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3RH19 21-1DA11*

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Abstract: (terminal designations acc. to DIN EN 50012) S0 ­ S3 3RH19 21-1DA11 11 Single-pole auxiliary , /1NC 3RH19 21-1DA11 1 Contactor 3RT10 3RT10 3 1 Thermal or solid-state overload relay 3RU11 3RU11 36 resp. 3RB10 3RB10 36 1 Lateral auxiliary switch 1NO/1NC 3RH19 21-1DA11 1 11 22 , 1-pole auxiliary switch block, cable entry from above 1NO 1NC 3RH19 11-1AA10 11-1AA10 3RH19 11-1AA01 11-1AA01 6 2-pole auxiliary switch block, cable entry from above 1NO + 1NC 3RH19 11-1LA11 11-1LA11 7 1-pole ... Original

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3RH19 21-1HA22 3rw40 siemens contactor 3rt10 3RT1054-1AP36 Sirius 3RU 3RB20 SIEMENS Siemens 3RT,Contactors 3RT1055-6AP36 3rt1054 3RH19 21-1DA11 siemens sirius 3rt contactor 3RT1075 wiring diagram contactor siemens datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 3RT, 3RH, 3TB, 3TC, 3TH, 3TK Contactors for Special Applications Contactors with Extended Tolerance 0.7 . 1.25 x Us , for Railway Applications 3RT10 3RT10 motor contactors, 5.5 . 45 kW DC operation · DC solenoid system Screw terminals For screw and snap-on mounting onto standard mounting rail Contactor control unit Solenoid fitted with varistor Auxiliary contacts1) Rated data AC-2 and AC-3 Tu: up to 70 °C Rated operational current Ie at Rating of induction Ident. motors at 50 ... Original

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siemens 3RH11 22-1BB40 siemens relay 3TH 3tb54 3th20 3TB50 siemens IEC 60947 VDE 0660 3TC44 3RT siemens siemens contactor IEC 60947 VDE 0660 siemens magnetic contactor 3TH42 3TH43 siemens 3th42 3RT10 3RT10 abstract
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