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2SD1453 Datasheet

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2SD1453 Various Russian Datasheets Transistor Original
2SD1453 N/A Japanese Transistor Cross References (2S) Scan
2SD1453 N/A Cross Reference Datasheet Scan
2SD1453 N/A The Transistor Manual (Japanese) 1993 Scan
2SD1453 N/A Transistor Substitution Data Book 1993 Scan
2SD1453 N/A NPN Transistor Scan
2SD1453 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
2SD1453 N/A Shortform Data and Cross References (Misc Datasheets) Scan


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Abstract: SavantIC Semiconductor Product Specification 2SD1453 Silicon NPN Power Transistors DESCRIPTION ·With TO-3PN package ·High voltage,high speed ·Built-in damper diode APPLICATIONS ·For TV horizontal deflection output applications PINNING PIN DESCRIPTION 1 Base 2 Collector , =25 SavantIC Semiconductor Product Specification 2SD1453 Silicon NPN Power Transistors , tolerance:±0.10 mm) 3 2SD1453 - -
Abstract: 2SD1453 ' ' ) 3 > NPN H S t e ü M SILICON NPN TRIPLE DIFFUSED TV HORIZONTAL DEFLECTION OUTPUT 1. 2. ri),2 : B ase o V y 9 ! C o lle c to r 3. 3 - 'E m i t t e r (D im ensions in mm) (TO -3P) I m n X ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS s (Ta= 25°C ! Unit V V A A A A W " C . " c zm MAXIMUM COLLECTOR DISSIPATION CURVE Symbol VcES 2SD 1453 1500 6 3 3.5 10 3 .5 50 150 - 4 5 ~ + 150 V : 9 9 -
OCR Scan
VCes 1500V
Abstract: 2.75AJB1=0.6A,/B2 = -1.3A,LB = 0 â'" - 0.8 j L" See characteristic curves of 2SD1453. -
OCR Scan
2SD898B 275-AJ
Abstract: - 250 - S S a « m & fe^fê (Ta=25t¡, ♦EPIÏTc=25'C) S S » à tt (Ta=25'C) [»EPIityp« VcBO (V) VcEO (V) ÏCi DO (A) Pc (W) Pc* (W) IcBà (max) (U A) Vcb (V) hl- (min) t (max) VcE (V) IC/'ÃE (A) (max) (V) (V) le (A) IB (A) 2SD1450 KT LF A 25 20 0.5 0. 3 0.1 25 200 800 2 0.5 0.4 1.2 0.5 0.02 2SD1453 BSC TV Hout 1500 3 50 5 1.5 2.5 0.8 , SCâ'"65 BCE.R 2SD1453 1 SCâ'"65 BCE. R 2SD1455 1.2 SC-65 BCE.R 2SD1456 -
OCR Scan
2SD1457 2SD1457A 2SD1458 2SD1459 2SD1460 2SD1461 2SB1045 2SD1468 2SD1463
Abstract: 2SD1453 Transistors Si NPN Power BJT Military/High-RelN V(BR)CEO (V)1.5kâ V(BR)CBO (V) I(C) Max. (A)3.0 Absolute Max. Power Diss. (W)50 Maximum Operating Temp (øC)140Ãu I(CBO) Max. (A)500u× @V(CBO) (V) (Test Condition) V(CE)sat Max. (V) @I(C) (A) (Test Condition) @I(B) (A) (Test Condition) h(FE) Min. Current gain. h(FE) Max. Current gain. @I(C) (A) (Test Condition) @V(CE) (V) (Test Condition) f(T) Min. (Hz) Transition Freq @I(C) (A) (Test Condition) @V(CE) (V) (Test Condition) t(d American Microsemiconductor
Abstract: 3A 2SD1446 2SD1447 2SD1448 2SD1449 2SD1450 2SD1451 2SD1452 2SD1453 2SD1454 2SD1455 -
2SD1402 2SD1405 2SD1407 2SD1410 2SD1422 2SB1029 2SD1477 2SD1473 2sd1467 2sd1425 2SD1466 2SD1401 2SD1403 2SD1404 2SD1406
Abstract: IR721 2SD1453 2SD1910 (A) 2SD898B 800n LOu 0.6u 0.6u 7.0u 7.0u 8.0u 8.0u 800n 0.8u 0.6U 0.6u Advanced Semiconductor
PT8809 trw rf 2SC1964 dts411 KT921A BUX51 204AA MJ3028 DTS3705A DTS411 SDT411 STI411
Abstract: DTS704 STI702 STI704 DTS723 DTS723 DTS723 STI723 DTS720 STI720 DTS721 IR721 2SD1910(A) 2SD1453 2SD898B Solid State Devices
DTS708 IR708 IR709 SDT710 PT8810 STI660 2SD898B HITACHI Pt8811 2SC3506 2SC3533 2SC3458 2SC3152 2SC3550 IR801
Abstract: 2ST1396 2SD1453 2SD1441 2SD1455 2SD1730 2ST3485 BU706 460 2ST2000 2ST3461 BU508 BU508A BU508D 2.0 1.5 -
OCR Scan
BUT230 mje520 SGS1F444 SGSD00030 2m3771 BUT62 BUT23 BD433 MJE200 MJE520 BD435 2N4921 2IM5190
Abstract: 2SD1453 2SD1910FI 2ST1942 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 8.0 1.0 5.0 5.0 2.0 8.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 2.0 1.0 1.0 5.0 2.0 -
OCR Scan
BD135 BUX22M JE802 TIP+317+data+sheet je200 JE13005 bu808df1 JE200 JE520 D44H1 D44H2 D44C1 D44C2
Abstract: -3Fa 2SD1270 TO-220Fa 2SD1380 TO-126 2SD1453 TO-3PN 2SD1542 TO-3P(H)IS 2SD1271 TO-220Fa 2SD1386 -
sn76131 tlo72cp TOSHIBA 2N3055 M53207P 2N3055 TOSHIBA KIA7313AP 2SC429GTM 2SC458 2SC458LG 2SC503 2SC504 2SC510
Abstract: 2SD1430 2SD1431 2SD1432 2SD1438 2SD144 2SD1447 2SD1449 2SD1452 2SD1453 2SD1455 2SD1456 2SD146 2SD1468 -
3DD207 STRS6307 STR5412 2N3055 TO-220 S2000A3 STRS6309 S2000a2 2N3054 2N32741 2N4240 2N4908 2N3054A 2N3766
Abstract: 2SD1430FI 2SD1431FI 2SD1432FI 2SD1441 2SD1453 2SD1455 2SD1577FI 2SD1650FI 2SD1730 2SD1910FI 2ST1396 -
OCR Scan
2SA1026 2SC3133 cross reference Hitachi 2sc281 NEC D882 A564A D1163A 2sC1815 cross reference 2N4401 2N5401 2N5551 2SA1004 2SA1010 2SA1013
Abstract: 2SD1432 2SD1433 2SD1439 2SD1441 2SD1453 2SD1455 2SD1458 2SD1466 2SD1468 2SD1469 2SD1474 2SD1497 -
OCR Scan
2M3055 B0W94C 2M5886 13007 hf SGS115 mj 13008 2N3055 2N3715 2N3716 2N3771 2M3772 2N3791
Abstract: 2SD1411 2SD1413 2SD1415 2SD1426 2SD1427 2SD1428 2SD1432 2SD1439 2SD1441 2SD1446 2SD1453 2SD1457 -
FN1016 2sC9012 on4409 on4673 ON4843 C9012 2N1112 2N1212 2N1217 2N1711 2N2219A 2N2222
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