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Part : TC52N3330ECTTR Supplier : Microchip Technology Manufacturer : America II Electronics Stock : 3,000 Best Price : - Price Each : -
Part : 0402N330J500LT Supplier : Walsin Technology Manufacturer : NAC Stock : 10,000 Best Price : $0.0024 Price Each : $0.0024
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2N3338 Datasheet

Part Manufacturer Description PDF Type
2N3338 Advanced Semiconductor Silicon Transistor Selection Guide Scan
2N3338 Motorola Motorola Semiconductor Datasheet Library Scan
2N3338 N/A Transistor Shortform Datasheet & Cross References Scan
2N3338 N/A Transistor Replacements Scan
2N3338 N/A Shortform Transistor PDF Datasheet Scan
2N3338 N/A Historical semiconductor price guide (US$ - 1998). From our catalog scanning project. Scan
2N3338 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
2N3338 N/A Semiconductor Master Cross Reference Guide Scan
2N3338 N/A Shortform Transistor Datasheet Guide Scan
2N3338 Semico Low Level Amplifiers / RF-IF High Freq Amps / UHF Amplifiers Scan


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Abstract: 2N3338 Transistors Bipolar NPN UHF/Microwave Transisitor Military/High-RelN V(BR)CEO (V)40 V(BR)CBO (V)40 I(C) Max. (A)50m Absolute Max. Power Diss. (W)300m Minimum Operating Temp (øC) Maximum Operating Temp (øC)200õ I(CBO) Max. (A)25n @V(CBO) (V) (Test Condition)20 h(FE) Max. Current gain.300 @I(C) (A) (Test Condition)4.0m @V(CE) (V) (Test Condition)10 f(T) Min. (Hz) Transition Freq400M @I(C) (A) (Test Condition)4.0m @V(CE) (V) (Test Condition)10 Power Gain Min. (dB)24 @I(C) (A) (Test American Microsemiconductor


Abstract: A006D t f t f t 2N2857 2N5179 2N3338 2N560 2N3725 2N3119 2N3700 TRANSISTORS, A008B A008C AÖ08D
OCR Scan
2N4033 A006D B008G B008H B008W 2N5333 A006B A006A


Abstract: 2n246a -18 TO-72 TO-72 2N3337 2N3338 300 300 40 40 40 40 5 5 30 30 4 4 400 400 1. 1. 6 6 30 30 60 60 - -
OCR Scan
2N2521 2N2602 2N2603 2N2590 2N2591 2N2461 2n246a 2N4260 2N5032 2N915 N/459
Abstract: PNP 2N917 2N995 2N957 2N916 2N707 2N707A 2N3250 2N4034 2N3337 2N3338 210339 2N915 PD /imDient mW 200 -
OCR Scan
2N260JL 2N2522 2N2459 2N2460 2N2592 2N2462


Abstract: 2N2599 100HZ 100 «>-18 TO-18 2N3337 2N3338 300 300 40 40 40 40 5 5 30 30 4 4 400 400 1 1 .6 .6 30 30 60
OCR Scan
2N2615 2N2598 2N2599 2K25 N2591 2n5841 PD13D 2N2593 2N2515 2N2595 2N2596 2N2516


Abstract: A5T3904 BF841 BF841 BF840 BF840 BF840 I Ltj~a1 BF252 2N3688 2N3689 2N3690 2N3337 2N3338 2N3339 2SC2215 2SC382TM
Advanced Semiconductor
A5T3904 MM3904 NS3904 2N5381 tl2222a 2sc2720 GG20N 80ng UPI2222B PN3947 BSX32 2N6375 BSR17R 5MBT3904


Abstract: 2N3565 10 1 2 20 300 T03 T03 T039 T018 2N3308 2N3326 2N3337 2N3338 PNP NPN NPN NPN .300 .800 .300 .300 .050
OCR Scan
2N3638 2N3644 2N3645 2N702 2N3565 2N3569 2N1506 2N1069 2N1389 2N329A 2N332 2N333 2N334 2N335 2N336


Abstract: 2N3569 T03 T03 T039 T018 2N3308 2N3326 2N3337 2N3338 PNP NPN NPN NPN .300 .800 .300 .300 .050 .800 .050 .050
OCR Scan
2N3643 2N3568 2N2406 2N2407 2N2539 2N1470 2N2224 2N337 2N338 2N339 2N340 2N341 2N342


Abstract: 2N2222A mps 2N3253 2N3299 2N3300 2N3301 2N3302 2N3303 2N3304 2N3337 2N3338 2-201 2-203 2-205 2-205 , 2N3302 2N3303 2N3304 2N3337 2N3338 2N3339 2N3426 2N3444 2N3467 2N3468 2N3485 2N3485A 2N3486 , 2N3338 2N3339 2N4034 Page No. 2-64 2-348 2-128 2-128 2-161 2-193 2-197 2-229 2-219 2-219
OCR Scan
2N2431 AL102 ATES 2N2222A mps AD149 KR206 TIS58 RS276-2001 RS276-2002 RS270-2003 RS276-2004 BS276-200S RS276-2008
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