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Part : AL02BT2N702 Supplier : Viking Technology Manufacturer : TME Electronic Components Stock : 7,400 Best Price : $0.0102 Price Each : $0.0211
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2N702 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
2N702 Advanced Semiconductor Silicon Transistor Selection Guide Scan
2N702 Motorola Motorola Semiconductor Datasheet Library Scan
2N702 N/A Transistor Shortform Datasheet & Cross References Scan
2N702 N/A Basic Transistor and Cross Reference Specification Scan
2N702 N/A GE Transistor Specifications Scan
2N702 N/A Transistor Replacements Scan
2N702 N/A Shortform Transistor PDF Datasheet Scan
2N702 N/A Historical semiconductor price guide (US$ - 1998). From our catalog scanning project. Scan
2N702 N/A Semiconductor Master Cross Reference Guide Scan
2N702 N/A Shortform Transistor Datasheet Guide Scan
2N702 N/A Vintage Transistor Datasheets Scan
2N702 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan


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Abstract: 2N834 MOTOROLA SC -CDIODES/OPTOJ- 34 D Ü j|fc .3 h 7 E 5 S U ^ Ï T r '5 "I I 6367255 MOTOROLA SC (D IO D E S /O P TO ) 34C 37975 D SILICO N SM A LL-SIG N A L TR A N SISTO R DICE (continued) T'35-J5 DIE NO. - NPN LINE SOURCE - DMB103 This die provides performance similar to that of the following device types: 2N702 2N703 2N706.A.B 2N708 2N743 2N744* 2N753* 2N834 2N835* 2N914 2N1708 2N2206 2N2242* 2N2257 2N2319 2N2368 2N2369.A 2N2481* 2N3010 2N3011* 2N3210
OCR Scan
2N5224 MPS914 MPS3564 MPS4274 MPS4275 MPS5134 2N706AB 2N3227 2N3298 2N3508 2N3509 2N4449


Abstract: 2N3565 BFY39/1 2N1984 BF597 BC132 MMBC1009F2 MMBC1009F2 MMBC1009F2 2N702 MPSBOOl MPS8001 MPS9412 2N5418 BSY51
Advanced Semiconductor
2N1528 2N3565 2SC3368 2S701 2N1388 BSX25 CL66 2n2349 SCM rohm 2SC3327 2N2349 MMBT3393 MMBT6515 2N1763 2SC563


Abstract: 2N3565 50 50 T05 T05 T05 T05 2N699 2N699A 2N702 2N703 NPN NPN NPN NPN .600 .800 .300 .300 .500 .500 .050
OCR Scan
2N3638 2N3644 2N3645 2N3569 2N1506 2N1069 2N1389 2N2405A 2N329A 2N332 2N333 2N334 2N335 2N336


Abstract: 2N3569 T05 2N699 2N699A 2N702 2N703 NPN NPN NPN NPN .600 .800 .300 .300 .500 .500 .050 .050 . 120 120 25 25
OCR Scan
2N3643 2N3568 2N2406 2N2407 2N2539 2N1470 2N2224 2N337 2N338 2N339 2N340 2N341 2N342


Abstract: 2N277 ATL.ETC.RCA 2N270 P2 ATL.ETC.RCA. 2N702.2N770.2N771 2N78.2N78A.2N145.2N146.2N147.2N167.2N167A
OCR Scan
2N60C N1702 2N277 2N390A 2SA63 L204A 2N526 2N34A 2N43A 2N44A 2N59A 2N59B 2N59C


Abstract: CV7089 , 2N1893-2008-2248-2435-2436. CV10786. AF186, AFY14, *PZ10, ASY30, ASZ10, 2N5021118-2363. 18 - - 2N702 2N703 2N705 2N706
OCR Scan
AC127 AC125 CV7089 OC71 2SB415 ad161 2N24A 2N38A 2N60A 2N61A 2N61B OC77-309


Abstract: 2N1136b T018 T 05sh 2N705 2N741 T018 T018 2N702 T018 2N703 2N705 2N706 ) 2N706A/ 2N706B) T018 T018 2N710
OCR Scan
2n189 2N1136b 2SA114 OC59 B1151 EQUIVALENT 2T312 2G101 2G102 2G103 2G109 2G220 2G221

transistor 2N4

Abstract: ST25C transistor thru 1N5314 JAN2N559-1 JAN2N559-2 JAN2N559-3 2N699 2N702 2N703 JAN2N703 2N709 2N721 2N731
OCR Scan
transistor 2N4 ST25C transistor TFK 808 2N407 transistor 2N1177 GE2 TRANSISTOR


Abstract: germanium 2N697A 2N698 2N699 2N699A/B 2N700 2N702 2N703 2N705 2N706 2N706A 2N706B 2N706C 2N707/A 2N708 2N708A 2N709
OCR Scan
2N3800 germanium germanium transistor JAN2N3810 inverter welder schematic AF239 MK-30 MK-35 29B52595F13 52595F09


Abstract: 2N2222A mps 50 50 T05 T05 T05 T05 2N699 2N699A 2N702 2N703 NPN NPN NPN NPN .600 .800 .300 .300 .500 .500 .050
OCR Scan
2N2431 AL102 ATES 2N2222A mps KR206 AD149 TIS58 RS276-2001 RS276-2002 RS270-2003 RS276-2004 BS276-200S RS276-2008
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