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Abstract: Buchsen · Ethernetübertrager und RJ45 Buchse, Link-LED (für 10/100MBit SC13 vorbereitet, SMT auf , (siehe unten) mit ,SC13 Option" gekennzeichnet sind. Hierbei handelt es sich um SMT Bauteile, die auf der Lötseite der Platine bestückt werden müssen. Die Bauteile sind trotz SMT recht gut zu verlöten , der Lötseite der Leiterplatte können der neue Ethernetübertrager und dessen Beschaltung als SMT , Keramikkondensator 100n, RM2,54 Keramikkondensator 10n, RM2,54 Keramikkondensator 1n/1000V, SMT, 1206 LINS Technologies
FS22-101Y4 MAX202 DIODE 1N4001 1n4001 diode 1N4001 SMT 100nF Kondensator Kondensator 1206 Rm2 tr1 SC12/SC13 RS232 10/100MB PCF8583 TG110-S050N2
Abstract: , R4 2 0805 Resistor, 1k, 5% SMT R2 1 0805 Resistor, 71.5k, 1% SMT R3 1 0805 Resistor, 1.24k, 1% SMT T1* 1 PE-68488 Transformer Pulse Eng U1 1 , Resistor, 50k 0.25W SMT or Through Hole 2 + C1 100uF 20V D5 D7 1N4001 1N4001 VSW VC Linear Technology
gi diode DIODE 1N4001 SMT zener motorola 18v transformer 1a 1N4001 zener diode diode zener motorola AMD79R79 LT1171CQ MURS120 LT1171 P6KE-43A 1N4687
Abstract: not used 0.0022uF (22pF) 22pF 0.1uF -DigiKey # P4574ND (TBD) SMT type 1206 SMT type 0805 1uF SMT type 1206 10uF, 16V SMT type 7343 33uF, 16V SMT type 7343 100uF, 5V SMT type 7343 1N400x , used -150 (22 ) SMT type 1206 47 (22 ) SMT type 1206 50 SMT type 1206 47 SMT type 1206 100 SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 1k (220 ) 220 SMT type 1206 1 k SMT type 1206 10 k SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 430 (2.2 k) 470 SMT type 1206 - not used -SMT dual-in-line 8 X 47 (33 is O.K National Semiconductor
ADC12081 ADC12181 ADC12281 CTX-114-ND TSG130A diode 1N4001 specifications tp10 tp9 tp8 tp7 tp6 tp5 tp4 tp3 jp1 CTX114-ND ctx-114nd
Abstract: 0.1uF -DigiKey # P4574ND (TBD) SMT type 1206 SMT type 0805 1uF 10uF, 16V 33uF, 16V 100uF, 5V , osc. socket for Y1 1 @ each corner of board SMT type 1206 SMT type 7343 SMT type 7343 SMT type , # H7096-ND (same as TP) DigiKey # M2204-ND -SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 SMT type 1206 -SMT dual-in-line National LM4041CIZ-ADJ DigiKey # P8026S-ND DIP 8 socket DigiKey # National Semiconductor
96 pin euro connectors HP3325B M2204 A26 OPAMP 32 PIN euro connectors LM6181
Abstract: Cap 50V 10% Cerm SMT 0805 1.0 uF Cap 50V -20/+20% Elect., T&R C&F .0022 uF Cap 50V 5% Poly Film , 16V -20/+20% Elect.,-D Ammo .47 uF Cap 35V 10% Tantalum T&R .10 uF Cap 50V 20% Cerm SMT 0805 , 50V 5% Cerm SMT 0805 .22 uF Cap 16V -20/+20% Elect, LL-D T&R .0015 uF Cap 50V 5% Poly Film 152J , BOARD RAW J201A JFET, N-Channel 2N5088 NPN, Transistor, T&R 1 MOhm Resistor 5% 1/10 Watt CF, SMT 0805 10 KOhm Resistor 5% 1/10 Watt CF, SMT 0805 47K-7 27K-7 50-1502 50-1527 47 27 Motorola
TL413 crystal SM-49 IN5232B 74LS245DW MMBT222ALT1 IC 92112 eeprom MC68PM302 NM95MS15 IRQ9-12
Abstract: 33 ohm Chip EMIFIL Inductor 33 ohm Chip EMIFIL Inductor SMT inductor 0.4 H Coilcraft 60 V -
047MD7 0015J 0022J 1N4148R 10ME1 NJM4560 MN3101 4007A transistor a 501523 transistor j201 NJM4560 pins 10K-7 10KD7 22LLME1
Abstract: N J A1>1XIA1 9 Palmtop Computer and Flash Memory Power-Supply Regulators Figure 4. SMT Relay , efficiency, limit Li's DC resistance to 0.03ft or less. Capacitor Soloctlon A 100nF, 10V surface mount (SMT , ripple. For the auxiliary output, a 47jiF, 16V SMT tantalum capacitor typically provides 150mV output , specialized low-ESR capacitors. The smallest low-ESR SMT tantalum capacitors currently available are Sprague , SOURCE C1 1 100(iF, 10V E-size SMT tantalum capacitor Matsuo 267M1002-107 C2 1 47(iF, 16V E-size SMT -
1N4148 2N7002 BC817-25 MMSZ5254BT1 resistor 5 k AN003 Si2328DS resistor r7 1K 2328DS MMSZ554BT
Abstract: Power supply (JP15) Power supply NO Power supply Jumper setting Power supply for SMT (JP14 -
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MAX717-MAX721 12V 2A SMPS circuit diagram American Zettler AZ845-12 AZ845-12 computer smps circuit diagram 12 volt smps Circuit diagram 12v 1a smps circuit diagram MAX722/MAX723 MAX720 MAX721 MAX718 MAX717
Abstract: Power supply (JP15) Power supply NO Power supply Jumper setting Power supply for SMT (JP14 Fujitsu
82c250 MAX-232 QFP208 1n4001 replacement MB91F361 MB91360
Abstract: smallest possible size. Note the SMT capacitors mounted on the PCB tune the loop to 433.92MHz. If Fujitsu
c4726 D-Sub 25 jdh2a JP13 JP15 MAX232
Abstract: Do-41 08055C103KATMA SMT-805 22 uF ±20% 50 V Capacitor 3 220 pF 50 V Capacitor 2 100 uF , T495X107M010AS 08055C104KATMA CAP_8.5 mm x 9.35 mm SMT-805 SMT-7343H SMT-805 2 3 AVX 3 AVX 3 08055A120JAT2A 12063A334KAT2A SMT-805 SMT-1206 Panasonic 4 ERJ6ENF4023V Panasonic 4 ERJ6ENF3741V , Panasonic 4 PCT-3106CT-ND SMT-6032 RayChem 6 miniSMDC050 SMT 4.73 mm x 3.41 mm SMT 9.5 mm x 6.71 mm SMT Thru-BD Right Angle; 0.200 pitch THRUBD 0.1 in. RayChem 6 SMD150 ACON 7 AMP 8 ON Semiconductor
MC34063 driver led AC Transformer 12V MC34063 current source LED DRIVER BY MC34063 mc34063 led circuit mc34063 MC34063 1N5817 ACE1101 DO-41 MC34063AP1 EEU-FC1H101
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