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Abstract: ASSP for Audio - ICs for Audio Common Use (continued) • ICs for Sound Output Operating Range¡V) Absolute Output Functions Part No. Max. Ratings (V) ch Type Rl (il) of a. Gain (dB) STB Mute Vol Tone CR Built-in Package No AN7585 AN7585 3 8 4 10 Wx2 19 Wx 1 r> HZIP02 HZIP02 3-P-013 3-P-013 8 A - AN7582 AN7582 10 to 32 35 2 8 10 Wx2 34 HSIPOI2-F-OOOOE B23 AN7583 AN7583 3 8 4 10 Wx2 19 Wx ] :> 3 5 HSIPOI2-P-OOOOD B22 AN 1780OA 1780OA 9 to 22 25 2 W AN 17801A 1 8 23 :> HZIP012-P-0700 HZIP012-P-0700 AN 17802A 9 ... OCR Scan

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"Headphone Amplifier" HZIP012-P-0700 B143 -F-0300 amplifier 0375E "line AMPLIFIER" AN17802 AN7582 speaker amplifier an17800a AN7585 AN1780 datasheet abstract
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