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PMP5089 Texas Instruments Universal AC 12V/40W Flyback visit Texas Instruments
PMP5067 Texas Instruments 100VDC-650VDC Input 12V 40W Isolated Flyback visit Texas Instruments
PMP5411.1 Texas Instruments Universal AC 40W Set Top Box Power Supply (12v @ 3.4A) visit Texas Instruments
PMP4595 Texas Instruments TPS40055 12V/10A visit Texas Instruments
PMP2616 Texas Instruments 165Vac - 250Vac, 12V/0.8A visit Texas Instruments
PMP2644 Texas Instruments TPS54160, 12V @ 700mA visit Texas Instruments

12v 40w tda2040

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64X16 led matrix

Abstract: TEA2037 TDA2040 TDA2050 TDA2051 TDA2052 TDA2822 TDA2822D TDA2822M TDA2824 TDA2824S TDA7231A TDA7233/D TDA7233S , Amplifier 40W Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier 65W Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier With Mute/Stand-By Dual 1.7W Amplifier Dual 1 , Disable (+5.1 V, +12V) Dual Voltage Regulator With Disable (+5V, Adjustable) Dual Voltage Regulator With Disable (+12V) Dual Voltage Regulator With Disable & Reset (+5.1 V) Dual Voltage Regulator With Disable &
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64X16 led matrix TEA2037 12v 400W AUDIO AMPLIFIER TDA8172A CQFP-100 12v 40w tda2040 ET9400 EF6801/04/05 CB12000 ISB12000 ISB9000 ISB18000


Abstract: M114S . 411 TDA2040 20W Hi-Fi Audio A m p lifie r , . 435 TDA2051 40W Hi-Fi Audio A m p lifie r , PENTAWATT SIP9 SIP9 MULTIWATT 11 MULTIWATT 11 TDA2030 TDA2030A TDA2040 6+6W Stereo Amplifier , . 40W Hi-Fi Audio A m p lifie r. 65W Hi-Fi , 5A Low-Drop Out Regulators 1A Low-Drop Out Regulators 600mA, 5V + 12V Dual Regulator With Disable
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SGS M114S M114S TDA 931 PS TDA7284 equivalent TDA2003 equivalent TDA73XX TDA2005


Abstract: M56730ASP TDA2030V 2.45 TDA2040 4.50 TDA2050 7.29 TDA2052 4.64 TDA2540 9.95 TDA2546 9.49 TDA2577 8.69 TDA2593 2.16 , 0.29 10V 1/2W 0.19 11V 1/2W 0.19 11V 1W 0.29 12V 1/2W 0.19 12V 1W 0.29 13V 1/2W 0.19 13V 1W 0.29 15V 1
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STk442-130 M56730ASP PAC011A PAC010A UPC2581 PAL005A A3141LUA A3212ELHLT A3280LLHLT A3515EUA A3515LUA A3516LUA