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CPV-P26/16-3S-6PD-Z Ferroxcube International Holding BV COIL FORMER VERTICAL visit Digikey Buy
E38/8/25-3F4 Ferroxcube International Holding BV FERRITE CORE visit Digikey Buy
E13/6/6-3C94 Ferroxcube International Holding BV E Core visit Digikey Buy
CON-P26/16 Ferroxcube International Holding BV Cores/Accessories visit Digikey Buy
PLT14/5/1.5/S-3F36 Ferroxcube International Holding BV FERRITE CORE visit Digikey Buy
E38/8/25-3C95 Ferroxcube International Holding BV FERRITE CORE visit Digikey Buy

3H1 ferroxcube

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3H1 ferroxcube

Abstract: ferroxcube 3E2 !r0 FERROKCUBE Description by Part Number List FERROXCUBE PART NUMBERS 12NC BREAKDOWN 43 , Ferroxcube Accessories Issue A, Issue date 27/07/00. These tables are for reference only: Part Numbers , termination F - Flat L - Long Associated Core Type \ , f FERROKCUBE FERROXCUBE UK Ltd RE: FERROXCUBE ORDERING CODES Ferroxcube use a 12 digit code number to identify their products. The 12thdigit , /6-3E25 E16/7/5-3C85 U15.7/9.9/6-3E26 V7-3H1 -GO V6-3H21 -H V6-3E2-H V5-3H31-G0/0S V5-3H31 -H V5-3B71 -H
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3H1 ferroxcube ferroxcube 3E2 4322-020-34420 43220203440 432202034400 4330-030-34220 T18/11/I-3F3-A160 PT18/11 PT18/11/I-3F3-A315 PTS18/11/I-3C81

Philips Application Note ECO6907

Abstract: ferroxcube 4C4 toroid core . (1) For the convenience of the user the toroids of ferroxcube 3H1 are delivered sorted into groups of , 4C6 4B1 4A4 3H1 1010 1 Fig.1 102 10 f (MHz) 103 Curves of µrRp/L plotted , -1) 1011 1.6 MHz 5 MHz 15/28 MHz 1010 102 103 104 Fig.2 3H1 material. 1998 Mar 23 6 , high inductance it was 8 min decided to choose 3H1 material. An available 23 × 14 × 7 mm toroid
Philips Semiconductors
ECO6907 Philips Application Note ECO6907 ferroxcube 4C4 toroid core philips 3h1 ferrite material Design of H.F. Wideband Power Transformers 3h1 ferrite material Philips Components, Soft Ferrites Data Handbook M SCA57

philips 3h1 ferrite material

Abstract: ferroxcube handbook old ferrite made by FERROXCUBE It contains short-form data for quick selection by development engineers and , , please visit our web site on www.ferroxcube.com. 100 101 102 82 87 FERROXCUBE , , Toroids E, EC, EFD, ETD, ER, Planar E E, EC, EFD, ETD, ER, Planar E 3H1, 3D3, 3B7 Proximity , , EFD, EP, Toroids Wideband transformers 8 FERROXCUBE www.ferroxcube.com Application , RM/I, P/I, E, ER, EFD, EP, Toroids FERROXCUBE 9 Materials and applications property
ferroxcube handbook old ferrite ferroxcube Ee core philips ferroxcube 4c65 ferroxcube 3E1 philips 3f3 ferrite philips 3f3 ferrite toroid

cm .02m z5u 1kv

Abstract: BPW22A index Ferroxcube Linear ferrite materials Cores for power applications in Ferroxcube grade A16 (3C8
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cm .02m z5u 1kv BPW22A pin configuration of BFW10 la4347 B2X84 fx4054 core BS9000 D3007 HE4000B