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SM74611KTTR Texas Instruments Smart Bypass Diode 3-DDPAK/TO-263 -40 to 125 ri Buy Buy
TPS61080DRCTG4 Texas Instruments 27V, 500mA switch, 1.2MHz Boost Converter with integrated power diode 10-VSON -40 to 85 ri Buy Buy

1n4007 sod-123

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Abstract: 5% SOD-123 D3 1 High-voltage switching diode BAS20 BAS20 200 mA / 200 V - SOT-23 , SOD-123 D10 1 Zener diode 60 V / 0.5 W 5% SOD-123 D11 1 Switching diode 200 mA / 75 V - SOD-123 D12 1 Zener diode 6.2 V / 0.5 W 5% SOD-123 D13 1 , SOD-123 HS1 1 Heatsink 6.2°C / W - radial HS2, HS3 2 TO-220 heatsink 27°C , VCC D10 0 R12 R5 330 k 330 k 1N4007 + 0 + R1 15 NC Q1 D4 BAS20 BAS20 ... Original

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TL431 1n4007 sod df05m 1N4007 1206 NCP1351 X4 DIODE SMD 1N4937 SMD 1n4007 smd transistor smd tl431 smd diode 777 diode zener c23 irf*6n60 capacitor 1000 MF SMD zener diode 7.5 b C4 AND8278/D NCP1351 AND8278/D abstract
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Abstract: variety of package options including axial leads and surface mount SOD-123, SOD-323, SOT-23 and SOT-323 , single and dual, SOD-123, and SOD-323 packages. Low forward voltage drop and fast switching makes these , BAT42W BAT42W SMD SOD-123 30 5.0 0.40 / 1.0 10 / 200 BAT42WS BAT42WS SMD SOD-323 30 5.0 0.40 / 1.0 1.0 / 200 BAT43W BAT43W SMD SOD-123 30 5.0 0.33 / 1.0 2.0 / 200 BAT43WS BAT43WS , 0.37 1.0 SD101AW SD101AW ­ SD101CW SD101CW NEW 350 SMD SD103AWS SD103AWS ­ SD103CWS SD103CWS SMD SOD-123 40 ­ 60 ... Original

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c5020 uf4007 PACKAGE DO-214AA diode S30D60C UF4007 SMD WTE BRIDGE DIODE SMD ba159 smd press fit alternator diodes 1N4007 sod-323 U30D60C 1n5400 smd SMD diode 220 V 6 amp 1N5822 SMD bosch alternator datasheet abstract
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Abstract: (GLASS) DO-41 DO-41(GLASS) MiniMELF (GLASS) MiniMELF (GLASS) MELF (PLASTIC) MELF (PLASTIC) SOD-123(PLASTIC) SOD-123(PLASTIC) SOD-323(PLASTIC) SOD-323(PLASTIC) SOD-523(PLASTIC) SOT-23(PLASTIC) SOT-23 , ) SOD-123(PLASTIC) SOD-323(PLASTIC) SOD-523(PLASTIC) DO-35 DO-35(GLASS) LL4448 LL4448 1N4151 1N4151 LL4151 LL4151 100 75 , 1N4004 1N4004 1N4005 1N4005 1N4006 1N4006 1N4007 DO-41 DO-41 M3 M4 M5 M6 1.0 M1 M2 1.0 ... Original

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BAT29 1N4007 SMB DO-213AA 1N4148 1N4007 DO-213AA 1N4007 sod-123 BAT19 W04 sot 23 1a7 sot-23 FR102 SOD-123 1N4007 minimelf 1N5819 SOD-323 1n4007 DO-214 w06 sot23 SRF2020-SRF datasheet abstract
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Abstract: NCP1380 NCP1397 2 7 RELAY2 D11 VAC1 F1 FUSE 6A-250V 1N4007 do41d L006 1 VAC_VSS1 PFC_OUT2 D4 1N4007 1mH cyld400l200c do41d + LINE_NEUTRAL 90-264_VAC_INPUT RV5 CN002 CN002 1 , SRW21EM-XXXX SRW21EM-XXXX 3 Standby _supply R100a 33K 2W C100 1n 400V C101 10p 1KV NC D101 1N4007 do41d ... Original

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TDK Ferrite Core PC40 EFD30 BOBBIN Zener C218 TV flyback transformer 1N4007 sod-123 Zener C237 tv lcd Schematic Power Supply schematic diagram lcd tv sharp inverter NCP1252A zener diode 1206 6v8 NCP1252 opto d206 TND401/D TND401/D abstract
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Abstract: MMSD4148 MMSD4148 200mA, 100V SOD-123 Switching diode ON Semiconductor MMSD4148T1G MMSD4148T1G D6 20V 1.5W , Ultrafast rectifier ON Semiconductor MURA160T3G MURA160T3G D8 200mA, 100V SOD-123 Switching diode ON , direct from the HV rail. The design comprises and input filter, bridge rectifier (using low cost 1N4007 , NMC1206X7R224K100F NMC1206X7R224K100F C16 1uF 50V 1206 Ceramic chip capacitor NIC NMC1206X7R105K50F NMC1206X7R105K50F D1 1N4007 1A, 1000V Axial Axial Lead, Standard Recovery ON Semiconductor 1N4007RLG 1N4007RLG D2 1N4007 ... Original

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opto 817 optocoupler 817 application note power 1n4007 sod EE25 core optocoupler 817 detail TEX-E wire DN06040 ee25 10 pin transformer 1N4007 sma choke wurth eq20 BOBBIN NMC0805X7R224K50F 817 OPTO-coupler DN06040/D DN06040/D DN06040/D abstract
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Abstract: , D12 2 1N4007 ON Semiconductor Axial Lead MMSD4148T1 MMSD4148T1 ON Semiconductor SOD-123 , SOD-123 1 F1 310 mA Generic Fuse 1 J1 CON14A CON14A Generic Output Connector 1 , / Y1 C27 NCpF/1 kV NC D9 D1N4148 D1N4148 16 R36 10 R32 11 150 k/ 3W D7 1N4007 C14 470 ... Original

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FQP4N60 llc resonant dc-dc converter MBR360 MMSD4148T1 MURA115T3 SFH615A-2 application note NCP4326 PLY10A SFH615A transformer calculation excel d1n4148 DF06S/SM NCP1207A AND8243/D NCP4326 AND8243/D abstract
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Abstract: 1N4007RLG 1N4007RLG D5 D6 2 Switching Diode 100 V SOD-123 ON Semiconductor MMSD914T1G MMSD914T1G D12 1 , TO-92 ON Semiconductor TL431BCLPRMG TL431BCLPRMG ZD1 1 Diode, Zener open SOD-123 - - ZD2 ZD4 2 Diode, Zener open SOD-123 - - 1. Coilcraft components can be ordered at , C2 R2 T1 100p C5 R16 open R8 1.4M R5 1.4M D3 1N4007 D13 VCC 100u , ZD1 open JP3 JP2 1N4007 D4 R11 1N4007 open R1 R41 R42 1.82K 1.82K J1 ... Original

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transistor TL431 to92 NCP12xx 1n4007 smd 0805 transistor smd 412 BE transistor SMD kc smd TRANSISTOR NY 1N4007 1206 MFR-25FBF-20R0 ncp1219 NCP1219AD65R2G SFH615A optocoupler 1n4007 smd 1206 1n4007 sod IMAGE AND8393/D NCP1219 AND8393/D abstract
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Abstract: SOD-123 - - 410 - 500 mWatts Sw itching Diodes BAV19W BAV19W 120 50 410 2.5 1.0m 1.0 0.1 0.10 100 SOD-123 BAV20W BAV20W 200 50 410 2.5 1.0m 1.0 0.1 0.10 150 SOD-123 - BAV21W BAV21W 250 50 410 2.5 1.0m 1.0 0.1 0.10 200 SOD-123 - 1N4148W 1N4148W 100 4.0 410 2.0 1.0µ 1.0 0.05 2.5 75 SOD-123 - 1N4448W 1N4448W 100 4.0 500 4.0 1.0µ 0.72 / 1.0 0.005/0.1 2.5 75 SOD-123 - ... Original

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er306 panjit PG4007 tsp065 1N4007 sod-123 272 zk thyristor pg2010 SOD-323 ZENER mw 137 600g 1N4004 SOD-123 727 thyristor PANJIT ER306 TSP160C datasheet abstract
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Abstract: 2SC1815GR 2sc945 S9012H 2SA1015Y s8050d TPT5609 MP1010B sa15tp S8550D 2SA733A 2sc945b 2N3055B 2SA733AP X 1 260 for 10s 1N4148W-TP 1N4148W-TP SOD-123 X Available X Matte Tin X 1 260 , 1N4448W-TP 1N4448W-TP SOD-123 X Available X Matte Tin X 1 260 for 10s 1N4448WX-TP 1N4448WX-TP SOD-323 , for 10s 1N4007-TP/AP/BP DO-41 DO-41 X 7a Available Matte Tin X 1 260 for 10s ... Original

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Abstract: BYS93-50 MUR1530 FE16A BYV19-45 BYV43-45 FE16B MBRD630CTT4 MBRD630CTT4 MBRD640CTT4 MBRD640CTT4 MBRD650CTT4 MBRD650CTT4 MBRD660CTT4 MBRD660CTT4 MBRD835L MBRD835L MBRD1035CTL MBRD1035CTL Package CASE 425-04 (SOD-123 , and may be made of brass or stainless steel. For packages such as the SC­59, SC­70/SOT 70/SOT­323, SOD­123 ... Original

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MR2835S equivalent MUR 460 0801 MUR1520 equivalent 1N4004 SOD-123 6A05 0435 MUR460 BL transistor mbr4045pt 1N4007 sod123 FEP16DT 0032 mur420 equivalent MUR1660CT equivalent 1N4007 sod-123 FR102 SOD-123 MBRP60035CTL MBRP60035CTL abstract
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(IS=2.55E-9 55E-9 55E-9 55E-9 RS=0.042 N=1.75 TT=5.76E-6 76E-6 76E-6 76E-6 CJO=1.85E-11 85E-11 85E-11 85E-11 + VJ=0.75 M=0.333 BV=800 IBV=7.89E-5 89E-5 89E-5 89E-5 ) *1N4007 MCE 8-16-95 *1000V 1A Si GenPurpose Diode pkg:DIODE0.4 1,2 .MODEL 1N4007 D(IS=2.55E-9 55E-9 55E-9 55E-9 RS=0.042 N=1.75
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