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FSS020WNST Honeywell Sensing and Control FSS Series Low Profile Force Sensor, 0 N to 20 N force range, standard tube packaging ri Buy
FSS005WNSB Honeywell Sensing and Control FSS Series Low Profile Force Sensor, 0 N to 5 N force range, short tube packaging ri Buy
FSS015WNSB Honeywell Sensing and Control FSS Series Low Profile Force Sensor, 0 N to 15 N force range, short tube packaging ri Buy

50L6gt tube

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Abstract: TUBE DIVISION 8L00MFIEL0 8L00MFIEL0, NE» JERSEY, U.S.A. APRIL 1, 1959 PLATE »5t87 50L6GT 1 1 50L6GT PENTOOE CONNECTION E, = 110 Volts , 50L6GT TUNG-SOL BEAM PENTODE T-9 '32 MAX 3* MAX COATED UN I POTENTIAL CATHODE HEATER 50 , 1 C25L6 C25L6, 25L6GT 25L6GT) 50L6GT , 20 t- 50L6GT pentode connection Ef = 50 Volts Eb = 200 Volts EC2 = 110 Volts ... OCR Scan

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25L6GT 25l6g 25L6 50L6-GT 50L6GT 50L6gt tube 50L6GT abstract
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Abstract: 12L6-GT 12L6-GT 50L6-GT ET-T867 ET-T867 Page 1 7-54 DESCRIPTION AND RATING' The 25L6-GT 25L6-GT is a beam pentode designed , , 25L6-GT 25L6-GT, and 50L6-GT are alike except for heater ratings and heater-cathode voltage ratings. The 50L6-GT , 50L6-GT Heater Voltage, AC or DC.12.6 25.0 50.0 Volts Heater , 50L6-GT Heater-Cathode Voltage Heater Positive with Respect to Cathode DC , 50L6-GT ET-T867 ET-T867 Page 2 7-54 CLASS A! AMPLIFIER CHARACTERISTICS AND TYPICAL OPERATION Plate ... OCR Scan

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Heaters 50l6 tube 50l6 A TUBE 50L6 12L6 25L6 pentode 50L6gt tube 12L6GT tube 12L6 50L6GT 25L6GT 12L6-GT 50L6-GT 25L6-GT 25L6-GT 25L6-GT abstract
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Abstract: RtrSBtHCS: PLATE 186« Aut». 1, 1917 Ratings and characteristics identical to 50L6GT. Sxcept for , ELECTRONIC TUBE DIVISION NEWARK. NEW JERSEY. U. S. A. ... OCR Scan

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50L6-GT 50A5 25l6g 25l6 50L6GT 35L6GT 50L6gt tube 25L6GT datasheet abstract
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Abstract: RF - IF 1 INC. ELECTRON TUBE DIVIS IO N BLOOM FIE LD, N EW JERSEY, U .S .A . NOVEMBER 1, 1956 , C U R REN T D O U B L E T R IO D E S ELECTRON TUBE DI V IS IO N BLOOM FIE LD , N EW JERSEY, U .S , 35C5 50A5 50B5 50BK5 50BK5 50C5 50C6G 50C6G 50C6GA 50C6GA 50L6GT 12A6 35A5 50BK5 50BK5 35C5 35C6GT 35C6GT 50B5 50C5 50C6G 50C6G 50L6GT 25C6G 25C6G 25C6GA 25C6GA 25L6 25L6GT 25L6GT 25W6GT 25W6GT 5AQ5 5V6GT 12BK5 12BK5 12C5 12CA5 12CA5 12CS5 12CS5 12CU5 12CU5 12L6GT 12L6GT 12W6GT 12W6GT , EA TER C U R REN T 3BE6 CONVERTERS RECTIFIERS TUNG-SOL ELE CT RIC INC. ELECTRON TUBE DIVIS ... OCR Scan

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tube 717a 12B4A 12at7 tube 12dq6 12dq6 tube 6AR5 tube 6l6ga 7n7 tube 3A5 tube 12ay7 5U4GA 12BY7A 1AJ5 6AR5 14AF7 3B7/1291 12AU6 3B7/1291 abstract
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Abstract: In c lu s io n o f d a ta f o r a s p e c i f i c tube ty p e does be a v a il a b le and f o r s a le by not n e c e s s a r il y mean t h a t th e tube w i l l Tu n g -So l. oi'fi-e 'tec'fi-rw , 'i-à^ue O'f- -&Ae-e-t-&. TUNG-SOL ELECTRIC INC. ELECTRON TUBE D IVISIO N 200 ATTENTION: BLOOMFIELD , g- S ol EL E CTR I C I N C . EL ECTRON TUBE DIVISIO N BLOOM f T e L dY N ? E T T R , N O T R E C O M MENDED FOR N E W EQUIPM ENT DESIG N 6431 INDIVIDUAL TUBE DATA OA2 2018 OA3 1454 ... OCR Scan

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6dc6 6EM5 tube 12AL8 3S4 tube 6GH8A 35L6GT 6AU7 12FQ8 7n7 tube 12BY7A 12U7 12U7 tube 6JV6 6HB5 6HF5 datasheet abstract
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