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2N502A Datasheet

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2N502A Motorola Motorola Semiconductor Datasheet Library Scan
2N502A N/A Shortform Transistor Datasheet Guide Scan
2N502A N/A Vintage Transistor Datasheets Scan
2N502A N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
2N502A N/A Basic Transistor and Cross Reference Specification Scan
2N502A N/A Transistor Shortform Datasheet & Cross References Scan
2N502A N/A GE Transistor Specifications Scan
2N502A N/A Shortform Transistor PDF Datasheet Scan
2N502A N/A Historical semiconductor price guide (US$ - 1998). From our catalog scanning project. Scan
2N502A Sprague Semiconductor Data Book 1977 Scan


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Abstract: 2n907 2N930B 2N502A 2N554 2N699B 2N736 2N881 2N934 2N502B 2N555 2N700 2N736A 2N882 2N935 2N508 2N560 2N700A
OCR Scan
2N936 2N706 2N511A 2N942 2N945 2N772 2N65s 2n907 2N797 2N906 2N497AI 2N539 2N696A 2N728 2N871 2N922


Abstract: 1026 power trasistor MXL-S-19500/112C(EL) h May 1967 _ SUPERSEDING MIL-S-19500/L12B( SigC) 23 November 1966 MILITARY SPECIFICATION TRANSISTOR, PNP, GERMANIUM TYPES 2N502A AND 2N502B I. SCOPE 1.1 Scope.- This , Small-signal short-circuit f orward-c urrent transfer ratio1 2N502A 2N502B Magnitude of ccsson emitter , cutoff current Snail-signal short®circuit f orvard-current transfer ratio: 2N502A turAnn Subgroup 3 , cutoff current 1 n -i_1 tsfonxxâ'"â'¢ ignai short-circuit forward-current transfer ratio: 2N502A
OCR Scan
1026 power trasistor bolometer application bolometer 200-M MIL-S-19500/112C MIL-S-19500 D-750 M2X-S-19500/U2C 961-A099


Abstract: 2N502B MIL-S-19500/112C(ER) AMENDMENT 4 U May 84_ SUPERSEDING AMENDMENT 3 22 March 1932 MILITARY SPECIFICATION SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICE TRANSISTOR, PNP, GERMANIUM TYPES 2N502A AND 2N502R This amendment forms a part of Military Specification MIL-S- 19500/112(ER), dated 4 May 1967, and is approved for use by Army Electronics Research and Development Command, Department of the Army and is available for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense. PAGE 1 1.4, hfe Max limits column, 2N502B: Delete
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5961-A887-1 706-040/A2976


Abstract: 2N277 PADT25.PADT28.2G403.2SA78 2N34A,2N38.2N77,2N105»2N274,2N310.2N373, 2N374 .2N502A.2N504 2N1496,2N2104.2N2105 , 2N501/18 P58 SYL 2N502 P4 PHL .SPR 2N502A 2N503 2N504 2N505 2N506 P4 P4 P4 P P GIC. PHL.SPR PHL
OCR Scan
2N60C N1702 2N277 2N390A 2SA63 L204A 2N526 2N43A 2N44A 2N59A 2N59B 2N59C 2N60A


Abstract: Low-Power Germanium PNP TR215 2N104 2N502A 2N643 2N644 2N645 2N2635 TR721 TR721 TR721 2N302 CK766 CK766A 2Nfl3 2N271 2N271A
Advanced Semiconductor
2N801 2N426 TI387 nkt270 Low-Power Germanium PNP 2N2209 2G30 2N206 2N413 2N413A 2N809 2N810 2N112 2N112A

transistor 2N4

Abstract: ST25C transistor ,2NA65,2NA66,2N51B.2N1371 2N130A.2NA6A,CK6AA,CK6AB,CK6AC.TR3A 2N10A,2N215.2N36B,2N502A,2N633,2SB57,2SB59 , ETC.GIC,SPR 2N501A PG A CBS 2N501/18 2N502 PG58 SYL PG A PHL,SPR 2N502A 2N503 2N504 2N505 2N506 PG , ,2N1500,PA0T40 GE-9,JR30 2N 781,2N1960,B1022,TR482 2N502A,PADT40 GE-9 GE-9 2N130A,CK6*A,CK6*B,CK6*C,CK65A
OCR Scan
transistor 2N4 ST25C transistor 2SA114 TFK 808 2N407 transistor 2N1177


Abstract: 2N1136b TOl 2N1119 2N497 TO5 2N498 TO5 T05 2N497A 2N501A T05 2N498A T05 TOl 2N502A 2N695 T09 TOl 7
OCR Scan
2n189 2N1136b B1151 EQUIVALENT 2T312 2N420 2N339 2G101 2G102 2G103 2G109 2G220 2G221

RCA H 541

Abstract: 2T312 GEC GEC GEC ETC,RAY 2N50 1/1 8 PG 211 2N501A PG 120 MHR 2N502 PG 17D SPR 2N502A 2N503 2N5D4 , -9 2N 779A,2N 982,2N 2795,TIX 3D 24,TIX 3032 * GE â'"9 , B5M 2N502A * GE â'"9 , BE6M *GEâ'" 9,BE6M
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RCA H 541 2N2654 AS218 transistor gex 74a diode germanium 1n283 2N3035 and applications
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