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ISL23418WFUZ-T7A Intersil Corporation Single, 128-Tap, Low Voltage Digitally Controlled Potentiometer (XDCP™); MSOP10, uTQFN10; Temp Range: -40° to 125°C pdf Buy
ISL88001IE46Z-T7A Intersil Corporation Ultra Low Power 3 Ld Voltage Supervisors in SC-70 and SOT-23 Packages; SC703, SOT3; Temp Range: -40° to 85°C pdf Buy
ISL28230FBZ-T13 Intersil Corporation Dual Micropower, Low Drift, RRIO Operational Amplifier; DFN8, MSOP8, SOIC8; Temp Range: See Datasheet pdf Buy

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200V 5PF 5% - - 148 from $0.3750 (Oct 2016) Quest Components Buy
200VXG1000MEFC25X45 Rubycon CAP ALUM from $3.7740 (Jan 2017) Digi-Key Buy
200VXG1000MEFC30X35 Rubycon CAP ALUM from $5.36 (Jan 2017) Digi-Key Buy
200VXG1000MEFC35X30 Rubycon CAP ALUM from $3.6550 (Jan 2017) Digi-Key Buy
200VXG1000MEFCSN30X35 Rubycon Cap Aluminum 1000uF 200V 20% (30 X 35mm) Aluminum Cylindrical Can 10mm 2060mA 5000 hr 105°C Bulk (Alt: 200VXG1000MEFCSN30X35) from €3.4861 (Dec 2016) Avnet Buy
200VXG1000MEFCSN30X35 Rubycon CAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 200V SNAP from $4.8445 (Dec 2016) Digi-Key Buy
200VXG1000MEFCSN30X35 Rubycon CAP, ALU ELEC, 1000UF, 200V, SNAP IN from $10.48 (Jan 2017) element14 Asia-Pacific Buy
200VXG1000MEFCSN30X35 Rubycon CAP, ALU ELEC, 1000UF, 200V, SNAP IN from £5.56 (Jan 2017) Farnell element14 Buy
200VXG1000MEFCSN30X35 Rubycon Electrolytic Capacitor, Miniaturized, VXG Series, 1000 F, 20%, 200 V, 30 mm ;RoHS Compliant: Yes from $12.72 (Dec 2016) Newark element14 Buy
200VXG1000MEFCSN35X30 Rubycon CAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 200V SNAP from $4.2661 (Nov 2016) Digi-Key Buy
200VXG1200MEFC30X40 Rubycon CAP ALUM from $4.9120 (Oct 2016) Digi-Key Buy
200VXG1500MEFC30X45 Rubycon CAP ALUM from $7.8240 (Oct 2016) Digi-Key Buy
200VXG2200MEFC35X50 Rubycon CAP ALUM from $7.2640 (Oct 2016) Digi-Key Buy
200VXG2200MEFCSN35X50 Rubycon Cap Aluminum 2200uF 200V 20% (35 X 50mm) Aluminum Cylindrical Can 10mm 3140mA 5000 hr 105°C Bulk (Alt: 200VXG2200MEFCSN35X50) from €9.2192 (Jan 2017) Avnet Buy
200VXG2200MEFCSN35X50 Rubycon CAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 200V SNAP from $9.1863 (Jan 2017) Digi-Key Buy
200VXG2200MEFCSN35X50 Rubycon CONDENS ELEC ALU 2200UF 200V SNAP IN from kr114.2800 (Dec 2016) Farnell element14 Buy
200VXG2200MEFCSN35X50 Rubycon CAPACITOR, 2200UF, 200V; Product Range:RUBYCON - VXG Series; Capacitance:2200µF; Capacitance Tolerance:± 20%; Voltage Rating:200V; Diameter:35mm; Height:50mm; Lead Spacing:10mm; Life Time @ Temperature:5000 hours @ 105°C; Operating ;RoHS Compliant: Yes (Jan 2017) Newark element14 Buy
200VXG270MEFCSN22X25 Rubycon Cap Aluminum 270uF 200V 20% (22 X 25mm) Aluminum Cylindrical Can 10mm 1090mA 5000 hr 105°C Bulk (Alt: 200VXG270MEFCSN22X25) from €1.7033 (Dec 2016) Avnet Buy
200VXG270MEFCSN22X25 Rubycon CAP ALUM 270UF 20% 200V SNAP from $2.0598 (Dec 2016) Digi-Key Buy
200VXG270MEFCSN22X25 Rubycon CAP, ALU ELEC, 270UF, 200V, SNAP IN from €2.15 (Dec 2016) Farnell element14 Buy

200v 50Amp mosfet

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Abstract: 9916280024 87426 992059 902575 TRIAC TAG 280 600 MC5RL 8581190000 upac Siemens 4-20mA Loop Isolator 45amp / 0.0023ohms 50amp / 0.0023ohms 55amp / 0.0023ohms 60amp / 0.0023ohms Part Number 1 Pole/80Vdc , 5.0amp / 0.06ohms 6.0amp / 0.04ohms 8.0amp / 0.02ohms 10.0amp / 0.01ohms 12.0amp / 0.01ohms 15.0amp ... Weidmüller

136 pages,
4550.91 Kb

DC 24V double POLE MCB 2A 250V 108 thermo fuse delcon sli electronic passive components catalog MCB 10 AMP Telemecanique catalog 9101900000 Weidmuller upac CIRCUIT BREAKER AEG me 800 TEXT
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Abstract: skiip 613 gb 123 ct 106-136 ELECT CAP LOW ESR 22UF 106-142 ELECT CAP LOW ESR 47UF 106-300 CAP 100UF 100UF 200V 106-316 CAP 220UF 220UF 200V 106-322 CAP 330UF 330UF 200V 106-338 CAP 470UF 470UF 200V 106-344 CAP 680UF 680UF 200V 106-350 CAP 1000UF 1000UF 200V ... RS Components

355 pages,
896.24 Kb

diode marking 51n G7D-412S iC KA7552 VIPER 32A Lem unilap 100 THERMISTOR ml TDK 150M SKIIP 513 gb 173 ct SKIIP 33 nec 125 t2 1500UF 3300UF 15000U 10000UF 15000UF 100UF 4700UF 1000UF 2200UF 68000UF 33000UF 220UF TEXT
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Abstract: 6201 RBS ericsson user manual dinverter 768r 22UF ELECT CAP LOW ESR 47UF CAP 100UF 100UF 200V CAP 220UF 220UF 200V CAP 330UF 330UF 200V CAP 470UF 470UF 200V CAP 680UF 680UF 200V CAP 1000UF 1000UF 200V CAPS ELECTRO 6.8UF CAPS ELECTRO 6.8UF CAPS ELECTRO 33UF CAPS ELECTRO 3.3UF CAPS ... RS Components

218 pages,
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ERICSSON mini link craft car 1.5uF 400 micro servo motor tower pro mg 90 reed relay rs 349-355 i ball 450 watt smps repairing TH3 thermistor OMRON G7d G7D-412S TEXT
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257 pages,
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REED RELAY prime 15005 eaton el 198 HALL EFFECT 21E CX 2859 SMD TRIAC TAG 9105 Tag 8935 triac eaton T85 rotary Switch PH ON 823 m 8645 ic MB 16651 G TTK SG 2368 transistor DK qe smd SRD 12VDC SL C data 8873 64 pin colour tv ic krp power source sps 6360 Tyco 3604 relay omron relay G2R-2 8 pin 12V DC TEXT
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Abstract: €” ) _±200V Rated performance temperature range — 55°C to + 150°C Storage temperature range_ â ... OCR Scan

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MECL 10000 CK-70 4049N triac tag 8948 4710PL NEC FIP 14CM G41 MOTHERBOARD SERVICE MANUAL 3EC1 transistor df2e-l2 IRF012 MC145146P 922AA1Y-A4P intel g31 motherboard repair Sprague 195P sprague 926c optek A400 817 nais inverter vf 7f operation manual Sprague 513D thyristor TAG 8506 TEXT
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