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2fu smd transistor

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Abstract: (Total of 225 Types are Available) Classification Device Small signal transistor Internal , HN1C01FU HN1C01FU 2SC4116 2SC4116 X 2 Small signal diode HN2D01FU HN2D01FU 1SS352 1SS352 X 3 Built-in resistor transistor , mm DF3A6.8FU DF3A8.2FU Max @IZ (mA) Max 6.4 6.8 7.2 5 0.5 5 DF5A8.2F DF5A8.2FU Typ. DF5A6.8F DF5A6.8FU DF3A8.2FE IR (uA) Min 7.7 8.2 8.7 5 , lineup of diodes having V F values lower than the ESC and ESM of ultra-compact SMD (1608 class). s Low ... Original

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TC55V2161FTI 1SS393 8F SMD Transistor Occupancy Sensor MULTIPLEXER IC max 455 DF3A8.2FU TC58V16BFT tps830 SMD USM tsop44 footprint infrared sensor (TSOP 1738)data sheet TSOP infrared TSOP44 Package layout smd 1608 tsop Ir sensor diode ESM 765 Infrared sensor TSOP 1738 2fu smd transistor TEXT
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Abstract: provide not only semiconductor parts but also total system solution. Toshiba general-purpose SMD meet , in the fS6 package · Mini-MOS Family · One-gate CMOS (L-MOS) · Transistor Array series (S-Driver , Interface Drivers Bipolar Transistor Arrays/DMOS Transistor Arrays S-Driver/Multi-Chip Transistor Arrays , .3FE * DF3A3.6FE * DF3A5.6FE * DF3A6.2FE * DF3A3.3FU * DF3A3.6FU * DF3A5.6FU * DF3A6.2FU * DF5A3.3JE * DF5A3.6JE * DF5A5.6JE * DF5A6.2JE * DF5A3.3FU * DF5A3.6FU * DF5A5.6FU * DF5A6.2FU * DF5A3 ... Toshiba

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H123A CMS04 transistor marking 2FU CMS14 5252 led driver solar cell H273 SMD TRANSISTOR MARKING BF 8ch pnp DARLINGTON TRANSISTOR ARRAY transistor t04 smd 2fu smd transistor Solar Garden Light Controller 4 pin LM2804 transistor SMD t04 D245A transistor SMD t04 51 ESM 740 TEXT
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