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1746-NI4 Datasheet

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1746-NI4 N/A INPUT ANALOGUE Original


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Abstract: -INO4vi 1746sc-INI4v 1746sc-INO4v 1746-NI4 1746-NI8 1746-NI16 High Density, Isolated Analog Channel-to-channel isolation Voltage or current selectable 1746sc-NI8u 1746-NT4 1746-NR4 1746-NI4 1746 Spectrum Controls
1756-IF8 1756-CFM 1746-HSCE 1746-HSCE2 1769-IT6 1769-IR6 1769-IF4 Allen-Bradley 1769-IF4 Allen-Bradley 1771 IFE 1756-IT6 1756-IR8 1756-HSC
Abstract: SLCTM 500 4-Channel Analog I/O Modules (Catalog Numbers 1746-NI4, 1746-NIO4I, 1746-NIO4V, 1746 , Types of Analog Modules . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1746-NI4 Analog Input Module. . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Switch Settings for the 1746­NI4. . . . . . . . . . . , 1-2 Overview 1746-NI4 Analog Input Module The 1746-NI4 Analog Input module contains 4 analog , Current Draw 5V (max.) 24V (max.) External 24V dc Power Supply Tolerance 1746-NI4 35 mA Allen-Bradley
1746-NO4I 1746-NO4V 1746-UM005B-EN-P 1746-NO4V manual 176-NIO4V 1746-NI04I 1746NIO4I
Abstract: Front Panel Adapters with Pre-Wired Cable Allen-Bradley SLC-500 Analog Input 4 Channel Allen-Bradley SLC-500 Analog Output 4 Channel Technical Data Type P art n u m b er FPA /C Cable Length 1.0 m 2.0 m 3 wire +/-10VD C, +/-20 mA 1746-NI4 996642 996644 2 wire 0-20 mA 1746-N04I 996658 996660 2 wire +/-10 VDC 1746-N04V 996658 996660 Rated voltage Rated cu rren t p er signal line C ab le connection O perating tem p eratu re S to rag e tem p era tu re Approvals +/-10 VDC, +/-20 mA 3.0 A per -
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1746N04I Allen-Bradley slc 500 SLC500 Allen-Bradley cable pin
Abstract: checking 16-bit two's complement Scaled engineering units Scaled for PID 1746-NI4 format User-defined Spectrum Controls
1746sc-INI4I 1746sc-INI4vi 1746-NI4- Spectrum Controls
Abstract: counts 1746-NI4 format User-defined scale A User-defined scale B Input Impedance Current Inputs , Proportional counts 1746-NI4 compatible format User-defined scale A User-defined scale B Invalid Invalid , SLC PID instruction) · proportional counts (two's complement binary) · 1746-NI4 compatible format (the format used by the 1746-NI4) · user-defined scale A · user-defined scale B These data formats , Signal Limits Min. Max. Count Limits Min. Max. 1746-NI4- ±10 V compatible 0­10 V 0V Spectrum Controls
28B2024-0A0 ABT-1747-TSG001 1747-NM009 1747-NI001 28B20240A0 Allen-Bradley 1747-6.4 500TM
Abstract: -0008-C-EN 2/ 5 Catalogue Number 1747-M2 1747-M3 1747-M4 1747-M11 1746-NI4 1746-NIO4I 1746 Rockwell Automation
1747-l532 Allen-Bradley 1746-NI16I Allen-Bradley 1746 1746-NI16I 1746-P2 1746-NO8I AU-PCB-0008-C-EN 1747OC- 1747OCPCM- 1747OCPCI-
Abstract: Installation Data ID Product Data Analog I/O Modules for SLCTM Processors Catalog Numbers 1746-NI4, NIO4I, NIO4V, NO4I, NO4V 1746-FIO4I and FIO4V The 1746- analog I/O modules offer you a wide range of solutions to your analog control applications. The 1746-NI4, NIO4V, NIO4I, NO4I, and NO4V modules have a higherresolution input and are best suited for process control applications involving parameters such as flow and temperature. Their superior input filtering offers a high degree of Allen-Bradley
1746-RT28 001 brade terminal Allen-Bradley slc 150 no4i
Abstract: , backplane isolation, removable terminal blocks, and diagnostic feedback. The 1746-NI4, 1746-NIO4I, and , For specifications, see 1746-NI4 High Resolution (4) Analog Input Module -20â'¦+20 mA (or , General Input Specifications for 4-Channel Modules Specification 1746-NI4 1746-NIO4I 1746 , General Input Specifications for 4-Channel Modules Specification 1746-NI4 1746-NIO4I 1746 , -Channel Modules Specification 1746-NI4 1746-NIO4I 1746-NIO4V 1746-FIO4I 1746-FIO4V Full scale Rockwell Automation
M201-20 IFM40D 1746-NO8I wiring manual HIGHWAY 09a ic 1794 IB32 SLC 2013 M RA-DU002 1747-SG001E-EN-E
Abstract: 817-785 1746-NI4 (4) Analogue Inputs, each selectable to accept either current or voltage , (7) ANL COM 1746-NI4 1746-NIO4I 1746-NO4I-NO4V Specification 1746-NI4 1746 -
Allen-Bradley 1747-L511 Allen-Bradley 1746-P2 troubleshooting 1747-L40C 1747L40C D1747-6 1747-L30C
Abstract: 1746-NI4, 1746-NIO4I, and 1746-NIO4V input channels are filtered to reject high frequency noise and , Specifications, See 1746-NI4 High Resolution (4) Analog Input Module -20.+20 mA (or) -10.+10V dc , General Input Specifications for 4-Channel Modules Cat. No. Backplane Current (mA) at 5V 1746-NI4 25 , Scale 1746-NI4 20 mA 1746-NIO4I 20 mA Input Range ±20 mA (nominal) ±30 mA (maximum , for 4-Channel Modules Cat. No. Full Scale Input Range Input Impedance 1746-NI4 10V dc ±10V dc Rockwell Automation
1492-IFM40F 1746-NO8I manual Allen-Bradley 1746-P2 1492-IFM40F wiring diagram 1492-AIFM8-3 1746-ni16i wiring manual DH-485 1747-SG001D-EN-P 1747-SG001C-EN-P
Abstract: CSA 1746-NI4 · · (4) Analog Inputs - Each selectable to accept either current or voltage Rockwell Automation
1747-ASB 1747ASB fault codes 1747-IB16 1771-ASC 1746-HSCE 2 1771 rack dip switches setting 1747-UM006B-EN-P
Abstract: ) Proportional Counts (User Defined Range, Class 3 only) 1746-NI4 Data Format Input Impedance 1 M Rockwell Automation
cable 1747 cp3 LR11924 Allen-Bradley 1746-NI8 1746-OW16 1746-C9 SLC.500 catalog 1746-a10 1747-M15 1747-PTA1E
Abstract: 216-2447 1746-OB32 dc Output Module (32) transistor source - 10-50Vdc 817-785 1746-NI4 (4 , CHL 2 RTD (7) OUT 1 1746-NI4 1746-NIO4I CJC B+ DO NOT REMOVE 1746-NO4I-NO4V Specification 1746-NI4 1746-NIO4I Input channels 4 differential, voltage per module per channel Rockwell Automation
1746-N2 Allen-Bradley 1746-n2 1746-NI8 wiring manual Allen-Bradley 1746-NI8 manual slc 500 circuit diagram 1746-IN006A-US-P
Abstract: -OA16 1746-OB16 1746-OW16 1746-OX8 1746-OB32 1746-NI4 1746-NO4I 1746-NO4V 1746-NIO4I Description and features , RETRN CHL 1 RTD 1746-NI4 Specification Input channels 1746-NIO4I 1746-NI4 4 differential -
triac NEC 05F Transistor NEC 05F 1746-OX8 how to wire power supply 1746 p1 1747-PA2F 1746-IB32
Abstract: 1747KE 0.150 0.040 NA 3.750 3.800 1746NI4 0.025 0.085 NA 2.170 2.20 -
1746-NIO4 1747-L20C barcode slc500 ascii code 1746-KE 1747-N1002 1747-L30
Abstract: -2 Outputs, Voltage Output 1746-NI4 Analog Input Module, Selectable Current Or Voltage, 4 inputs Allen-Bradley
1771-ACN15 1771-ACNR15 1771-ASB 1771-NOC 1771-vhsc Allen-Bradley 1771-noc Allen-Bradley 1794 ADN MANUAL 1402-LS51 Allen Bradley PLC micrologix 1000 B112I/O 1747-SDN 1771-SDN 1747-SN 6008-SV2R 1771-SN
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