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Abstract: 2N303 TR762 TR762 TR762 2N114 NKT129 2N599 2S856 2N1356 2N1355 2N415 2N415A 2N416 2N654 UPI1309 2N1309 Advanced Semiconductor
AC116 2N565 2S8171 2S8135 2G271 OC75N AC122 SK3006 oc75 2S8175 Low-Power Germanium PNP NKT223 2N1384 NKT304 2G320
Abstract: H ITACH I 2SD476 K , 2SD476A K SILICON NPN TRIPLE DIFFUSED POWER SWITCHING COMPLEMENTARY PAIR WITH 2S8566X. and 2SB566A0O I. Ita>c 2 G áJ-ccm r il 3 {m suicr (Dm KrtvKM ik in m u») (JEDEC T 0 -2 2 0 AB) ABSOLUTE M AXIM UM RATINGS (Ta^25"C ) Item Collector lo base voilage Colic i c f Symbol V cbo M AXIM UM CO LLECTO R DISSIPATION CURVE 2S K 476A « I 70 [ Unit V V V 4 ID476.» 70 50 h 5 4 ttcr voltage j V t t o ! V tu o | k: ! iOpc-jo 60 I Emitter to base voilage -
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ST25C transistor transistor 2N4 2N407 transistor 2SA114 TFK 808 transistor 2sc124
Abstract: M0870 M0870 2S8566K 2S8857 2S8858 2S8986S 2S8986T 2S8986U 80X14 80X14 NKT4054 2N6049 80440 2N5194 2N6125 80536 80588 045C7 MJE235 2N6025 2N6026 MJ491 2S8566AK 2~I:S'tj2 ~~~~~ri~ 15 20 25 30 -
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T35W CS9011 2SC965 sr 6863 D transistor kt 606A TRANSISTOR st25a 10DB2P 10DB4P 10DB6P D200MP IRTR-51 991991T1
Abstract: 2S8566 50 7ft â'¢t 03 in» 2SBS66A â'¢ IV 2SC26Ï2 S 2SC2613 1 2SC7h 13 w 5 -
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sx3704 8C547 AP239 IN2222A 2N50B 6C131C
Abstract: 1.5A 50 2 1.5A 50 2 1.5A 22 2S8568 JEDEC 2N6037 JEDEC 2N6038 JEDEC 2N6039 JEDEC -
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Tr431 B1274 transistor 1N1525 BSF17 BG237A BA145 diode 25T12 Z1012 Z1014 Z1018 AA138 AA140
Abstract: « 28C2889 MOO 2SD781 28D975 ' TO-22Ô 2S8566® 2SB566A® AB 2SC2812 2SC2613 2SC2816 e scsim 2SC2979 2SC4913 -
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22D47 2SD47640 22D476A