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Abstract: 2SC3368 2SC3372 2SC2786 2SC2786 2SC3354 2SC3354 2SC2926S 2SC2926S 2SC 3392 = # 2SC3325 2SC3325 2SD780 2SD780 2SD602 2SD602 2SC3441 2SC3441 2SD1782K 2SD1782K 2SC 3393f " = £ ... OCR Scan

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2SC3137 2SC3257 2SC3277 2sc2805 2SC2283 3369 2SD636 R 2SD1431 NEC 3377 DTC144EK RT1N441C upa74ha 3394 2SC3281 DTC124EK datasheet abstract
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Abstract: PWM Control Current Mode Controllers . 3-1 Dedicated DC/DC Microprocessor Power Microprocessor Power Support. ... OCR Scan

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U-140 DN-42A DN-43 Design Note DN-63 dn-36 DN65 half bridge converter 80V output 15A U-133A DN-89 DN27 optocoupler a 3131 datasheet abstract
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Abstract: !¿ THOMSON COMPOSANTS MILITAIRES ET SPATIAUX EF 6802 8-BIT MICROPROCESSOR WITH INTERNAL CLOCK DESCRIPTION The EF 6802 is a m onolithic 8-bit microprocessor that contains all the registers and accumulators o f the present EF 6800 plus an internal clock oscillator and driver on the same chip. In addition, the EF 6802 has 128 bytes o f on board RAM located at hex addresses $0000 to S007F S007F. The firs t 32 bytes o f RAM, at hex addresses $0000 to $001F, may be retained in a low power mode by uti ... OCR Scan

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tie ccu ef6808 EF68A02 EF68B02 6802 substitution 68b02 EF 6802 P EF6802 S007F S007F abstract
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Abstract: TLE2082 TLE2082, TLE2082A TLE2082A, TLE2082Y TLE2082Y EXCALIBUR HIGH-SPEED JFET-INPUT DUAL OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS SLOS105A SLOS105A ­ AUGUST 1991 ­ REVISED AUGUST 1994 · · · · · 40 -V/µs Slew Rate Typ High-Gain Bandwidth Product . . . 10 MHz ± 30 -mA Minimum Short-Circuit Output Current Wide Supply Range . . . ± 2.25 V to ± 19 V · · Fast Settling Time Using 10-V Step 400 ns to 10 mV Typ 1.5 µs to 1 mV Typ Input Range Includes the Positive Supply Macromodel Included OUTPUT VOLTAGE vs SETTLING TIM ... Original

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TLE2082Y TLE2082ID TLE2082CD TLE2082AMD TLE2082AID TLE2082ACD TLE2082AC TLE2082A TLE2082 SLOS105A TLE2082 abstract
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Abstract: TLE2027 TLE2027, TLE2027A TLE2027A, TLE2027Y TLE2027Y EXCALIBUR LOW-NOISE HIGH-SPEED PRECISION OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS SLOS054D SLOS054D ­ MAY 1990 ­ REVISED SEPTEMBER 1996 D Outstanding Combination of dc Precision and AC Performance: Unity-Gain Bandwidth . . . 15 MHz Typ Vn . . . . 3.3 nV/Hz at f = 10 Hz Typ, 2.5 nV/Hz at f = 1 kHz Typ VIO . . . . 25 µV Max AVD . . . 45 V/µV Typ With RL = 2 k, 19 V/µV Typ With RL = 600 D D Available in Standard-Pinout Small-Outline Package Output Features Saturation Reco ... Original

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jfet application low noise transistor table CEE 7/v socket AMPLIFIERS OPERATIONAL TLE2027 TLE2027A TLE2027ACD TLE2027AID TLE2027AMD TLE2027CD picoammeter circuit equivalent of SL 100 NPN Transistor k 105 jfet TLE2027 abstract
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