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Part : 2N4360 Supplier : National Semiconductor Manufacturer : Bristol Electronics Stock : 8,570 Best Price : $0.4875 Price Each : $1.8750
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2N4360 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
2N4360 Motorola Motorola Semiconductor Datasheet Library Scan
2N4360 Motorola European Master Selection Guide 1986 Scan
2N4360 N/A Basic Transistor and Cross Reference Specification Scan
2N4360 N/A Shortform Transistor PDF Datasheet Scan
2N4360 N/A Shortform Datasheet & Cross References Data Scan
2N4360 N/A Catalog Scans - Shortform Datasheet Scan
2N4360 N/A Semiconductor Master Cross Reference Guide Scan
2N4360 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
2N4360 N/A Historical semiconductor price guide (US$ - 1998). From our catalog scanning project. Scan
2N4360 National Semiconductor Shortform National Semiconductor Datasheet Scan
2N4360 National Semiconductor Pro-Electron Transistor Datasheets Scan


Catalog Datasheet MFG & Type PDF Document Tags

2N4342 - 2N4343

Abstract: 2N4342 apply to 2N4360. V ID Hz 0.4 mA = 1.0 mA 1.0 H A - 0 ' ° = 0 = 0 ID = 0 VC! = 0 , , *o' I , Noise Voltage (f = 100 Hz| Noise Figure Min. 2N4360 Typ. Max. 0,02 Min. 0.08 Min
New Jersey Semiconductor
2N4342 2N4342 - 2N4343 2N4360 equivalent transistors 2n4342 equivalent 2N4343


Abstract: 2N4342 motorola sc - cdiodes/optoj 34 DËT|b3t.72S5 003Ö03T 7 i 6367255 MOTOROLA SC (DIO DES/OPTO ) 34C 38039 r D f - z f * 2 FIELD-EFFECT TRANSISTORS DICE (continued) DIE NO. UNE SOURCE - DFM125 This die provides performance equal to or better than that of the following device types: 2N2608 2N2609 2N3330 2N3909.A 2N4338 2N4339 2N4340 2N4341 2N4342 2N4360 2N5265 2N5266 2N5267 2N5268 2NS269 2N5270 2N5460 2N5461 2NS462 2N5463 2N5464 2NS465 MMCS0125 2C5462
OCR Scan
motorola 2n4360 2N5463 MOTOROLA 2n4340 motorola


Abstract: PN4342 2N3909 2N2499 2N3331 2N2386A 2N3909A PN4360 2N4360 UCS07 BFT11SM UCS53 2N3573 UCS54 2N3574 UCS55 2N3575
Central Semiconductor
2SJ74Y 2SJ74GR BFT11 2SJ72GR PN4342 2N4381 2SJ72BL 2SJ72-G 2sj74bl 2N2500 2N3332 2N2498 2N4089 UCS51 SMP3331


Abstract: 2N4360 2N3882 T072 2N3993 T072 2N4342 T0106 2N4343 T0106 2N4360 R124B 2N4381 T018 2N4382 T018 2N5033
OCR Scan
2N3437 N4092 2N3934 2N3820 2N5474 2N4303 2n6485 2N4039 30100 transistor 2n3384 PNPTO-66 000D137 J31QDE J515T0R 2N3740 2N3766

2N4221 motorola

Abstract: 2N4360 FIELD-EFFECT TRANSISTORS (continued) Low-Frequency/Low-Noise (continued) P Channel JFETs Package TO- Device Re Yfs Re Yos ciss crss V(BR)GSS v(BR)GDO vGS(o»f) 'dss (mmho) MIN (limbo) MAX (pF) (MAX) (pF) MAX (V) MIN 0 MIN f) MAX (m MIN A) MAX 92 2n4360 2.0 100 20 5.0 20 0.4 9.0 3.0 30 92 2n5462 2.0 50 7.0 2.0 40 1.8 9.0 4.0 16 92 2n5465 2.0 75 7.0 2.0 60 1.5 6.0 4.0 16 18 2 n2609 2.5 â'" 30 â'" 30 1.0 4.0 2.0 10 72 2n5270 2.5 75 7.0 2.0 60 2.0 6.0 7.0 14 N-Channel JFETs Package TO
OCR Scan
2N4221 motorola MPF3821 2N4220 MOTOROLA 2N5465 MOTOROLA 2N5458 motorola 2N4222 motorola


Abstract: J411 fet 2N4338 2N4339 2N4340 2N4341 2N4341 2N4343 2N4352 2N4353 2N4360 2N4381 2N4382 2N4391 2N4392 2N4393 2N4416
OCR Scan
MEM511 J411 fet 2N3459 Solitron 2N3821 TIS58 2N5906 U1898E MIL-SDT-750 MIL-SDT-883 2N5114 KD5I14M 2N2386 2N2497

E421 fet

Abstract: equivalent transistor e176 Cross Reference and Substitution Guide Recommended Teledyne Replacement Other Type * 2N4360 , TD5454 2N4302 2N4303 2N4303 P1118E P1117E 2N4360 2N2841 2N2842 2N2606 2N2607 2N2607 2N2607 , P1118E P1117E 2N4360 2N4304 2N4302 2N4304 2N4304 U1837E BF245 BF245A BF245B BF245C BF244
OCR Scan
E421 fet equivalent transistor e176 J2N2608 E421 dual JFET E112 jfet e420 dual jfet

triac LT 5220

Abstract: BF247 24730 2 N 22 2 2 2N3054 14 24350 5 7 2N4360 11 2N4863 5 17 2 N73 1
OCR Scan
triac LT 5220 BF247 by103 BDY38 BC212 2N217 041P9C 1506X5 AS1506W AS1501X6 AS1501W NAS1502X

transistor 2N3563

Abstract: 2SK30 2N4303 2N4304 2N4338 2N4340 2N4341 2N4342 2N4354 2N4355 2N4356 2N4360 2N4381 2N4382 2N4391 2N4392 2N4393
Fairchild Semiconductor
transistor 2N3563 2SK30 2n3819 cross reference 2SA726 2sk41e transistor 2sc1417 2N669B 2N696 2N697 2N699 2N699A 2N706


Abstract: data sheet IC 7408 02237 2N4360 03406 NS1D5292SF52064 02237 2N4342 01698 2N4891 02569 2N5544 01973 2N1671C 02037
cp4071 data sheet IC 7408 IC 7408 MDA970A2 MDA2500 1854-0071 LM103-2 CA3026 CA3018 MPQ6842 CA3046 CA3045

2N3456 equivalent

Abstract: TIS88A equivalent 2N4224 2N4302 2N4303 2N4304 2N4338 2N4339 2N4340 2N4341 2N4341 2N4343 2N4352 2N4353 2N4360 2N4381 2N4382
OCR Scan
2N3456 equivalent TIS88A equivalent 2n5952 equivalent 2N5248 equivalent 2n3820 equivalent 2n5245 equivalent KD5114M 2N2843 2N2844 2N3068 2N3069 2N3070


Abstract: 2N2222A mps 2N4356 2N4360 2N4381 2N4382 2N4391 2N4392 2N4393 2N4400 2N4401 2N4402 2N4403 2N4404 2N4405
OCR Scan
2N2431 AL102 ATES 2N2222A mps AD149 KR206 TIS88 RS276-2001 RS276-2002 RS270-2003 RS276-2004 BS276-200S RS276-2008


Abstract: bc417 2N4302 TX TX TX TX TX P P N N N TX TX AM AM AM BC107 BC107 BC107 P1117E 2N4360 A157 A157 A167 N N N
SSP35n03 bc417 ksh200 equivalent 2N5457 equivalent ss8050 equivalent 1N34 equivalent 5KE100A 5KE100CA 5KE10A 5KE10CA 5KE110A 5KE110CA
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