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Part : AM27LV010B-70JC Supplier : SPAN/09 Manufacturer : Bristol Electronics Stock : 1,711 Best Price : - Price Each : -
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Abstract: Description Features The N M 27LV010B is a high performance Low Voltage Elec­ trically Programmable , TSO P for PC board sensitive users. The N M 27LV010B is one member of Nationalâ'™s growing Low , 27LV010B C, V ,T 2 5 0 250 NM 27LV010B CE, VE, TE 250 N M 27LV010B C, V ,T 3 0 0 300 NM 27LV010B CE, VE, TE 300 Package Types: N M 27LV010B C, V, T C = Quartz-Windowed LCC Package V = , , specifically identifies the manufacture and device type. The code for NM 27LV010B is â'8 F 8 6 â', where â -
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NM27LV010B 576-B D-82256
Abstract: regulated power supplies. T he Am 27LV010B has a volt­ age supply range of 2.7 V -3 .6 V m aking it an , local AMD sales office for package availability. Am 27LV010/Am 27LV010B 0257526 QQ35Q34 016 , 27LV010/Am 27LV010B G2S7S2A 0035Ã37 fl27 AMD £ 1 FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION Erasing the Am27LV010 , 27LV010B 025752A 0D3503A 7b3 AMD Mixed Power Supply System Am 27LV010 (in 3.0 V to 3.6 V , : Vcc for Am 27LV010 .+3.0 V to +3.6 V Vcc for Am 27LV010B . +2.7 -
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27LV010/A 27LV01 33C93A G257525 0G3S171
Abstract: General Description The NM 27LV010B is a high performance Low Voltage Electrically Program mable Read O , top computers, cellular phones, and HDD. The NM 27LV010B is one m em ber of Fairchild's growing Low , Number NM 27LV010BT 200 NM 27LV010BT 250 Industrial Temperature Range (-40°C to +85°C) Vcc = 2.7V-3.6V Parameter/Order Number NM 27LV010BTE Access Time (ns) 200 250 Access Time (ns) 250 Package Type: NM 27LV010B T Pin Names A 0 -A 1 6 CE OE 0 0 -0 7 PGM XX Vpp Addresses Chip Enable O -
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Abstract: December 1994 N M 27LV010B 1,048,576-Bit (128k x 8) Low V o ltag e EPROM General Description Features The NM27LV010B is a high performance Low Voltage Elec­ trically Programmable Read Only Memory. It is manufac­ tured using Nationalâ'™s latest 0.8p, CMOS split gate AMGtm EPROM technology. This technology allows the part to op­ erate at speeds as fast as 250 ns over industrial tempera­ tures (-40°C to +85°C). â  2.7V to 3.6V operation â  250 ns access time â  Low current operation â -
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Abstract: -200 AM 27LV010B-250 AM27LV010B-300 DC, DCB, DE, DEB, Dl, DIB, LC, LI, LE, LEB DC, DCB, LC, LCB Valid -
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Abstract: valid combinations and to check on newly released combinations. JC, EC, Jl, El AM 27LV010B-200 -
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