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CS5372A-ISZR Cirrus Logic 24-Bit Geophysical, Single/Dual-Channel Delta-Sigma Modulators visit Digikey
CS5373A-ISZR Cirrus Logic Low-power, High-performance Delta-Sigma Modulator with Test DAC visit Digikey
CS5371A-ISZR Cirrus Logic 24-Bit Geophysical, Single/Dual-Channel Delta-Sigma Modulators visit Digikey
CS5376A-IQZR Cirrus Logic Highly Integrated, Multi-Function 4-Channel Decimation Filter visit Digikey
VT-MODEM-5WW Red Lion Controls 56K ADVD MDM,WW USE visit Digikey
VT-MODEM-2WW Red Lion Controls 33600BAUD,10-30VDC,FA,WWM visit Digikey


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Abstract: xecom XE1414VTS Ultra-Slim Modem Supports 14,400 bps Data, Fax, Voice Description Features Xecom now offers an ultra-slim 14,400 bps â'¢ Small Size; 1.5 "x 1.5â' x 0.25" modem, the XE1414VTS. The XE1414VTS combines data, fax, and â'¢ Modem control with "AT" commands voice , styles. â'¢ V.42bis Data Compression to 57,600 bps The XE1414VTS is not just a modem chip â'¢ Plays and Records audio as ADPCM data either. It is complete modem including the â'¢ Low Power -
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XE1414VTS1 XE1414VTS2 1200/REL-LAPM 2400/REL-LAPM 4800/REL-LAPM 7200/REL-LAPM
Abstract: characters received from the CPU or the MODEM. The on board status registers will provide the error conditions, type and status of the transfer operations being performed. Complete MODEM control capability , capability. FEATURES * DUAL XNS8250A, NS16C450 * Modem control signals (CTS-,RTS-, DSR-, DTR-, RI-, CD , _. ) XTALJ X T _ XTAL2 MODEM CONTROL LOGIC (A /B) · - - DSRA/B~ DTRA/B~ ria / b ~ CDA/BO PPA , 9 I SINA 10 I Serial data input A . The serial information (data) received from MODEM -
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CDB 447 ld1102 csb 485 E2 rtqa 180 MX16C455 MX16C453 INS8250/NS16C450
Abstract: par a l l e l c o n v e r s i o n on the data c h r a cters r e c e i v e d from the CPU or the MODEM , communication Sne or modem to tha MX16C452 receiver circuits. A mark (1) is high, and a space (0) b low. Data on , mode in which all serial data activities are suspended. The Modem Control Register (MCR) along with hs , Register Empty, and Modem Status. The interrupt is reset b w upon appropriate service or a reset operation , modem or data set. The -Rl signal is a modem control input whose condition is tested by reading MSR(6 -
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6C452 mt 1389 fe MCR 65-6 MX16C452QC mt 1389 se ior scr DDG0G33
Abstract: .34bis Compatible Platform For Up to 30 Digital Modems Available in 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30 Modem Configurations , Bus-Based Design For Maximum System Compatibility Telebits Digital Modem Card (Granite*) is based on Telebit's revolutionary Modem ISDN Channel Aggregation (MICA*) technology. This product offers you the lowest cost, highest density digital modem solution available today. Systems integrators, OEMs and , ) digital modem module. Therefore, Granite Cards may be ordered in configurations of 6, 12, 18, 24, or 30 Telebit
DM-24 DM-30 DM-18 DM-12 DM-06
Abstract: odem s re q u ire iso la tio n and sig n a l coupling from the telephone line to the modem data pump , 78 Cherry Hill Drive · Beverly, MA 01915 · Tel: (508) 524-6700 · Fax: (508) 524-4910 CP Clare , 78 Cherry Hill Drive · Beverly, MA 01915 · Tel: (508) 524-6700 · Fax: (508) 524-4910 2 CP Clare , Clare Corporation · Sem iconductor Group · 78 Cherry Hill Drive · Beverly, MA 01915 · Tel: (508) 524-6700 · Fax: (508) 524-4910 3 CP Clare CORPORATION LOC Series Application Note performance -
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ECG semiconductor book free ST7511 lm358 4-20mA 0-10v to 4-20ma ecg book of electronic parts ECG book 1-800-CPCLARE 901-B
Abstract: RCS20 M:N Redundancy Switch Modem Accessories Overview The RCS20 M:N Redundancy Switch provides backup switching/protection for up to nine pairs of satellite modem channels (modulators , case an automatic backup of a failed online modem occurs after a preprogrammed delay. The switch may also be operated manually, allowing the operator to manually switch to a backup modem. Front panel , 5.08 x 13.34 cm) 5 lbs (2.3 kg) 19â' x 1.25â' x 3.5â' (48.26 x 3.18 x 8.89 cm) 1.8 lbs (.82 kg Comtech EF Data
Comtech EF Data DMD15/DMD2401/DMD20/DMD50/DM240/DD240 RCU20 DDS20 IFS20 DMD50 DMD2050/2050E
Abstract: xecom Description Xecom's XE 9624F and X E 9624FS include a 2400bps data modem, a Group III Send and Receive fax modem and the telephone interface in one compact component. 68 registration. Xecom , Receive Fax & Data Modem Features · Data Rates: 2 4 0 0 ,1 2 0 0 and 3 00 bps · Send fax to 9600 bps · Receive fax to 4800 bps · Enhanced "AT" commands for modem control and configuration. · Class 1 commands , 2.23 1.14 8.64 3.56 20.07 1.27 5.08 10.67 39.62 12.45 24.13 3.56 1.40 9.14 4.06 20.57 2.79 6.60 12.19 -
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telephone dial tone detect diagram models of voice command ITT rt.b XE9624FS RS232 XE9624F
Abstract: Kbps Modems Complete Data/Fax/Voice USB The ease of adding an external device to Modem Solution product brief the USB bus, makes the USB modem ideal Rockwell takes its V.90 modem , advantage of having a Rockwell USB standard as well as the K56Flex protocol, modem for this , ISPs when a user attempts to make a voice call worldwide. The V.90 USB modem chipset not from , second line modem - and with receiving a call. C O M M U N I C AT I O N S V.90 speeds and has Rockwell Semiconductor Systems
V.61 usb fax modem Rockwell L2800 usb modem R6764 PB10 90-USB
Abstract: K S ^AVAILABILITY MAX FAX 9624 FAX Modem Half Card for PC/XT/AT 9600 BAUD FAX 2400 BAUD MODEM Now MAXCOMM 4824 Modem Half Card with Send Only FAX Capability for PC/XT/AT 2400 BAUD MODEM 4800 BAUD FAX Now UMAX Scanner Half Tone, Flat Bed Now MAX POWER , ) (5.08) .150 (3.81) (5.08) .150 (3.81) (5.08) .150 " (3.81) (5.08) â'˜.150 (3.81) (5.08) .150 (3.81) (5.08) A1 .015 (.381) .070 (1.78) .015 (.381) .070 (1.78 -
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MX8002 MX8003M MX8012 MX8013 MX8014 MX5001-L
Abstract: CL-MD1414ECT ® Advance Product Bulletin FEATURES s Data modem modes - CCITT: V.32 bis, V , , 2400, 1200, and 300 bps - Industry-standard `AT' command set 14,400-bps Data/Fax/Voice Modem Device Set s Fax modem send and receive modes - CCITT: V.17, V.29, V.27 ter, and V.21 ch2 - Speeds , CL-MD1414ECT is a complete, intelligent, multi-mode modem combining data, fax, and voice features in only , receive) as a fax modem, and up to 14,400 bps as a data modem. The device set provides a complete Cirrus Logic
CL-MD2614 CL-MD1214 CL-MD1724 rs232 isa circuits 16C450 MD1724 EIA/TIA-578 42/MNP 16C550A/16C450
Abstract: , tonal (DTMF, SF, etc.) transparency, FAX, and data modem transparency and other functions vital in , stream, and automatically compresses/decompresses voice or modulates/demodulates FAX, data modem, and , Supports STUIII and data modem transparency up to V.32bis · High-quality voice using G.723 and G , (508) 369-0048 Fax: (508) 369-4868 e-mail: viadsp@ix.netcom.com Texas Instruments Texas Instruments
Hughes TMS320C3
Abstract: case appears in a data modem where the terminal interface o f the modem has been specified to be , TXD TDI MAS 7838 TOO TXC RXD MODEM CIRCUITS w j w SYNCH. MODEM DATA PUMP RDO RDI - f^Rxc i Figure 1 Synchronous Modem with Asynchronous Interface Another application is a full or half card PC-modem which uses USART as a data source. The modem concept looks then like Figure 2. uP INTERFACE USART MAS 7838 MODEM CIRCUITS Figure 2 PC Modem with mP Interface MAS7838 -
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75188 ASY 15 N1031 7S189A MAS7838/8/90/5M
Abstract: CL-MD1414UXX ® Advance Product Bulletin FEATURES Universal 14,400-bps Data/Fax/Voice Modem , ® VoiceViewTM (cont. next page) The Cirrus Logic CL-MD1414UXX is a complete, intelligent, multi-mode modem , design products for international, cellular-ready, and/or firmwareupgradeable modem applications. Cirrus Logic provides a family of products to support a variety of modem applications. Each device set , ) CL-MD1414UNP Functional Block Diagram + August 1994 CL-MD1414UXX Intelligent Data/Fax/Voice Modem Cirrus Logic
16C450 isa circuits radish v.42 cellular modem RS-232
Abstract: CL-MD1414ECP ® Advance Product Bulletin FEATURES s Data modem modes - CCITT: V.32 bis, V , , 2400, 1200, and 300 bps - Industry-standard `AT' command set s Fax modem send and receive modes , OVERVIEW The Cirrus Logic CL-MD1414ECP is a complete, intelligent, multi-mode modem combining data, fax , 14,400 bps (transmit and receive) as a fax modem, and up to 14,400 bps as a data modem. The device , is intended for modem applications implementing a PCMCIA 2.0 interface. - Embedded voice mode Cirrus Logic
cl-md1814 pcmcia for RS232 Voice Record Integrated Circuits
Abstract: a modem function. An ·xternal hybrid can be optionally used as shown In Figure 4 and 5 if the DAA , -£>7 - 9# 11X5001 FIGURE 3 - USING DAA W ITH SIERRA`S MODEM CHIP SET FOR A LOW COST 2 1 2 A /V .2 2 SMART MODEM 7 1 P 1 A C R 0 NIX INC 34E D SbfiflflfiS Q Q D D 5 1 3 , b T*- , 7-* M X5001 Cl FIGURE 5 - IMPLEMENTING MODEM W ITH OTHER TYPES OF MODEM 1C* PACKAGE , (6.10) .100 (2.54) .300 (7.62) .350 (8.89) .120 (3.05) -M A Y .200 (5.08) .070 (1.78) .155 (3.94 -
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equivalent transistor K 3531 k 3531 transistor LGTV tip 3035 transistor MX5001/ MX5001
Abstract: Low Pass Filter for Cable Modem Applications ELECTRONICS INC. EPB5065G · Integrated LPF designed to work with · Broadcom BCM 3033,3137 and 3210 · Isolation and Impedance matching to meet · Modem Cable Standards · Robust construction allows for IR/VP processes · · Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C · Electrical Parameters @ 25° C Cut-off Frequency (MHz) Insertion Loss (dB Max , -.508 -10.41 .508 .304 2.03 8° 1.27 - 19.05 6.86 5.08 15.24 .381 2.54 10.2 PCA Electronics
Abstract: PICA-M Multifunction PC Card Interface Control Adapter for Modem and Ethernet Functions (PICA-M , Modem and Ethernet Functions (PICA-M) provides the functions necessary to interface a Rockwell RC144ACL/RC288ACL modem and an Ethernet controller to a PC Card Standard compliant bus. The PICA-M device , modem interface and one for the Ethernet controller. Multiple function support includes programmable I/O window size for both the modem and Ethernet interfaces. · An interface to an external 512 Rockwell
rockwell collins connector MD157 68-PIN AccelerATor rockwell modem
Abstract: CL-MD9624ECP r CIRRUS LOGIC FEATURES Data modem modes - - - - - - - - CCITT: V.22 bis , Data/Fax/Voice Modem Device Set OVERVIEW The Cirrus Logic CL-MD9624ECP is a complete, intelligent, multi-mode modem combining data, fax, and voice features with a built-in PCMCIA bus inter face in only two , fax modem, and up to 2400 bps as a data modem. The device set provides a complete solution not requiring any additional firmware development. The CL-MD9624ECP is intended for all PCMCIA modem -
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CL-MD1824 CL-MD9624ECT
Abstract: R6776 Modem Data Pump 1 RCV56HCF PCI/CardBus Modem Designer's Guide Rev. 1 (Order No. 1129) 1 RCV56HCF Host-Controlled K56flex Data/Fax Modem Device Family for PCI Bus Applications Data Sheet Rev. 1 , for IBM PC: Contains the OrCAD files 1 Floppy Disk for IBM PC: Contains the modem driver files , containing information specific to the modem drivers included with the kit. 1 RC56HCF PCI Reference , . APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS " RCV56HCF Host-Controlled K56flex Data/Fax Modem Device Family for PCI Bus Rockwell Semiconductor Systems
rockwell modem design rockwell modem rockwell collins rockwell 1991 221-637 RC56HCF-PCI SOUD071697
Abstract: MTK-20140 "DynaMiTeTM" Rate Adaptive Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Modem Chipset , chips plus line driver - Direct ATM interface · Complete modem package - No dependency on external , General Description The MTK-20140 is a complete ADSL modem solution consisting of an integrated Analog Front-End (MTC-20144) and a digital chip (MTC-20146) integrating the DMT/ATM digital modem (MTC20135) and , the active functions required to implement a complete ATM-based, rate adaptive DMT ADSL modem. As Alcatel
MTK-20131 ADSL Modem circuit diagram adsl splitter dslam circuit diagram ctrle specification adsl chipset block diagram ATU-C ATU-R interleaver PB0271
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