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4N26 Texas Instruments Optocoupler - Transistor Output, 1 CHANNEL TRANSISTOR OUTPUT OPTOCOUPLER, PLASTIC, DIP-6 ri Buy
SDP8276-001 Honeywell Sensing and Control SDP8276 Series Silicon Photodiode, Side-looking Plastic ri Buy
SD1420-002 Honeywell Sensing and Control SD1420 Series Silicon Photodiode, Compact Metal Can Coaxial ri Buy

4N26 Photodiode

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Abstract: 4N25, 4N26, 4N27, 4N28 OPTOCOUPLERS SOQS035 SOQS035 D2493 D2493 SEPTEMBER 1 978 - REVISED MARCH 1983 COMPATIBLE , kV 4N26, kV , 4N25, 4N26, 4N27, 4N28 OPTOCOUPLERS electrical characteristics at 25 °C free-air temperature (unless otherwise noted) PAHAMETEH TEST CONDITIONS 4N25. 4N26 4N27.4N2& UNIT MIN TYP MAX MIN TYP MAX •VjbricBO , current 'CI(Jffl (Photodiode Operation! VCB = 10 V, Ig = 0, If = 0 0.1 20 O.I 20 nA 'Vp Input Diode ... OCR Scan

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2 pin phototransistor P 250 4N25 4N26 4N27 4N28 Control 4N25 infrared-emitting infraredemitting SOQS035 4N26 Photodiode EL 4N25 D2493 D2493 abstract
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Abstract: Strength: 5.3k Vac Power: 200mW IL1 4N25 IL2 4N26 4N35 IL202 IL202 4N36 IL203 IL203 4N37 H11A1 H11A1 , ILD621GB ILD621GB ILD255 ILD255 ILD620GB ILD620GB Output: MOSFET LH1529 LH1529 HIL (8 Pin DIP): Output: Photodiode driving BJT Dielectric Strength: 5.3kV ac SFH6345 SFH6345 HIL (8 Pin DIP): Output: Photodiode driving BJT Dielectric ... Original

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SFH611A-1 SH6106-4 SFH636 SFH6286-2 SFH6206-1 SFH618A-2 SFH6186-2 SFH611A-3 SFH617A-1 SFH615A-1 SFH6156-1 moc8103 4N27 sfh6156 4n35 optoisolator datasheet abstract
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Abstract: spx7271 SPX7273 1.5 Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor Transistor 2 2 2 2 2 o 4N26 4N27 4N28 20 10 10 10 , transistor output is operated as a photodiode, tr ~ t, « 300 nsec (b) BVceo>80V available on request (c) If ... OCR Scan

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MC 150 transistor 4N26 transistor 1j 4N27 4N28 in 3003 TRANSISTOR 4N25A 4N25 SPX26 transistor lf 4n33 4n35 SPX53 transistor 7550 4N26 Photodiode E58979 E58979 abstract
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Abstract: /TLP597GA/TLP227GA-2 /TLP597GA/TLP227GA-2 Series, thanks to innovative photodiode array and MOSFET technology. q OFF-state , , due to the use of innovative photodiode array and MOSFET technology. q 1-form-A q OFF-state voltage , 4N25A 4N25A (SHORT) Single Transistor 4N26 (SHORT) Single Transistor 4N27 (SHORT) Single Transistor 4N28 , No. Pin Configuration CTR (%) Features Rank 4N25 (SHORT) 4N25A 4N25A(SHORT) 4N26 (SHORT , : Not promotion item in USA 2­2 Photodiode Output Devices Product No. Pin Configuration 4 ... Original

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer 740L6011 siemens CNY17-2 TLP250 igbt driver applications TLP181 SMD 11-4C1 TYPE moc3041 application note TRANSISTOR AC125 p421 Photocoupler TLP250 MOSFET DRIVER application note TLP250 MOSFET DRIVER p421 coupler datasheet abstract
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Abstract: V 300 kHz TRANSISTOR 4N26 F 6 LEAD PLASTIC DIP 20% 1500 V 30 V 300 kHz TRANSISTOR 4N27 F 6 LEAD , photodiode detector, thus providing electrical isolation of ±2000 V between input and output. A differential comparator amplifies the photodiode signal, arid a Schmitt trigger improves noise immunity by providing ... OCR Scan

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tr. c945 transistor C933 c947 MCL601 darlington pair transistor c945 transistor to metal type C949 MCL611-Threshold c947 transistor c945 equivalent c936 transistor c943 transistor C935 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: ) Sensor Type p (nm) Min Max 1.0 940 GaAs 30.0 ­ 30 2.71 x 2.71 Photodiode 1.0 940 GaAs 30.0 ­ 30 2.71 x 2.71 Photodiode Sidelooker Detector Package (No , ) Sensor Type T-13/4 T-13/4 (5 mm) Diode Package QSD2030 QSD2030 5 5 1.0 x 1.0 Photodiode , Type 9 Pin Photodiode PLCC-2 Detector Package QSB320 QSB320 5 IC (ON) (mA) Test Conditions ... Original

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opto transistor moc Phototransistor L14G3 application moc3020 OPTO SOIC Package 8-Pin Surface Mount 601 l14f1 ir phototransistor MOC 8-PIN moc opto triac spice MOC3011 DARLINGTON phototransistor l14f1 slotted optocouplers L14F1 PHOTOTRANSISTOR h11D1 spice datasheet abstract
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Abstract: MCp*3041 cosmo 4N35 opto S11MD3 SHARP S21ME4 tpl621-2 mcp3031 MCP3040 cosmo 817 MCP3041 TPL621 illuminance sensors which incorporate a photo-diode and current amp circuit in a single chip. These unique , with transmitter IC and a photodiode with receiver IC, which makes it capable of optical data ... Original

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Liteon PC817 PLC ELEVATOR CONTROL todx2701 A 3150 igbt driver TOTX173A TLP250 MOSFET DRIVER application note opto coupler M611 PC923 APPLICATION NOTES opto coupler TLP250 PC817 SOP-4 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: place of types 25A to 28. DIP CTR (%) Features Rank 4N25 (SHORT) 4N25A 4N25A(SHORT) 4N26 , / SS EN60950 EN60950 13 2­3 Type No. Photodiode Output Devices Pin Configuration 4 4pin small ... Original

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4n33 4n25 4N25 4N26 Photodiode DATASHEET IFT5 TLP250 MOSFET DRIVER tlp521-2 TLP628 TLP250 TLP250 igbt driver applications TLP734f REPLACEMENT TLP352 TLP521 SOP-4 4N26 Photodiode 4N25A 4N38A 4N25A abstract
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Abstract: ps2501h PWR-TOP200YAI the voltage drops across the optocoupler (U2) photodiode and resistor R1. Other output voltages are ... Original

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TOP202 TOP204 TOP2XX TOPSWITCH AN-19 ST202A top200 TOPSWITCH nec2501-h ST204A AN-14 topswitch TOPSWITCH DN-7 nec2501 TOPSWITCH DN-14 TOP204Yai equivalent AN-14 AN-16 AN-14 abstract
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Abstract: TLP645J TLP645 TLP636 p421f TLP639 TLP635 Photovoltaic couplers: MOSFET gate drive (high voltage output achieved using a photodiode array) 5. , Number 4N25(SHORT) 4N25A 4N25A(SHORT) 4N26(SHORT) 4N27(SHORT) 4N28(SHORT) 4N35(SHORT) 4N36(SHORT ... Original

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TLP421 P421 TLP250 mosfet gate Driver TLP250 MOSFET DRIVER application note P521 phototransistor TLP645G TLP250 igbt driver applications cosmo 3061 TLP250 MOSFET DRIVER tpl 620-2 p421 Photocoupler P521 Photocoupler tlp250 application note datasheet abstract
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combine an LED with a photodiode or a phototransistor. The input LED and the output phototransistor sensitivity is difficult to control, these optocouplers, such as the generic 4N26 photodiode produces an optocoupler whose speed is limited only by the LED. Linear photodiodes' apply. They typically include a linear photodiode receiver and a matching amplifier on the phototransistor, but two factors improve the photodiode's performance. First, the photodiode
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Phototransistor Output 4n25_28 4N25/4N26/4N27/4N28 Optocoupler with Phototransistor Output 4n25v35v 4N25V 4N25V 4N25V 4N25V(G Transistor bfw92a BFW92A BFW92A BFW92A BFW92A Silicon NPN Planar RF Transistor bp104 BP104 BP104 BP104 BP104 Silicon PIN Photodiode bpv10 BPV10 BPV10 BPV10 BPV10 Silicon PIN Photodiode bpv10nf BPV10NF BPV10NF BPV10NF BPV10NF Silicon PIN Photodiode bpv11 BPV11 BPV11 BPV11 BPV11 Silicon NPN Phototransistor bpv11f BPV11F BPV11F BPV11F BPV11F Silicon NPN Phototransistor bpv20f BPV20F BPV20F BPV20F BPV20F Silicon PIN Photodiode bpv20nfl BPV20NFL BPV20NFL BPV20NFL BPV20NFL Silicon PIN Photodiode bpv21f BPV21F BPV21F BPV21F BPV21F Silicon PIN Photodiode bpv22f BPV22F BPV22F BPV22F BPV22F Silicon PIN Photodiode
Temic 12/03/1997 67.32 Kb TXT allparts.txt
TF=.44NS TR=150NS 150NS 150NS 150NS BF=325 BR=10 + IKF=100MA 100MA 100MA 100MA VAF=100) .ENDS * *SRC=4N26;ON26;Opto-Isolators ANODE CATHODE COL BASE EMITTER *TI 4N26 * Current Transfer Ratio (CTR) = (H*G*BF) = 20% VM 1 6 D1 6 DC .685 VPD1 1 8 DC -2 VPD2 1 9 DC -2 * Input photodiode circuit DPD1 4 3 DPHOTO FPD1 3 4 POLY(1) VPD1 0 1 ;32.5 -450K -450K -450K -450K 3.1G CPD1 4 3 8P * Output photodiode circuit * Deleting the semicolon from the photodiode currents between 5nA and 50uA. DPD2 5 6 DPHOTO FPD2 6 5 POLY(1) VPD2 0 1 ;32.5 -450K -450K -450K -450K 3.1G
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