1N1896 Datasheet

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1N1896 Microsemi Data Book 1983 Scan
1N1896 Motorola Motorola Semiconductor Datasheet Library Scan
1N1896 N/A Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan
1N1896 N/A Semiconductor Devices, Diode, and SCR Datasheet Catalog Scan
1N1896A N/A Semiconductor Devices, Diode, and SCR Datasheet Catalog Scan


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Abstract: 1N1896 Diodes General-Purpose Reference/Regulator Diode Military/High-RelN V(Z) Nom.(V) Reference Voltage22 @I(Z) (A) (Test Condition)8.0m Tolerance (%)10 P(D) Max. (W)10 Z(z) Max. (ê) Dyn. Imped.24 Temp Coef pp/10k6.4 Maximum Operating Temp (øC)200â'™ Package StyleStR-4 Mounting StyleT American Microsemiconductor American Microsemiconductor
Abstract: 5 WATT, M e t a l NOMINAL ZENER VOLTAGE (Case 8, 4-40 Stud) TEST CURRENT IZT MAXIMUM ZENER IMPEDANCE ZZT @ IZT Ohms MAXIMUM REVERSE LEAKAGE CURRENT VR IR (§ 25-C MAXIMUM DC ZENER CURRENT IZM TYPICAL TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT @IZT JEDEC TYPE NUMBERt 1N1891 1N1892 1N1893 1N1894 1N1895 1N1896 1N1897 1N1898 1N1899 1N1900 1N1901 1N1902 1N1903 1N1904 1N3102 1N3103 1N3104 Vz VOLTS m A 25 25 25 25 25 8 8 8 8 8 8 3 3 3 3 3 3 uk 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 20 20 20 @ VOLTS m A 610 General Semiconductor
1N4018 1N4020 1N4022 1N4023 1N4025 1N4026 1N4042 1n4037 1N4041 1N4032 1N4016 1N4017 1N4019 1N4021
Abstract: 7.0 No Suffix = 10% Suffix A = 5% 10 watt Case K 1IM2972 1N2974 1N2976 1N1894 1N1895 1N1896 15.0 18.0 -
OCR Scan
1N1816 1N1817 1N1818 1N1821 1N1823 1N1826 1n3020 zener diode IN2982 1N1927 si 13001 1n1882 zener diode 10 watt zener diode 1N750 1N18J9 IN1820
Abstract: 1N1895/A 1N1896/A 1N1897/A 1N1898/A 1N1899/A 1N1900/A 1N1901/A 1N1902/A 1N1903/A 1N1904/A ZX8 -
BA159 equivalent B80C1500-1000 BYS26-45 equivalent sb5100 B380C2000/1500 1N5048 1A01/G 1A02/G 1A03/G 1A04/G 1A05/G 1A06/G