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1SV268 Sanyo Semiconductor Diode, 100mA, 50V, Silicon Epitaxial Original
1SV268 Sanyo Semiconductor Transmitting, Receiving Antenna-switch Use PIN Dio Original
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Abstract: Ordering number:EN4923 No.4923 _ 1SV268 Silicon E pitaxial Type SANYO, Transmitting/Receiving Antenna-switch Use PIN Diode F e a tu re s · Small interterm in al capacitance (C = 0.7pF typ). Small forward series resistance (rs = 0.5ft typ). A b so lu te M axim um R a tin g s a t Ta , -1503 No.4923-1/3 1SV268 C & - 1 - Vr 1 ; 25' C - 30M H ? IOOM H t: 7 , No.4923-2/3 1SV268 No products described or contained herein are intended for use in surgical -
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93094MO BX-1503
Abstract: Ordering number :EN4923 1SV268 Silicon Epitaxial Type Transmitting, Receiving Antenna-switch Use PIN Diode Features Package Dimensions · Small interterminal capacitance (C=0.7pF typ). · Small forward series resistance (rs=0.5 typ). unit:mm 1163A [1SV268] 1:Anode 2:Cathode 3:No Contact SANYO:PCP Specifications Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25°C Parameter Symbol , )/93094MO (KOTO) BX-1503 No.4923-1/3 1SV268 No.4923-2/3 1SV268 No products described or SANYO Electric
470MH 52098HA
Abstract: No. N 4 9 2 3 1SV268 No. N4923 N2599 1SV268 PIN C=0.7pF typ rs=0.5 typ Absolute Maximum Ratings / Ta=25 VR IF P 50 100 1.0 mA W 125 - 55 125 min max unit 0.5 Tj Tstg unit V V uA (250mm2 × 0.8mm , SANYO : PCP 370-0596 11 N2599 GI IM62797GI BX-1503 No.4923-1/3 / 62894 MO BX-0698 1SV268 IF , .4923-2/3 1SV268 PS No.4923-3/3 - -
ID00092 100MH 500MH ID00093 X-0698 ID00094
Abstract: 1SV294 0.23 7.5 CP Single 50 1SV298 0.23 7.5 CP4 3-element input 100 1SV268 0.7 0.5 PCP Single 100 -
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SVC217 SVC220 SVC231 SVC233 SVC234 SVC252 1SV265 SVC253 ISV233 DSK10L DS135C 1SV234
Abstract: ) I lSV265(LV)j PCP Single !1SV268(VD) 1 ! 3 4 S NC C A3 1 Ï NC Ci A3± -r _L T A C -
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SVC321SPA SVC321 SVC323 SVC333 SVC342 SVC352 CV Series sanyo SVC345 QQ154S2 SVC341CVA
Abstract: 1SV263(MCP) 1SV264(MCP)| lSV265(CP5)i 1SV266 (CP) 1SV267 (CP)# 1SV268(PCP) 1SV272(CP) SANYO E l e c t -
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C4856 C4863 C4864 C4858 C3771 C4270 C-4401 C4406 C4402 C4404 C3774 C4857
Abstract: (EV) 1SV265(LV)| PCP Single i 1SV268(VD) Al SVC355 C A! SVC363 NC C2 "A ~r f _L T CI C2 -
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SVC343 SVC344 SVC353 1SV241 svc203cp marking 0G135 spa marking SVC34KVA SVC364 SVC203SPA
Abstract: ) 1SV24KEV) r1 W ! 1SV268(VD) P C P Single These s p e c ific a tio n s are subject to change without notice -
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Abstract: Series 1SV265 Single 1SV268 (C=0.7PF) These specifications are subject to change without notice. SANYO -
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2SK2073 3SK251 spa semiconductor lf 2SK715 3SK25I 2SK932 2SK2074 321SPA
Abstract: 1SV267 1SV268 1SV272 B C E C B F G F G J K L J K V M V V V V V V V V V V V V V V D V C P C P C P -
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3SK181 DSE015 sb30-03p 2SJ187 2SJ190 2SJ193 2SJ284 2SJ285 2SJ286
Abstract: . 6 P F ) 1SV234 1SV241 1SV268 (C = 0 . 7 P F ) to change w ith o u t n o tic e . S e m i c o n d u -
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2SK2335 2SK239 3SK263 3SX264 1SV23 ISV251
Abstract: A2 AI Cl T A2 MT940128TR PC P 1SV268(VD) i_ i_ i -
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92256 max3819 PACKAGE sanyo svc2115 SVC345CVB SVC346 SVC341 2513PA SVC252CHV CPC1SV272
Abstract: V2 5 1 1 S V2 6 3 1SV264 1SV265 1SV266 1SV267 1SV268 1SV272 1SV294 B C E C B F G F -
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2SK242 2SK283 2SK436 2SK443 2SK543 2SK545
Abstract: ), 1SV268(PCP) with C=0.7pF(Typ) rs Conditions Connection IF=10mA, f=100MHz IF=50mA, f=470MHz Package type , 2B CPH5512 2A 1SV268 VD High-Frequency SBD (Value per element) Type No. Package 1SS345 1SS350 SANYO Electric
smd transistor marking 12W SMD transistor Marking 13w SPM5001 SOT89 PNP marking GA SMD type Marking 13w SGD103 MCH4009 ECSP1006-3 ECSP1006-4 ECSP1008-4 SC-59 SC-62
Abstract: 1SV265 CP5 24/5.31,81 1SV266 CP 24,25.81 1SV267 ii 24,25,81 1SV268 PCP 24,25,81 1SV272 CP 24.25,81 1SV294 -
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d1878 D1887 C4106 D1880 D1825 transistors D1878 A1527 A1528 A1537 A1540 A1573 A1574
Abstract: 1SV268 PCP 1SV272* CP 79 25,79 31,79 79 79 14. 25, 79 24, 25. 79 24. 25. 79 24. 25, 79 24, 25, 79 24 -
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d1684 C3788 c4217 d1047 C4161 D1651 2SA1520 A1522 A1523 A1524 A1525 A1526
Abstract: ) 1SV234CCV) 1SV298CQV) 1SV24KEV) 1SV268CVD) NC :No Con tac t, A :Anode, C :Ca thode. 1SV298 SVC371,372 -
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5176 to-220 MARKING 1ED MCP6 Marking sanyo PCP MOSFET SVC325 SVC347CVI SVC348 SVC372 SVC203CP
Abstract: ) (F o r antenna SW. ) 1SV268IPCP) 1SV272ICP) M T`. i5 0 1 2 3 T R V, Cl u p Audio Mnrt AUDIO IN -
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C5226 2SC4364 2SC5228 2SC3779 SC3778 c5227 c4407 2sc4858 C4865 C3778 C5227 C5228 C5230