARCH 2011 DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE HANDBOOK LIST OF STANDARD MICROCIRCUIT DRAWINGS This handbook is for guidance only. Do not cite this document as a requirement. AMSC N/A FSC 5962 MIL-HDBK-103AJ MIL-HDBK-103AJ FOREWORD 1. This handbook is approved for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense. This handbook cannot be cited as a requirement. If it is, 2. This handbook is for gui ... Original

923 pages,
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MIL-HDBK-103AJ ATMEL 503 24C04 ATMEL 302 24C16 UT9Q512E-20YCC 5962L0053605VYC MIL-HDBK-103AH MIL-HDBK-103AJ abstract
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Abstract: DSCC Supplemental Information Sheet for Electronic QML-38535 QML-38535 Specification Details: Specification: MIL-PRF-38535 MIL-PRF-38535 Title: Advanced Microcircuits Federal Supply Class (FSC): 5962 Conventional: No Specification contains quality assurance program: Yes MIL-STD-790 MIL-STD-790 Established Reliability & High Reliability: No MIL-STD-690 MIL-STD-690 Failure Rate Sampling Plans & Procedures: No Weibull Graded: No Specification contains space level reliability requirements: Yes Specification allows test optimization: Yes Contact I ... Original

581 pages,
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M38510 10102BCA UT63M125BB SMD TSMC 0.25Um LDMOS 0.18um LDMOS TSMC TSMC 0.18 um MOSfet QML-38535 MIL-PRF-38535 MIL-STD-790 MIL-STD-690 MIL-STD-1835 MIL-M-38510 MILPRF-38535 M38510 QML-38535 abstract
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