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Abstract: DATA SHEET MOS INTEGRATED CIRCUIT uPD3737 5150-BIT CCD LINEAR IMAGE SENSOR The u PD3737 is a 5150-bit high sensitivity CCD (Charge Coupled Device) linear image sensor which changes optical images to electrical signal. The uPD3737 has high speed CCD register, so it is suitable for high resolution scanners and facsimiles which scan high definition document at high speed. FEATURES · Valid photocell 5150-bit · Photocell's pitch 7 um · High response sensitivity Providing a response NEC
IC-8925 nec CCD LINEAR IMAGE SENSOR 2SA1005 UPD3571 nec linear ccd sensor image sensor 22-pin PD3571 PD3737D IEI-1209 IC-3352
Abstract: N E C ^r DATA SHEET MOS INTEGRATED CIRCUIT ¿¿PD3737 5150-BIT CCD LINEAR IMAGE SENSOR T he ,uPD3737 is a 5 1 5 0 -b it h ig h s e n s itiv ity CCD (C harge C o u p le d D e vice ) lin e a r im a g e s e n s o r w h ic h ch a n g e s o p tic a l im a g e s to e le c tric a l s ig n a l. T he ,uPD3737 has h ig h sp e e d CCD re g is te r, so it is s u ita b le fo r h ig h re s o lu tio n s c a n n e rs and fa c s im ile s w h ic h scan h ig h d e fin itio n d o c u m e n t at h ig h -
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22PIN 22D-1CCD-PKG7 IEI-1207